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Yeezy Resale Roundup! Where to Sell Yeezys Online?

By August 22, 2023November 13th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

A lot has been happening in the sneaker industry. And it took Adidas dumping Ye to break the chain of crappy events that eventually followed. Nike started suing basically any brand that came near their territory. After that, Beyonce broke it off with Adidas. This sent the sneaker resell scene into a full-on craze, with people not knowing whether to sell Yeezys or hold onto them. 

Because back then, no one knew what the future might hold for the brand. Not that we know now, even with Adidas selling Yeezys again. But we’ve been taking it one step at a time. And given that Yeezys are on their second sale this year, it’s only right we learned of all the best places where to sell Yeezys online. 

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Where To Sell Yeezys?

One thing to know about sneaker reselling is that it’s one of the most lucrative industries in the world. It requires minimal effort and yields maximum profit. And despite the major dramatic Adidas x Kanye breakup (and then make-up… kinda), the Yeezy market is still a clear winner in this category.

So, the world is split into two types of sneakerheads: those who buy Yeezys to sell them, and those who buy Yeezys from people who sell them! This is because to buy a Yeezy, you have to have one of the best sneaker copping strategies out there. One that will help you cop Yeezy sneakers ON release day, AT retail. Luckily for you, we have a complete cheat sheet to help you through. Click on the button below to check it out!

[UPDATE November 13th, 2023]

We’ve been expecting to cop Yeezys all November long. Turns out Adidas ain’t only postponing the third Yeezy sale… indefinitely, but the brand might be writing off all remaining Yeezy stock! BUT up till now, the brand still hasn’t made up its mind. So, until then make sure you’re on top of your copping game, because IF that sale happens, it might be the last. Meaning that, just like how Nike Air Yeezys are still making resellers tons of money on the aftermarket today, selling Adidas Yeezys can be the reason you make a fortune!

Where To Sell Yeezys: Yeezy Resale Platforms

Best Places To Sell Yeezys OnlineKnowing where to sell Yeezys online is not very difficult – there are tons of places to sell Yeezys! But, the key differences all come down to authenticity checks, security policies, and transaction fees

LOWER transaction fees mean MORE profit. But, smaller transaction fees could also mean LESS security and recovery policies. They could also mean no authenticity checks or protection against fraud! It all comes with a price. So, you can’t get too greedy about it. If you want to become an actual sneaker reseller, you have to pick a resale platform for the long run. Also, make sure you take a look at our reseller handbook here!

#1 StockX

StockX - Resale Platform - Where to Sell Yeezys - AIO Bot

  • StockX is the best of all places to sell Yeezys.
  • StockX boasts professional verification methods to ensure your Yeezys are 100% authentic.
  • If you flake on a buyer, they will hit you with a 7% – 9 % fee on the transaction price.
  • They charge fees based on a sliding scale according to your level as a seller. Decreases as your sales increase.

StockX is also easy to use! Just post your deadstock Yeezys, set your asking price, and once a buyer sets a matching bid, your Yeezys sell out automatically. The percentage of the transaction fee depends on your Seller Level. The more you sell, the lower the fees!

Transaction Fee: 7% – 9 %

#2 GOATGOAT - Resell Platform - AIO Bot

  • Another great place to sell Yeezys is GOAT – a central resale platform.
  • It offers sneaker authentication and fraud protection.
  • You can find never-seen-before pairs of kicks.
  • They have a sneaker app to buy and sell Yeezys easily.

In February 2018, GOAT Group merged with Flight Club in a deal worth 60 MILLION dollars. And just one year later, Foot Locker makes a strategic investment of $100 Million in GOAT, raising the brand’s valuation to $550 Million!

And speaking of Foot Locker, they went back on their decision to sell Adidas Yeezys fearing a potential backlash. Which is understandable considering that the company has been trying to get back on its feet after shutting down Eastbay. This move was later followed by a plan to close down 400 stores by the year 2026.

Transaction Fee: 9.5% – 25%


GRAILED - Resale Platform - AIO Bot

  • Next up on Where to Sell Yeezys is GRAILED – the holy land of all things designer, chic, and downright expensive AF.
  • Luxury enthusiasts from around the world come here to buy and sell rare apparel and footwear.
  • As a Yeezy seller, you get guaranteed payments with zero tolerance for fraud.
  • The sales are secured via PayPal.

So, how do you sell Yeezys on GRAILED? Hit sell on your user profile and post a couple of shots of the shoes. Then, set your price, sit back, and wait. Once a buyer comes along (and they WILL come), they’ll buy your Yeezys.

