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Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive? [Yeezy Sneakers UNCOVERED]

By March 27, 2021July 20th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive - AIO BotWhy are Yeezys SO expensive? Why the heck are they so damn expensive! That’s the question we need answered. This is exactly why we’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re about to answer the greatest most confusing Yeezy question of all time. We know everything there is to know about Yeezy: the time they drop, how they fit, where to buy them, and even where they’re made! But, what we don’t truly understand is what makes them retail for around and above 200 bucks – unless it’s a Yeezy clog! Even if you don’t succeed in copping at retail, and try the aftermarket – you’re still bound to pay above the original retail value – it’s all about supply, demand, and Mr. Kanye West. The man is a mystery on his own! Yet, he has to be some kind of genius for creating a line of sneakers every sneakerhead in the world wants to cop!

How is it that this is the same man who started out collaborating on a sneaker design with BAPE, to later claim the title of the Louis Vuitton Don, and then dabble with the Swoosh! Only to drop it all and join Adidas – fueling the checks over stripes battle even more! There’s got to be something about the self-proclaimed Christian genius Billionaire that makes his Yeezys SO expensive! Well, we’re about to find out. 

Answering the Question: Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive? 

When you think about sneakers production in general, it’s mainly about sourcing countries, materials, and transport. But, with Yeezys, it’s a whole other thing. There are so many factors that affect the final marking of the Yeezys we love so much. This is ‘Ye we’re talking about! We’re talking about the man with the shutter shades and pink polo – the fashion icon of our modern times! But, for the sake of our sanity, we will still go over all these factors to try and figure out why Yeezys are so expensive! We’re going to get to the bottom of this. 

The worst thing about this whole situation is that, if you aren’t using a sneaker bot, odds are you won’t be copping at retail! Even if you have to pay the smallest price premium, it’s still copping an L! That leaves a sour taste in any sneakerhead’s mouth. So, a word to the wise would be to get yourself a working sneaker bot, cop in bulk, and save yourself some cash! If we’re paying for it either way, why not cop retail! You can even choose to resell it on the aftermarket later on. Get yourself a Yeezy Bot – like AIO Bot – so you never have to pay a dollar over retail! Keep askin’ why Yeezys are expensive at retail, better than wonderin’ bout the resale! Resale ain’t it for us, fam!

Buy AIO NOWIs It The Yeezy Material?

Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive - Yeezy Material - AIO BotThe first release of a Yeezy featured the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 composed of premium suede and VELCRO straps – it also had the famous Adidas eTPU-foam, AKA the Boost technology. Mind you, this Yeezy retailed for $350, and we know that ain’t for the suede uppers. And, if the Boost is what gives them that price boost, the Adidas Ultra Boosts have the same technology with around $60 off the price tag. We’re just being real here, fam! We’d still cop a Yeezy over an Ultra Boost any day of the week – but then why are Yeezys SO expensive?
Is it because of the beautiful Primeknit material of the Yeezy Boost 350s? Primeknit has basically fused yarn knitted together. Sure, it offers that great feet-hugging comfort we all love, but Kanye’s already starting to replace it with the weird monofilament mesh! Yet, still retailing at $220. It ain’t the PK!

Taking another silhouette into consideration, the Yeezy 500! With a retail of $200, and a resale ranging between $300 – $500, you’d think we’d know why Yeezys are so expensive! NOT. You see, for this iteration of Yeezys, ‘Ye used adiPrene – an Adidas exclusive technology. Adidas doesn’t actually own the Boost technology. So, could we be losing Boosts in our Yeezys too? Let’s not even get started on the Yeezy 700 Dad shoes or the MNVNs! They’re a literal combination of mesh, suede, and a whole bunch on NYLON on the MNVNs! What’s that all about? We know we ain’t paying $220 for some water-proof nylon minivans. Man, even the freakin Foam RNNRs are made out of algae!

It ain’t the material.

What About Limited-Run Drops & Demand?

Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive - Limited Run Sneakers - AIO BotIf you ask a sneakerhead, “Why are Yeezys SO expensive?”, the first thing he’ll say is how limited they are. How hard it is to cop Yeezys on retail! Remember the Boost 350 V2 Static? With a limit of 5,000 pairs only, you can bet that every sneakerhead or hypebeast in the industry tried to cop! Now, we ain’t talking bout the Cream Whites fiasco – we don’t mention that. But, Yeezys remain a huge asset for sneaker collectors – celebrities too! Even the way you cop these sneakers makes it all the more difficult. Copping off of Adidas’ website is often in the form of online raffles, so that’s a 50/50 chance. So, serious sneakerheads go for a sneaker bot all the way – unless you’re super lucky! If a Yeezy drop is limited, to begin with, could you imagine how the distribution to retailers will be?

