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Why is it so hard to cop a pair of Yeezy 350 Boost and what will help you?

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  • January 11, 2016

Yeezy 350 Boost Black

Yeezy by Kanye West

Adidas and Kanye’s joint venture resulted in many successes this year. With the first Yeezy 750 Boost that was released back in February 2015 at NBA All Star Week to the latest Adidas 750 Boost in Black release that happened on 19th Feb 2015, the Yeezy apparel and footwear has stolen all the hype and the whole year can easily be dubbed as Yeezy season. However the most popular and highly coveted Yeezy footwear has been the Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers which has also been awarded the Best Shoes of the Year 2015. Kanye West even said that he wants these Yeezy Boost 350s to define the sneaker culture of this decade and things are certainly going that way.

The Yeezy 350 Boost features a low top casual sneakers with adidas Prime Knit upper and innovative cushioning technology boost incorporated in the sole. The band with the three stripes made its mark when introducing Boost which provides the highest energy return in any shoe wear, making these sneakers a must have for both sneakerheads and runners alike. Kanye certainly made a smart decision when he decided that every shoe design of his will also have an Adidas Boost sole. The Yeezy 350 Boost is available in four colorways; Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Moon rock, and Oxford Tan. With many more Yeezy releases this year, the craze for these Yeezy 350 Boosts has reached a new high and raised an important question; how are you going to get yours?

These sneakers being the most coveted and priced at around $200, have not been easy to get for most. Despite being deemed too pricey by sneakerheads, there still isn’t a shortage of people trying to do whatever they can to get their hands on the Yeezy 350 Boost, be it 5 times the original price. Friends and Family of the famed rapper and designer of these Yeezy shoes Kanye West have it very easy, most get the latest pair of sneakers way before the release dates. Sometimes they are also the first ones to hint a release of another one of Yeezy shoes. Celebrities that have been able to cop themselves a pair before the official release date of the latest Yeezy 350 Boost in Oxford Tan and providing hints and picture teases of its looks include Kylie Jenner, Joe Perez, Don C and Kanye’s personal Barber Ibn e Jasper. And unless you’re related to the Kardashian Clan somehow, chances are you will still have to struggle a lot to get your own Yeezy 350 Boost.


Limited Yeezy 350 Boost

There are way too many reasons for the unavailability of these Yeezy 350 Boosts. Some of them that you should be aware and prepared to fight against are written down in this article.

All-Nighters: So most of the retail stores that would stock new Yeezy 350 Boost releases have long lines of sneakerheads almost a day before the release. It’s usually sold on the ‘first come, first served’ basis and most of us aren’t that willing to spend a day or night waiting for these sneakers, so we wait to go there after a day or two. Surprise, Sold Out! With the Kanye signature sneakers usually being available in limited quantities, the stocks never last for long. However the retail stores that hold these Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers are in a large number and it’s better to look up in a few of them to check which ones still hold these sneakers in stock and possibly get an guaranteed advance buy.

Raffle System: Online and In-store raffle systems have been uprising in sneaker culture, and the stores find it a better way to deal with obnoxious buyers trying to do everything they can to cop the Yeezy 350 Boost. However, entering a raffle doesn’t always guarantee a buy and most are left disappointed in losing the chance to get their Yeezy 350 Boost. But however, you should still enter as many as you can and keep your fingers crossed for getting your own Yeezy 350 boost.

Limited Quantity: To let the hype and demand for these Yeezy 350 Boost remain as it was, they are mostly produced in limited numbers with the availability of different colorways varying. Even the day following the release of any new colorway edition to these Yeezy Boost 350, most of the stock is reserved for buyers who pre-ordered the sneakers online. It would certainly help you if you sign up for notifications hinting release dates and pre-ordering as soon as it becomes available.

Resell Culture: Reselling a pair of coveted sneakers in higher prices than the original is a profitable business and growing daily. A lot of people who have been the first ones to cop a Yeezy 350 Boost would sell them later on ebay and other such sites for prices ranging as high as $3000 or even more! And since people are willing to pay ten times the original price to get themselves a pair, this works for them all too well. If you are willing to pay a few extra bucks to get your 350 Boost, you should probably just sleep in and then buy it off ebay.

The Site Crashes: So most of us that can’t get their lazy ass out of the bed daily to go grab Yeezy 350 Boost sneakers prefer doing it online. And since there are way too many of us, guess what happens? The site crashes because of 10 times the load of traffic than the maximum that it can handle. This is the worst! You sit there and refresh and refresh but it still lags and you never get anywhere. A better way for you to deal with this is to sit back, relax, breathe deeply and follow these instructions: Have your credit card information copied, use different browsers to access it separately, have your internet connection upgraded, don’t refresh and try accessing the site of at least two devices simultaneously. These tips can help you cop manually, if you’re still getting Ls then you might want to try a Yeezy bot to help you improve your chances. Visit our homepage or Another Nike Bot website for more information and assistance.

With all that’s above said and cleared, we wish you luck in copping yourself your own pair of the brand new Yeezy 350 Boost in Oxford Tan. May the force be with you! *wink*

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