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Why Are Jordans SO Expensive to Cop Off the Resale Market?

By August 27, 2021Jordan, Nike

Why Are Jordans So Expensive - AIO BotWhy are Jordans SO expensive? And, just to be clear, we aren’t wondering why they’re expensive to cop at retail. No. We’re asking why whenever someone takes an L on a J, it’s double, triple, or even more on resale? 

Okay, we’ve got to admit though. The most common way for taking Ls on a Jordan release is by pure negligence. We’re sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth! Jordan releases offer lots of chances for you to cop. You can cop them off multiple Footsites, maybe even Shopify stores, or other retailers. There’s always a different place to hit.

But, the real issue stands in your method of copping sneakers. If you’re always gonna be stubborn and attempt to beat the bots; you’ll always find Jordans expensive! But, if you start thinking in a more smart and efficient way, you won’t ever pay resale. In short, the only reason you’re taking Ls is that you’re doing it wrong. Click the button below to stop wondering “Why are Jordans SO expensive?”. Instead, you’ll be thinking about how much to price your Js on the resale market!

Learn-moreWhy Are Jordans So Expensive? ANSWERED

Let’s take things into perspective. If we take two of the most hyped brands in the industry, it’ll always come down to Nike vs Adidas. But, when we consider the two most competing sneakers in the game, it’ll come down to Jordans vs Yeezys.

So, let’s take two of the most popular sneakers of 2021 from the two brands to compare. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Sun and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Trophy Room Chicago. Both super hyped, super limited, and super coveted. The Yeezy was the first 700 after a 700-free 2020

  • The Yeezy 700 Sun was the first Yeezy of the year 2021, after a whole year without 700 V1s. It was a raffle release AND it gave us a lot of Waverunner vibes. So, it was a definite winner. It currently resells for an average of $539.
  • The Air Jordan 1 Retro Trophy Room was in collaboration with Michael Jordan’s own son Marcus. It looked a lot like the OG 1985 Jordan with a few of Marcus’ personal touches. It currently resells for an average of $2,740.

So, why are Jordans SO expensive when it comes to copping them off the resale? Why do Yeezys go up to 100% over retail price, and some Jordans go up to almost 1000% over retail? Let’s find out!

Reason #1 His Airness

Money Making Hobbies - Sneaker Modelling and Collecting - AIO BotWhy are Jordans SO expensive? Well, they ARE Michael Jordan’s signature sneakers! That alone raises their value by a HUGE amount. We can’t deny how much MJ has an effect on the prices of Jordans – even after 17 years of retirement. The Air Jordan line was the best investment in Nike history!

MJ broke the NBA rules with the first Air Jordan 1 colorway – one of the most expensive Js. Nike later on marketed it as the BANNED Jordan, making it even more coveted. It was a never-ending line of hype after that! He was a legend and his sneakers were legendary!

Reason #2 Epic Marketing

Why Are Jordans So Expensive - Marketing - AIO BotAlthough Kanye is a self-proclaimed marketing GENIUS, then so is Nike. Nike thrives on constant desirability. After 17 years of constant hype, there must be something to it! So, why are Jordans so expensive? Marketing, definitely!

Exceptional marketing for that matter! They’ve got the epic Jordan vs Barkley ad, the Hare Jordan ad. They’re epic, memorable, and honestly do the job!

Reason #3 Sneaker Collaborations

Why Jordans Are Unlike Other Shoes - AIO BotWhy are Jordans SO expensive? Sneaker collaborations. Everyone wears Jordans nowadays! And they’re marketed through the most epic types of sneaker collaborations in the industry. Travis Scott, Eminem, and so much more! Everyone wants to collaborate with Js and everyone wants to cop these collabs! Jordans make people feel connected to MJ’s superhuman abilities on the court. And, the celebrities make people want these Jordans for themselves too! Hip-hop culture is the biggest influencer on modern music and Jordan resale! So, as long as that remains the same, so will Jordan’s reign at the top of the tree.