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Crying over that $2000 you lost, aren’t you? What Happened on Yeezy Day

By August 6, 2019July 21st, 2023Adidas, Sneakers, Yeezy, Yeezy Bot

It was surprising, stressful, and crazy to say the least!
For years now we’ve been longing for a re-release of the iconic Yeezy 750, but that was a bit too much! Never in a million years, we would’ve thought we’d see such a day. Where so many colorways of the Yeezy 350, 500 and 700 would drop together. Yeezy Day, ladies and gentlemen!

The day where only those with sneaker bots, scored. Where AIO Bot users copped and flipped. A day you missed out on, but never again! Get AIO Bot today, and experience what it’s like to get those confirmation emails.

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The Hype!

Regardless of how much you’ve lost on Yeezy Day, you gotta credit the marketing team for that hype! So wipe your salty tears and let’s applaud the impeccable work put into this day. And we don’t mean Adidas when we’re talking about efforts and what not. Actually, Adidas went completely MIA on Twitter and Instagram you’d think this drop was a scam. But it wasn’t, and we have The Yeezy Mafia to thank for the heads up.

On August 1st, the “UNOFFICIAL” Yeezy news account tweeted just 2 words.

And other than “Free Food” there aren’t any 2 words that have so much power.
So we knew something was going down with Yeezysupply and Adidas, but we didn’t know what it was. But there were rumors that some of the most hyped and desired Yeezys were making a comeback. And most speculations were right. Except for having to switch between Adidas and Yeezy supply, which alternately hosted back to back flash drops of 30 minutes. That we did not see coming!

But what made this day a bit more tolerable, were the hints the YeezyMafia Tweeted before every drop. You’d have to guess what’s coming next to know if it’s worth the time. And L!

Yeezy Day: Adidas Yeezy 750, 350 V2, and Many More…

We all know how controversial Kanye West is. His music, political opinion, fashion design, and even sneakers, everything he does is extra. Even his wife and marriage are extra.

But Yeezy Day was another level. We had only gotten used to the regional releases, only to have Yeezys released in bulk in one day alternatively on 2 websites!

So which Yeezys dropped on that glorious and hectic day?

Yeezy Day

It was no surprise that we saw colorways like the Zebras, Yebras, and Cream White Yeezy 350. Can you really imagine a “Yeezy Day” without them? Even the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter and Sesame belong in such an event.

However, we don’t really get the point of releasing so many 500s and even 700. Have we not yet established that the community doesn’t really like them much? I mean, just look at their resale value. It’s a shame for the reselling industry! But maybe, hopefully, that’s all the stock they have left and we can finally close this chapter. Please!

Now, the big surprise. The star of the show. The one you’ve been waiting for for so long. The Yeezy 750! I for once couldn’t believe it. Like for once, you feel heard and understood! But then you get a big fat L and Yeezy Day turns out to be the worst for you as a sneakerhead in 2019.

So, How Much Did Yeezy Day Cost You?

Aside from what you paid for a new sneaker bot, proxies, and server, this day cost you a lot. If you didn’t cop.
For those of you who missed out on any of the Yeezy Day releases, you will find below 3 cases explaining how much you really lost last week. Sorry in advance!

  • Case 1

Let’s assume you wanna buy 3 new Yeezys; The Yeezy 350 Blue Tint, Beluga 2.0, and 500 Salt. On average, you’d have to pay $400, $450, and $280 respectively. That’s $1,130, while you could’ve paid $620 and still enjoy the experience of copping on release time with a sneaker bot.

  • Case 2

Another case would be buying the Yeezy 700 Static off reselling platforms. This case is very real and this incredible colorway could tempt even the bravest of sneakerheads into paying resale. And that would cost you $570, which is $270 over retail price.

  • Case 3

Now, for the worst-case scenario. Wanting to cop a pair of 750s so bad you resort to resellers. Well, a pair of the brown Yeezy 750 which re-released on Yeezy Day sells for an average of $920. That’s a big fat extra $570!!! Why would you do that? Couldn’t you have used a sneaker bot and spared yourself all this pain and money?

All in all, and with all its chaos, this Yeezy Day saved many sneakerheads thousands of dollars. And I’m sure they’re all so thankful.

How Badly Did Yeezy Day Hit The Resale Value?

Yeezy 350 v2 Yebra

So far, it looks like Yeezys’ resale prices are holding still. You can’t really see any major drop in average reselling prices or asks on StockX. But maybe it is still too soon to tell. We all know how fragile Yeezys value on the aftermarket is. Even the smallest of words can make it sink deep.

But again, Yeezy Day was big in terms of how many designs and colorways dropped, not the stock level of each. And this might’ve been the point. Giving sneakerheads another chance without shaking the reselling market. So it’s very much possible that your freshly-copped Yeezys will still make you some good cash after all.

Main Takeaway?

Adidas Yeezy

Yeezys will always be the heart of the sneaker game. and whether you admit like to it or not, so are sneaker bots. If it weren’t for sneaker bots, most resellers would still be stuck at their old boring jobs. And all sneakerheads would be doomed to pay resale prices, every time!

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