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Yeezy 350 Yeshaya: Experiment Gone Wrong! Release Date & Early Links!

By January 17, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy 350 Yeshaya - AIO BotSo, cooled down yet? Are we over the total and complete monstrosity of Yeshaya dropped in bleach? Okay, maybe we are still mad. But, let’s put our anger aside and be real. This is the first Yeezy 350 of the year. It’s the first Yeezy drop in 2020! The bottom line is: You can’t miss this release date. Why? Simply because it’s a 350! That’s why. Yeezy 350 sneakers are ALWAYS a huge hit on resale platforms. Easy money. Even if this particular sneaker looks like an experiment gone wrong! It will still sell-out in no time. No-brainer. The other sneakers in the Biblical Pack did. Which is why we expect Yeezy 350 Yeshaya to do just as well! 

Besides, can a person really have too many 350s? They’re the best sneakers to own! So, with that said, here’s everything you need to know for the perfect cop!

Behind the Scenes of Yeezy 350 Yeshaya! 

Here’s how we imagine things went down with the design of the Yeezy 350 Yeshaya. Our boy ‘Ye decided to go rogue and design a colorful purple Yeezy. Totally against every monochromatic Yeezy colorway out there. It was the perfect blend between lilac purple, neon yellow and black. It was the most unique sneaker in 2019’s Q4 sneaker lineup. That was until, of course, the colorway completely changed last-minute into an all-white Yeezy. West stripped the sneaker down into a colorless doppelganger of  4 other existing Yeezys. So yeah, we were pretty pissed. We still kinda are. But, we’re sneakerheads. We’re smart. The sneaker already released in China on June 11th, and now sells on resale platforms for an average of $360. This just shows that people are interested in this sneaker, but are waiting for the US drop. Adidas Yeezy 350 Yeshaya

Everything You Need to Know

Yeezy Yeshaya sports a neutral Grey PrimeKnit with white Boost midsole and ends at a light gum rubber outsole. This sneaker’s name means “God is Salvation” in Hebrew, just like the two other 350s in the pack! Adidas and Kanye West made this sneaker release exclusive to China and the US. This really turns up the heat on the copping game. It makes it all the more coveted. Add to that the fact that it drops in full family size. Yeezy 350 sneakers are the coolest kicks a kid can own! Gotta teach them hypebeasts young! It also is supposed to drop in a , but there’s no set date yet. The sneaker drops on Yeezy Supply and on select retailers. So here’s all the info you need to know to cop the sneaker. 

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 - YeshayaRetail Price: $220 (Men), $160 (kids), and (infants)
Release Date:
January 25th, 2019

Where to Buy Yeezy 350 Yeshaya?

  1. Adidas US
  2. Yeezysupply
  3. Footaction
  4. Footlocker
  5. JD Sports
  6. Champs Sports
  7. DTLR
  8. Finishline
  9. Eastbay
  10. Shopnicekicks

What’s Next?

The year is still at its start, and there’s a lot to expect from 2020. And with Yeezy production moving to the US, we think the Yeshaya incident will be the last. So, we still have hope that things will turn out a lot more colorful! Especially with all the things that happened last year. On that note, you might want to think of looking into the best sneaker bots out there if you’re serious about copping this year. It’s going to be a wild year, fam! Even more so since Queen Bey herself joined the sneaker game!