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The 5 Worst Shoes EVER: Taking Out 2022’s Garbage!

By December 30, 2022Sneaker News

Worst Shoes Ever in 2022 - AIO BotThe year 2022 has been nothing short of hectic and controversial. We’ve had all kinds of scandals and drama even the Kardashians can’t compete with. But, we’ve also had some of the worst shoes EVER drop this year!

Even the Ugg boot trend doesn’t compare to these… 

Luckily we’ve got a huge selection of Air Jordans coming in 2023 to make up for these “shoes”. If that’s what you would call them! The list below goes from semi-WORST to the WORST shoes ever! In other words, it gets worse the more you scroll! So, good luck.


Reebok Split Toe Sneakers - AIO BotSo, it’s kinda hard to believe that we’re going at this list of the top worst shoes EVER descendingly. Yes, the Maison Margiela x Reebok sneaker collaboration is not the ugliest thing on this list. However, it is the most obscene.

Take a moment and look at these sneakers. Give them a real… good… look.

Yeah, we see it too. But, for the sake of trying to be civil and take the NSFW factor out (and make our boss pretty MAD), we’re just gonna call it a butt-crack sneaker. Because that sounds a lot better than the alternative. Apparently, Reebook thought this was going to be their big break at “cracking” their way to the top!

Nope, they just landed a spot on the list of worst shoes EVER – circa 2022! 


Balenciaga Crocs Rain Boot - Worst Shoes Ever - AIO BotNext, we’ve got one of the worst shoes EVER in 2022 and maybe even beyond. It isn’t just that it’s ugly. It’s SO many things! Let’s start with the fact that it’s a Balenciaga Crocs. Now, we don’t have beef with Crocs. But, Balenciaga…


After the whole issue with their horrible, extremely controversial campaign; we’ve all got beef with them. But, if we put that aside and focus on this monstrosity, there’s still much to say!

For starters, it is a $900 RUBBER rain boot that you can probably buy at Walmart for $20.

But, it doesn’t even stop there! It is a vibrant, ugly green color!
Balenciaga got issues.


Air Force 1 Slip On - AIO BotAnd then, there’s Nike. we’re pained that we have to add Nike to a list of the worst shoes EVER. But, it’s safe to say that they’ve earned it with these slip-on sneaker mutants. We really have no idea WHO the person from Nike’s design team suggested this… But, that dude needs to be fired.

BFFR, Nike.

Why tamper with the Air Force 1? If it ain’t broken, do NOT fix it! Why you doing this Nike? Why? And, it’s not that they’re particularly atrocious to look at. But, once you know that this is in fact an Air Force 1, it feels wrong.

No, Nike. No.


Balenciaga Crocs Madame Mule - Worst Shoes Ever - AIO BotNumber 2 on the list of the worst shoes ever is coming STRONG. Not only is this the worst sneaker of 2022. It is the worst sneaker in HISTORY. We have four words for the Balenciaga x Crocs Madame Mules:


Like, why? WHY? All we can think of is a team of designers pitching ideas in the Balenciaga HQ. Only to finally come out with a pencil jabbed into the heel of some green Crocs.

We don’t even blame Crocs for this. This is ALL on Balenciaga. And also, to make matters even worse…

It costs $625!

Why TF would anyone want that? Just go for a home DIY project and do it yourself. We know you got a pair of Crocs at home. Don’t deny it. We all do. But, if you’re burning to look like you’re “trendy” or whatever this is… Just glue a stick at the heel and you’re golden!


Baleciaga Pre-Distressed Sneaker - AIO BotFinally, we’re at the WORST shoes EVER. The master of all the garbage in the industry which coincidentally is another Balenciaga. These sneakers have so many things wrong going for them that there’s nothing actually right! In fact, they should have never even dropped if you ask us.

Straight off the bat, just looking at them, they’re offensive – on so many levels.

But, apparently, Balenciaga LOVES pushing boundaries they shouldn’t. And, this is another one. Pre-distressed sneakers have always been a thing in the industry, they’re nothing new. However, there’s a vast difference between pre-distressed and completely destroyed. Like, we expect you could get a wear and a half out of these sneakers! Plus…

They cost $1,850.

You gotta be effing kidding. So, basically, they’re offering no durability, no style, and no comfort at an impossible price point. That’s some confidence right there! So, for the list of the worst shoes EVER, we have a winner!

It’s time to take out the trash, fam!