Transaction Fee: 9%


Stadium Goods - Resale Platform - AIO Bot

  • STADIUM GOODS is the freshest consignment shop on the internet and an excellent place to sell Yeezys.
  • They inspect the Yeezys and store them in their warehouse until the time of sale.
  • They protect Yeezy sellers by guaranteed payment and protect buyers through multiple authenticity checks.
  • Guaranteed deadstock, cold storage, and quick sale.

Transaction Fee: 20%


KIXIFY - Where to Sell Yeezys - AIO Bot

  • KIXIFY is also a good option for where to sell Yeezys on online resale platforms.
  • They do not have a bidding system like StockX.
  • Its global community functions on trust and PayPal-protected accounts.
  • Any fraud or counterfeit sneakers are refunded, and the seller will be banned.

To sell on their website, you set a price to sell Yeezys. Then, buyers will decide if they want to purchase them at that price. Straightforward, simple, and effortless.

Transaction Fee: 10%


Flight Club Resale Platform - AIO Bot

  • There are two rules in FLIGHT CLUB. Rule number 1: Only dope kicks on Flight Club. And rule number 2: ONLY DOPE KICKS ON FLIGHT CLUB!
  • This site has a long-standing history of selling the best-quality sneakers on the market.
  • They have stores in Fairfax, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.

It’s pretty simple to sell Yeezys here! You send in your Yeezys, and their professional consigners set a price with you according to market data. The consignors sell your Yeezys and send you a check worth 80% of the buyer’s price.

Transaction Fee: 9.5%


KLEKT Resale Platform - AIO Bot

  • K’LEKT is another worldwide marketplace for you to sell Yeezys on
  • It supports buyers and sellers by keeping a unique marketplace with sign-up! 
  • PayPal protects the buyers through PayPal Buyer Insurance

Transaction Fee: 20%


Amazon - Reselling Platform - AIO Bott

  • Amazon is one of the MOST popular websites for online shopping ever – and to sell Yeezys too.
  • Over a BILLION people visit Amazon – a freakin’ BILLION!
  • Home to SO MANY frauds and Feezys
  • Professional sellers do not pay commission fees

But, when selling on Amazon, you should work on your reputation as there are many frauds on the site. So, you have to get people to trust you! You sell Yeezys in an auction style, set the price, and buyers will bid up to their highest offer. 

Transaction Fee: 15%

#9 eBay

eBay Sneakers - AIO Bot


  • Next, we got eBay
  • Time-tested, tried, and legit- an online auction house
  • New authenticity guarantee for sneakers, but you still have to avoid potential fakes
  • This is possibly the biggest online marketplace for anything you can want

Sellers set the price for their Yeezys, and buyers bid up to the highest price they are willing to pay. 

Transaction Fee: 8% to 13.25%

#10 Novelship

Novelship - Where To Sell Yeezys - AIO Bot

  • Novelship is an authentic sneaker and streetwear platform.
  • Although it primarily operates in Asia, it’s not limited to a specific country. Which means that you can sell Yeezys wherever you were in the world. 
  • Each product sent by the seller is checked for authenticity before sending to the seller 

Transaction Fee: 6.6% – 9%


In recent news, and in efforts to further strengthen its presence in the reselling game, eBay is eliminating sneaker selling fees. According to Jeff Chan, eBay’s head of men’s footwear and apparel is making a comeback. However, for now, this applies to North American sellers only, and sneakers sold for $100 or more.


Where_to Sell_Yeezys II - AIO Bot

  • Craigslist: an easy way to sell Yeezys with no fees
  • The virtual dark alley where you try to sell shady stuff
  • One-on-one meetings with strangers off the web to sell Yeezys
  • It’s not reliable

You place an ad and wait. The buyers in your area will either call or email to set up a “meet.”

Transaction Fee: 0


  • Poizon is one of the largest sneaker reselling marketplaces in the world
  • They sell authentic apparel, accessories, and footwear
  • They offer AR Try-On services 

Finally, the last place to sell Yeezys is the Chinese sneaker marketplace, POIZON. Also known as the Dewu App that has been taking the sneaker industry by storm! It just goes to show how much more the sneaker industry is growing. And, how much people are making money on resale platforms! Read more about Poizon here!

Just One More!

So, the best place to sell Yeezys online is on authenticated resale platforms. Especially if you want to make a constant living off of it and become a reseller for life! And, you’ll be making as much as they do!

Therefore, to avoid the possibility of scams, guarantee payments, and build a reputation – go for the platforms! It might take some time, but you will soon develop your name as a reseller and make money!  And, one more piece of advice: always handle your payments through PayPal. You must ALWAYS protect your business and reputation.

And for more sneaker guides, make sure to keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot!