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YOU OWN 1, Don’t You? The White Air Force 1 Syndrome

By June 18, 2024Nike

AIO Bot - White Air Force 1We’re all aware of how popular the White Air Force 1 has become over the years. It’s reached a point where the fascination in AF1s now feels like a syndrome everyone has. Step out into the streets, and the chances of not seeing someone rocking a pair of White AF1s are very slim. Nearly everyone has owned a pair at some point in their lives. So, what’s the obsession with these kicks? What makes them this popular? 

The White Air Force 1 Syndrome: How, What, and Why?

Did you know that Nike sells around 25 shoes every single second? And did you know that the Air Force 1 alone sells at a rate of over 12 Million pairs PER YEAR? It’s also believed that in 2005, more than 20 years after their original debut, Nike sold over 12 million pairs of Air Force 1s! And among all these drops, the White Air Force 1 stands out as a timeless favorite. So, the question is, what exactly makes these kicks this popular?

Why Are White Air Force 1s So Popular?

Why Are White Air Force 1 So Popular - AIO BotYou see, over the years, the White Air Force 1 found its cozy place on the list of the most popular sneakers. In 2023, Air Forces were the third most popular sneaker in the world. Also, resale-wise, White Air Force 1s are the fastest to sell on the resale market. 

But, again, WHY? Well, the clean and versatile design is mainly what makes the Air Force 1 White popular. Its ability to complement a wide range of outfits plays a big role in its overall appeal. They’re also pretty much affordable, and this plays a huge role in their popularity. 

We also can’t forget celebrities’ role in boosting this popularity. Some of Nike’s best collaborations involve the White AF1. And a big chunk of this contribution is attributed to the mastermind, Virgil Abloh, whose collab with the Swoosh sent the AF1 popularity above the clouds. His creative vision transformed the AF1 line into a luxurious fashion sneaker, further adding to its appeal.

Style and Fit 

Air Force 1 White - AIO Bot Whether it’s the 90s or the 2000s, the White Air Force 1 will always stay a trendy sneaker. The best part? It can literally go with any fit you got, sport, formal, or half-formal. 

For a stylish and polished look, you can pair White Air Forces with jeans and a t-shirt. For a sporty chic look, you can go for a suit, cotton undershirt, and a pair of White AF1s. All in all, these kicks are basically adaptable and can complement most of your outfits. 

BUT, note that, even if you’re dressed to the nines and your AF1s are looking fire with the outfit, you won’t ever feel good about it if you get the wrong size. In other words, you neither wanna hear squeaky sounds with each step you take nor do you wanna end up with blisters by the end of the day. So, click here for a complete Air Force 1 size guide, and flex them kicks with confidence!

NOTE: Many tend to lose interest or spend so much money on getting new Air Forces every time they crease. So, to help you flex your kicks perfectly and save money, here’s how to avoid shoe creases

White Air Force 1 Price 

AF1 White Price Range - AIO Bot Depending on the style- high, mid, or low- the retail price of the White Air Force 1 can range between $115 and $130. However, if it’s a collab the price can get higher than that. For example, Travis Scott’s White Air Force 1s retailed at $150 last year. 

Most Famous White Air Force 1 Collab 

LV AF1 White - AIO Bot The epitome of luxury. That’s what the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 White by Virgil Abloh is about! Launched shortly after Abloh’s passing, this white version was just one of 47 variations he created for the Air Force 1. In other words, this sneaker stands as a special tribute to one of the designer’s final works. 

Blending elegance and street style, the luxurious LV-stamped leather stands out as the most unique feature of this pair. Also, this drop included extra accessories, such as extra white shoelaces, dust bags, an LV brown monogram tag, and a white leather Swoosh! 

Now, you didn’t expect such a luxurious sneaker to come with an average price tag, did you? Course not. This pair retailed at a hefty price of $2,750! Think that’s a lot? Well, wait till you learn of the resell price!

These kicks are currently selling at $5,678 on average! Lucky, right? Well, more like smart and knowledgeable of how sneaker copping works! 


Although pairs as hot as the AF1 x LV are a rare occurrence, they do drop! And when they do drop, you wanna cop them at retail, using a sneaker bot. Because the more hyped the collab, the more expensive it gets on the resale market. 

However, your classic white Air Force 1 is not as rare and you can still snatch a pair from retailers and online. It’s when crazy collabs appear that you need to be worried and prepared. Plus, with Nike producing fewer Air Force 1s, even your standard non-collab White Air Force 1 might increase in value on the aftermarket, and thus require a sneaker bot to get!

So, before this happens, and to take advantage of a lifetime opportunity, you gotta learn how to buy sneakers at retail. This way you can be the person flexing dope AF1s and making tons of cash on the resale market all at the same time. So, for a full guide on how to catch sneakers at retail on release day, click the red button below!