Add to that, the fact that so many people in the industry are into sneaker reselling. And, guess what? Yeezys are a hot commodity on the resale market. So, even if they aren’t copping for themselves, they still copping to flip – it isn’t called the 6 BILLION dollar industry for nothing. It isn’t strange for people to flip $200 Yeezys and make an easy grand! This increase in demand makes the competitiveness of the Yeezy cop much harder. 

Definitely the demand and supply.

Could It Be the Production Location?

Why Are Yeezys SO Expensive - Moving to US - AIO BotAccording to Adidas’ 2020 annual report, about 97% of 2020’s total footwear volume production took place in Asia. So, where are Yeezys made? Yeezys are made in China, one of the biggest capitals for fake sneakers markets! Sounds a little shady? Well, maybe it does! Maybe that’s one of the reasons why ‘Ye decided to move Yeezy production to the US! It does offer like the American sneaker dream for us! You know, no more Yeezys pushed back, no more weird mistakes, and it offers great job opportunities for people in the states! But, what does this mean in terms of cash? Could this move mean that the Yeezy price tag will also get an upgrade? Will Yeezys be more expensive? Brands, retailers, and manufacturers like Adidas usually opt for outsourced production in other countries for cheaper labor costs, material prices, and other legal shit for generally cheaper products. 

Man, we hope this ain’t it.

Is It The Hypebeast Culture?

Hypebeasts Taking Over - AIO BotTW: this paragraph contains graphic descriptions of hypebeasts and wannabe sneakerheads.
Kanye West might be one of the lead reasons why the line between performance-based footwear and luxury fashion blurred away. The sneaker culture changed the fashion game for all the industries of the world! And now, everyone wants in. With an army of Millennials and Gen Z on the rise, we can’t avoid a bunch of hypebeasts up in our sneaker business. Sneakers aren’t about athletes anymore! It’s about which celebrities are where what brand of sneakers! It is now the fashion statement of the century – your sneakers tell your story! Or at least, your IG story. This is one of the reasons why the demand for Yeezys skyrocket at every drop. It is all about the MAJOR flex, flex, and flex. They want the newest Yeezy because it’s trendy – there’s your hypebeast.

Still wondering why are Yeezys so expensive?
Yeah, it most probably is because of hypebeasts.

Maybe It Comes Down to Marketing

Kanye West Marketing Strategies - AIO BotWhy are Yeezys SO expensive? Well, it’s because Kanye West is freakin’ marketing GENIUS. We aren’t even kidding. Kanye West has one of the most innovative marketing tactics in all of Yeezy history – heck, in all sneaker history! Kanye uses marketing campaigns that no other sneaker brand has ever used. Just imagine that this man would go to so many lengths that he’d actually have celebrities dress up as his wife (soon-to-be ex-wife) Kim K dressed in Yeezys. You follow? It wasn’t enough to get the celebs to don his Yeezys! NO, they had to dress up as his wife to do so. Now, that’s next-level marketing. He’s done everything, from naked models in Yeezy 500s to throwing away free QUANTUMs in an armored car! Maybe we should stop asking why are Yeezys so expensive, and start looking up how to cop them on retail.

Marketing, definitely it.

Highest Yeezy Resale On the Aftermarket

So, we’ve kinda established why Yeezys are SO expensive! But we thought we’d give you a little peek of what you’re getting into if you don’t learn how to cop on retail! The cool thing about Yeezys is that they age like fine wine! A lot of seasoned sneakerheads know when to cop, when to hold on, and when to flip. The bidding wars on resale platforms speak for themselves. The Yeezy Boost 750 current holds the most staggering price premium of all Yeezys – 580% above the average retail price. That’s around two GRANDS for some suede Yeezy boots. So, if you’re one of the lucky bastards that copped a boot at retail – well, we pretty much envy you.

The Yeezy clogs we all made fun of in 2019, hold second place with a price premium of about 575% above the original retail price! The so-called sneaker retailed for 75$! And now, people are making around 400$  on resale! So, you know, maybe Yeezys are not so expensive after all – not if you’re copping retail, and flipping them for more. Excuse us while we get our Yeezy bot ready for the coming Yeezy drops.