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The 7 Worst Shoes EVER: Taking Out 2023’s Garbage!

By January 3, 2024March 15th, 2024Sneaker News

AIO Bot - Worst Shoes Ever 2023The year 2023 has been nothing short of hectic and controversial. We’ve had all kinds of drama even the Kardashians can’t compete with. As usual, that is. Dramatic episodes kind of became the norm in the sneaker industry. But to top it all off, we’ve also had some of the worst shoes to drop this year! 

Even the Ugg boot trend doesn’t compare to these… 

Luckily enough we’ve got an epic selection of Air Jordans coming in 2024 to make up for those “shoes.” If they can ever be named THAT, at least. The list below goes from semi-worst to the WORST shoes ever! In other words, it gets worse the more you scroll! So, good luck.

Worst Shoes 2023

#7 Nike Zoom LeBron 2 LX Beast

Worst Shoes 2023 - Nike Zoom LeBron 2 LXBeastSo, it’s kinda hard to believe that we’re going at this list of the top worst shoes EVER descendingly. Yes, this Nike x LeBron sneaker collaboration isn’t the ugliest thing on this list. However, it’s the… nastiest-looking.

What differentiates LeBron kicks from others are mainly comfort, great traction, as well as stability, and great support. However, all of these combined can’t make up or kinda cover up how bad the LX Beasts look. The design is right out of the trash. And for heaven’s sake, who thought combining cheetah and zebra prints was a good idea? 

#6 MSCHF Big Red Boot 

Worst Sneakers Ever - MSCHF Red BootNext, we’ve got one of the worst shoes EVER in 2023 and maybe even beyond. You’re probably not the slightest surprised to find MSCHF shoes on such a list. Well, spoiler alert, you’ll find another one as you scroll down. 

It isn’t just that it’s ugly. It’s SO many things! One of them is being the most impractical, as well as the hardest shoes to wear and style out there. They’re nice for maybe Halloween, or a crazy costume day at an event or something. But casual shoes, these boots are not!

All in all, it is a $350 RUBBER boot that you can probably buy at Walmart for $20. The brand even went all out and dropped another big boot in collaboration with Crocs!

#5 Nike ISPA Universal 

Worst Shoes Ever - ISPA Universal - AIO Bot Yet another Nike makes it to the list of the worst shoes ever, the Nike ISPA Universal. And let’s just say that Nike should’ve considered adding a letter to that acronym that has something to do with adding some creativity. They basically look like a fusion of the Merrell Hydro Moc and the Adidas adiFOM Q… But with a lack of attractiveness.

#4 Crocs Cowboy Boots

Crocs Cowboy Boot - AIO Bot The Crocs Cowboy Boots aren’t just some of the worst boots to ever drop, but they’re shoes that have lost their identity. Shoe collabs are nice and all. But that’s not the case when two different shoe styles with different purposes collaborate. It’s kind of a misguided and desperate attempt to chase trends, rather than a genuine effort to create functional or stylish footwear. And so, the Crocs Cowboy Boots make it to the 4th place on our worst shoe to drop in 2023 list! 

#3 Nike CPFM Air Flea 2

Worst Shoes Ever - Nike CPFM Air Flea 2And then, there’s Nike. we’re pained that we have to add another Nike to a list of the worst shoes EVER. But, it’s safe to say that they’ve earned it with these rubber tank-like shoes. It looks like you offered a kid’s shoe pieces and told them to mess up the structure as much as they could. However, just like Balenciaga’s designs, we learned how not to be surprised by CPFM’s sneaker designs. Especially after that Grinch Dunk drop. So, all in all, this design just feels wrong. But like the red boots, this one is doing pretty well on the resale market


MSCHF BWD ShoeNow, this is a fun one. Number 2 on the list of the worst shoes ever is coming STRONG. Not only is this the worst sneaker of 2023. It is the worst sneaker in HISTORY. We have one question for the  MSCHF BWD Shoe:


You see, the reversible jacket idea should NOT extend to sneakers. Because someone might or might not lose their face with the latter. Who even wants their toes to show through what’s supposed to be sneakers? If someone wanted to rock sandals, they might as well buy one. 

The cherry on top? It costs $730 on average on sites like StockX

#1 Nike Shox MR4 Mule

Nike Shox MR4 MuleFinally, we’re at the WORST shoes EVER. The master of all the garbage in the industry which coincidentally is another Nike. So, Nike dropped some of the best sneakers in 2023, but they also found a way to make it to the worst shoes in the 2023 list. These sneakers have so many things wrong going for them that there’s nothing actually right! In fact, they should have never even dropped if you ask us.

Straight off the bat, just looking at them, they’re offensive – on so many levels. Like is it a dress shoe, a casual shoe, a loafer, or a basketball sneaker? How about an all-in-one? Well, that’s one all-in-one sneaker we won’t ever need. It truly looks sickening. And what makes it even worse is the Safety Orange colorway. 

So, Nike’s been testing that boundary-pushing lately. But we do hope the brand leaves this kind of boundary-pushing behind and starts anew in 2024! 

As for now, it’s time to take out the trash 2023 left behind, fam!