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The Weirdest Yeezy 350 Colorways To Ever Drop!

By July 29, 2023Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

AIO Bot - Weirdest Yeezy 350 ColorwaysAlthough Kanye West lost his billionaire status after Adidas dropped him, it doesn’t deny the fact that his marketing strategies are ones for the books. The man might come off as a bit of a kook most of the time with all his controversial moments. But when it comes to business, he’s a literal genius. Yeezys being one of the most hyped sneakers in the industry must be proof enough. And among all the silhouettes he ever dropped, the Yeezy Boost 350 remains a sneakerhead-favorite. Even with the weirdest Yeezy 350 colorways, this model still sells for the craziest prices on the resale market

That’s basically music to every sneaker reseller’s ears. But the thing is, with more hype comes more copping responsibilities. Meaning that, the higher the resale, the fiercer the cop. So, it’s all about a game of wits in this industry. And your wits are evaluated here based on the way you try to buy sneakers on release day. For example, if you think a FREE sneaker bot would do you any good on any upcoming Yeezy or other hype drops, then you’ve got a long road ahead of you to reach the sneakerhead title

Copping Yeezys The Right Way

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Buy AIO NOWThe Weirdest Yeezy 350 Colorways – EXPLAINED!

You see, the thing is, you can never really tell what’s going on with our boy ‘Ye. So, when a new Yeezy 350 colorway drops, we do be questioning everything about the new colorway. Don’t get us wrong, we cop for sure! But, we got questions, man? Like what’s up with the color choice? Or, what’s wrong with the names you given’ them? You know what we mean? The whole line of Yeezys got us questioning the meaning of life – from Yeezy clogs to chunky dad shoes! But, most of the time, Yeezy 350s take the weirdo cake. Here’s our personal attempt at trying to make a breakthrough into the mind of one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the industry – Kanye West. Maybe we’ll even find out why his Yeezys are as limited as his Kanye smile!

You Got Mono? Yeezy 350 Mono Pack

Weirdest Yeezy 350 Colorways - Mono PackThe relatively new Yeezy 350 colorways feature more than just a change of color! The Mono pack featured a whole new Yeezy material that some thought would possibly replace our beloved Primeknit. Who knows? Maybe it was Kanye making a few cutbacks after his divorce!

So, the Yeezy Mono Pack included four new Yeezy colorways: Mono Mist, Mono Cinder, Mono Ice, and the bright orange Mono Clay. The weird thing about these Yeezy colorways is that the material gives them an extra pop of color! The colorways themselves aren’t THAT weird. But, when you pair them with the weird monofilament mesh material, they do be poppin’!

And that strange caging underneath? Giving us total Yeezy skeleton vibes. We wonder what Kanye’s creative process looked like designing this Yeezy pack! Was he telling us that he was feeling dead inside without Kim K? 

Now, as for the name of these Yeezys – it really isn’t much of a no-brainer. It all comes down to the monofilament mesh material used in the uppers of these models. Hence, the MONO. It ain’t related to no STDs. If you wanna know more about the release, or the new material, just read all about it here.

Praise Yeezus! Yeezy 350 Biblical Pack

Weirdest 350 Colorways - Biblical PackThe Biblical Pack was Kanye’s greatest hit of the year 2019 – a literal game changer! It was a Yeezy trio pack of three weird Yeezy 350 colorways with even weirder names in both reflective and non-reflective models. Does it get any better than that? The pack featured Yeezreel, Yecheil, and the infamous Yeshaya. Huh? Yeah, this is where the Yeezy colorways start getting a bit weird for us. So, the whole point of this trio being called the Biblical Pack is the fact that they’ve got Hebrew-inspired names.

Yeezreel takes after the Hebrew word Yizreel with a Yeezy twist – it means “God will Seed”. Yecheil takes after the Hebrew word Yechiel, which isn’t much of a difference. Maybe Kanye made a spelling mistake or something – it means “God Shall Live”. And finally, Yeshaya, the infamous Yeezy 350 colorway with the craziest story – especially with the whole dropping in bleach incident. It was a typical experiment gone wrong!

It started out with a sick purple colorway and ended up white AF – just like the Yeezy Natural. Yeshaya means “God is Salvation”. We really needed that higher power to salvage the purple Yeezy. You can still cop some Biblical feels off the aftermarket for around $300 – $400. Tough luck. Should’ve copped retail, fam.

Desert Sage in the Afterlife Turned Yeezy 350 Israfil

YZY 350 IsrafilKanye is obviously really into his faith because of all the religious Yeezy sneakers – like Yeezy Israfil. We’re definitely onto that too because we get the best Yeezy 350 colorways out of it. Israfil is Arabic for “angel who will blow the trump”. Blow the Trump. Blow. Trump?  Okay, Kanye. 

Well, Israfil actually blows the trump to announce Judgement Day – basically the end of everything! Of course, this Yeezy colorway drop did take place at the same time that ‘Ye was running for president. So, it probably wasn’t a very lucky name. It does look a lot like Desert Sage with the tiniest bit of a change-up! You can cop Israfil off the aftermarket for around $300 – still a pretty fair price. You still can’t expect it to be cheaper than that!

Can You See the Music? Yeezy 350 Synth

YZY Synth - AIO BotAnother of the wildest Yeezy 350 colorways is the Yeezy Synth – the Yeezy 350 V2 with the highest resale value on the aftermarket. It stands in the first position with an average resale of about $400! Synth is one of the most exclusive pairs of Yeezys out there – dropping exclusively at retailers in Africa, Asia, and Australia – in both reflective and non-reflective iterations. 

We think that Synth relates to Kanye’s claim of having synaesthesia and his seeing music as different colors. The color itself isn’t as weird as the name. So, all you have to do is pay around an average of $400 on the aftermarket and you’ll start seeing colors, just like Ye! 

What About Yeezy 350 Linen?

YZY 350 LinenAlthough this Yeezy 350 colorway might seem like just another plain Yeezy, it actually really IS! But, its name actually gives it a little bit of a weirder edge to it. The Linen joined the line of Yeezy 350 colorways in 2020, and, let’s be real, it does look a lot like an Oxford Tan kinda moment. 

The good thing about Linen though is that it did drop in a reflective iteration, which is always cool. The colorway screams wheat-based baguette, but the name says bedding linen. So, we don’t really know. 

Maybe this was Kanye’s way of getting more in touch with nature and farming. Giving us all the more Yeezy to clean. If you think about it really well, this might be where the whole Foam Runners started in the first place: getting in touch with nature through an algae-based sneaker! Well, if anyone can pull something like that off, it’s Kanye West. Either way, you’ll be feeling golden!