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8 Reasons Supreme Apparel Is so Popular [+how to buy at retail]

By March 17, 2016November 29th, 2022Fashion, Supreme

SUPREME APPAREL AIO FEATIs wearing influential brands your bread and bones? Are you totally obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashion trends? If so, what’s the real reason you’re here to learn about Supreme apparel? Are you a total Supreme junkie eager to get behind the success scene? Or are you sick of catching the Supreme hype from a distance and are ready to take charge? If you’re either one or both, you’ve come to the right place. This post will teach you about how Supreme emerged as a premium streetwear brand. As several factors (8 and counting!) have molded Supreme apparel into one of the world’s most coveted items. If you’re also looking for the best strategy to buy Supreme at retail, you’ve come to the right corner.

In this for Supreme sneakers as well? This ultimate sneaker guide includes Supreme’s golden collaborations [with resale values!


1. Clothing Variety

The days of having a popular brand focus on just one type of clothing are long gone. The more people hop on the fashion and trends train, the more brands cater for wild varieties of fashion tastes. That explains why you find high-end brands joining the worlds of streetwear and athleisure. (Air Diors, you’re straight up under that spotlight!). Youngsters nowadays fish for unanticipated style mashups and creativity in fashion. Therefore, most brands are striving to keep up with the high demand for “what’s new.” Little did the fashion industry know that one of the reasons behind Supreme’s booming popularity is that it reflected that ethic ever since 1994!

Right from the start, Supreme produced a variety of products including T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, shoes, pants, skateboards, and a range of WTF items. Their clothes are designed to appeal to young people, especially to hip-hop, skateboarding, and punk rock culture fans. The apparel selection offered by Supreme guarantees that every individual with an appreciation for streetwear finds the perfect item. Also, the fact that the Supreme logo is found on literally every Supreme product has helped expand the brand’s popularity over the years. In a nutshell, the variety of Supreme apparel is a fundamental selling point and hype key for the company. 

There is always something new to buy from Supreme. Like a weird porcelain figurine of cupid skewering a heart or a plain old brick that doesn’t do tricks. 


Design is the single most important factor for brand success, and Supreme has gone above and beyond. Supreme apparel has attracted millions of fans from around the world with its distinctive styles and fashion ventures. What other brands don’t dare do to maintain their esteemed reps, Supreme perfects and makes tons of cash out of it. The New York brand doesn’t hesitate to break fashion traditions. It speaks, thinks, and creates new.  Big bold statements, oversized pieces, eccentric silhouettes, and retro styles give Supreme the power and hype to compete with fashion brands that have been around for several decades. As a matter of fact, the hype around the world-renowned Supreme Box Logo or BOGO turned Supreme resale from a hobby into a full-time job for expert fanatics.

SUPREME APPAREL EXCLUSIVE STYLES3. Celebrities Love Supreme Apparel!

Supreme apparel has grown in popularity through celebrity and influencer marketing. Think about it: is there any better way to market products than glue them on a celebrity’s body or feet (since we’re all about kicks!)? To back up that fact with some evidence, some of the biggest names like Kanye West, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, John Mayer, and Kid Cudi have strolled about in Supreme apparel. Therefore, the brand’s massive popularity among celebrities and influencers has boosted its hype, resale value, and market status. If celebs try hard to get their hands on Supreme apparel, you can obviously tell that they’re very very popular.

CELEBS LOVE SUPREME!4. Hot Collaborations

In addition to exclusivity and the wow factor boosted by celebrity marketing, Supreme excels mostly at collabs! For 25 years now, Supreme has partnered up with artists, sneaker brands, musicians, athletes, and luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton. High-status collaboration being the case, a Supreme BOGO Tee that retails at $32 will have an LV edition retailing for $485! 

Now, you might think (and you’re probably right) that LV is pricey, let alone on a Supreme release! But Supreme’s collaborations with even less significant names like Jean Paul Gaultier, The North Face and Levi’s has given us items to die for. Or run a Supreme bot for! Which FYI we’re getting to after this, so hang on tight! After all, where’s the real value in reading this if you can’t personally get your hands on the hype?


Every Thursday morning at 11 AM EST, a fresh Supreme droplist releases new Supreme apparel, items, and accessories. The scarcity of newly released products, as discussed in the following section, keeps Supreme apparel in constant demand. When fresh products are released, Supremeheads and resellers rush to purchase them at retail. Most of the time, these products sell out almost instantly. You know how Yeezys have a shelf life of 10 minutes or less? Same concept here! Getting access to Supreme clothing can be a major challenge, which adds a sense of exclusivity to the brand. (But also drives you to look for buying alternatives that can help you out!) Again, VERY important that you stick around till the end!


