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How to Cop Yeezy 350 Boost Sneakers EASIER! [TIPS & TRICKS]

By January 11, 2016July 21st, 2023Yeezy, Yeezy Boost 350

How to Cop New Yeezy 350 Boost - AIO BotWho makes YZY sneakers so hard to get? Especially a Yeezy 350 Boost sneaker? New Yeezy shoes come out every month. BUT, the line of Yeezy 350 sneakers is the only one we really want. You, and every other sneakerhead in the industry. This is what makes copping Yeezy 350s very difficult.

However, there are always tips and tricks that can help make YZY copping easier. We’re here to tell you exactly what to do when it comes to copping Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers online. Read to find out more tips and tricks about copping every new Yeezy shoes.

2015 – Present

Blue Tint_Yeezys Restocks - - AIO BotThe beginning of the Adidas x Yeezy sneaker history started right around the time Ye left Nike.  However, the most popular of all Ye shoes is the Yeezy 350 Boost sneaker. He has stated before that he wants these Yeezy 350 kicks to define the sneaker culture of this decade. And,  things are certainly going that way.

The Yeezy 350 Boost features:


Blue Tint_Yeezys Restock- BANNER - AIO BotAlthough Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers are considered expensive AF, people still try to cop them! There are many reasons why Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers are not widely available. Some of these reasons include:

#1 All-Nighters

So, most of the retail stores that would stock new Yeezy 350 Boost releases have long lines of sneakerheads. Most of the time they camp out the day before the release. It’s usually sold on the ‘first come, first served’ basis.

And, honestly, only the most dedicated sneakerheads would do that. With the Kanye signature sneakers always available in small quantities, the stocks don’t last long. However, thankfully, the number of retailers hosting the release is a lot! So, it’s better to look up a few of them ahead of time to get a better chance at copping.

#2 Raffle Systems

New Yeezy 350 Boost Kicks - AIO BotOnline and in-store sneaker raffle systems have been an uprising in sneaker culture. And, the stores consider it to be a way to even out the playing field. However, entering a raffle doesn’t always guarantee a purchase. 

But, nevertheless, you should still enter as many as you can! And then, keep your fingers crossed and pray to the sneaker gods for a Yeezy 350 Boost.

#3 Limited Quantity

To keep every new Yeezy 350 Boost sneaker’s hype this high, the release has to be limited. It would definitely help if you got some early links or insider release information! Also, each sneaker website will have a specific amount of stock. This is why you gotta choose your retailers wisely!

#4 Resell Culture

Sneaker resellers might make some people mad, but they’re the ones who have mastered copping Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers. 

Reselling a pair of exclusive sneakers for a profit is a real side-hustle or even a main source of income! Definitely beats a 9 to 5! Add to that the fact that sneaker reselling marketing is growing on a daily. People who first cop a Yeezy 350 would sell them later on eBay and other sites. Why? Well, they’re one of the best sneakers to resell for more money!

Especially if you get to cop in bulk!

But, how can I cop Yeezy 350 Boost in BULK if I can’t cop ONE?

Sneaker Boxes - AIO_BotWell, a better and more efficient way to cop Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers would be by following these instructions. Here are the tips and tricks to help you cop the Yeezys of your dream!

What a good sneakerhead does:

  • Copies their credit card information to keep them ready
  • Uses different browsers to access the sites separately 
  • Upgrades their internet connection
  • Does NOT refresh
  • Tries accessing the site on at least two devices simultaneously

What an ELITE sneakerhead does:

  • Uses the best sneaker bot in the industry to cop every Yeezy 350 Boost colorway
  • Utilizes proxies in order to appear like multiple people at the same time
  • Rents a server to avoid lagging browsers and crashing devices
  • Learns all about cookies on websites
  • Understands why solving CAPTCHA helps!

The ‘good sneakerhead’ tips can help you cop manually. However, copping without a bot these days is like an urban legend.

But, let’s be honest, you’re not gonna beat bots. And, anyone who cares ENOUGH about Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers will be running a sneaker bot. So, long story short, if you wanna get your hands on new Yeezy 350 kicks, get a bot. Click on the button below to find the perfect one for you!