Although Supreme sells clothing products, it doesn’t follow a traditional business model. Runways and seasonal catwalks don’t fit into Supreme’s success formula, or identity! The brand instead releases limited quantities of its products using a weekly “droplist” strategy. Therefore, when the high demand for Supreme products meets the low stocks provided, every week is a long-awaited Supreme event! And although there’s a Supreme droplist almost every week of the year, the rarity of Supreme items is held highly responsible for the brand’s hype. Considering that every Supreme week releases a whole bunch of entirely different things from any other Supreme week in history. So, if you think about it, there are abundant Supreme releases per year, but it doesn’t make much of a difference since no two releases are alike! 

This extreme strategy makes Supreme products one of the fastest to sell out! And we all know what that means: resale platforms. If anything in streetwear fashion resells for ridiculous amounts of money, it’s most definitely Supreme. 

7. Aftermarket Value

Speaking of ridiculous amounts of money, let’s talk about what matters! Since it is beyond obvious that when exclusivity meets limited stock AND celebrity hype, ANYTHING is bound to sell for crazy high values. Top mentions in the Supreme apparel department are the Supreme Swarovski line and Supreme BOGO hoodies that sell for over $1,000. It is no surprise that a variety of SB designs take over the resale spotlight under Supreme collectibles. You can even catch an reselling for over $900. Or a Jacob & Co. Supreme watch bringing in at least $20,000! That’s the ideal kind of money we’re talking about. And since Supreme is a LONG list of items, you’re probably wondering how you can detect value for yourself.

Whether you’re interested in flipping products in general or are interested in flipping Supreme in particular, this is for you. Here’s how you can check the resale values of Supreme items you have in mind. First, you can check credible sites like SupremeCommunity for consistent release information. Once you know what is upcoming, you can do your research around it. SC also lists out droplist items in order of most hyped to least hyped, so that should help you out. You can double check by getting on resale sites you trust to test out the buyer/seller dynamic on a specific item. Checking the resale history of similar or related products can also help you make a quick judgment. 

SUPREME RESALE8. Killer Marketing

Many clothing brands focus on huge ad buys and publicity stunts to build their names. Supreme apparel has taken a more grassroots approach. When James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994, he wanted his clothing to reach the skateboarding community. And so in commitment to his core plan to boost and connect to skateboarders, he actually displayed clothing items on the outside of his store to allow skaters to surf freely indoors. Skaters around the city of New York babbled non-stop about the comfort they felt in the Supreme store. And so, word of mouth took its pleasant course. 

Today, Supreme uses its enormous fan base to further grow its brand. It regularly leaks information about future releases and watches it vibrate through its fan base. This grassroots movement allows massive events to take place in commitment to the skateboarding and street community. By keeping its connection to the SB community authentic, Supreme, therefore, strengthens its fan base and ultimately expands as a streetwear brand. Looking at it from a marketing perspective, it lets its fans do most of the work just by giving them the freedom to be themselves. When fans line up in anticipation of Supreme releases hours before 11 AM and flood their social accounts with Supreme worship, they market the brand’s genuine impact on the streetwear generation. The excitement level that Supreme apparel and gear can create through tiny bits of leaked information has allowed the company to thrive.

SUPREME MARKETINGSweet, but What Does This Mean for You?

Supreme apparel is one of the most popular clothing lines on the planet. It’s so “in” that several secondary stores have emerged to sell the hottest Supreme gear at insanely high prices. Which leads us to the final and most important part: copping Supreme at retail with a bot! Bet you saw that one coming. Isn’t that part of why you’re here though? 

Cop Supreme Apparel at Retail!

With 8 reasons’ worth of hype, it shouldn’t come as a shock that in order to cop Supreme at retail, you’ll need help from a bot. Lucky for you AIO bot is an All-In-One bot. This means it cops items (mainly sneakers!) from a range of different sites. Including Footsites, Shopify, and Demandware sites. That’s how we get our users’ hands-on fresh Jordans and Yeezys at retail! For those of you who need a reminder, a bot is basically a software program that automates the whole buying process from choosing items to checking out. Naturally, the web is overcrowded with many types of bots now that the AI revolution has officially begun. 

Which is why sneaker bots like AIO were invented: to help sneakerheads cop hyped items at retail and flip them on the aftermarket for extra profit. Although the term sneaker bot may be misleading to some of you Supremeheads, you should know that in the bot industry, there are Supreme bots or All-In-One bots (hi!) that operate on Supreme.

Best Supreme Bots?

AIO bot is the best affordable sneaker bot in stock with a long history of Supreme success. Considering that most All-In-One bots are out of stock and will cost you thousands of dollars before your reselling venture even begins! AIO bot sells at a retail price of $325 with the first 6 months being free of charge. To top that off, our Supreme extension is now totally FREE! So, you can cop Supreme without the added expense and maybe have a go at copping dope sneakers if you’re interested! The sneaker reselling industry is currently at over $1B, just saying. But before we get all excited about your future, let’s focus on you copping Supreme for now.

We think it’s best that you make your bot decision by yourself. So here’s a list of the top bots on the market right now. We hope this will help you truly decide what works for you!

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