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Yeezy 380 Hylte Glow Drops It Big on Cyber Monday 2020 

By November 28, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY 380 HYLTE GLOW AIO FEATBefore we jump to Cyber Monday, we gotta ask you this: how did Black Friday treat you this year? Did you regiment your sneaker game or are you still figuring it out on Cyber Weekend? There’s no guilt in taking it easy, but there’s only two till days left till the year’s biggest discounts are over. So, to keep you from waking up next to a big ball of regret on Tuesday morning, check this. AIO bot’s 40% off discount will last till Cyber Monday. That’s a clean retail price of $195 for one of the top sneaker bots in the industry. So, if you’re planning to cop Yeezys, Jordans, and other hyped brands this Holiday season (and the coming year!), click on the button below to find out how AIO bot can be your best money-maker yet. To fuel up your sneaker copping drive, here’s what you need to know about the Yeezy 380 Hylte Glow dropping on Cyber Monday 2020!
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What Does Hylte Even Mean?!

Yeezy pattern detected, AGAIN! The Yeezy Calcite Glow dropped on Halloween 2020. And the Yeezy 380 Hylte Glow is dropping one month later on Cyber Monday 2020! Kanye sure has his date priorities set straight and we appreciate the effort. But do you know what Hylte even means? Calcite is a shiny crystal, we get the metaphor. But Hylte is actually a municipality in Sweden. You heard it right: Sweden, the country! Trust us, we dug around a little to connect the dots too. Apparently, lake fishing is pretty popular in Hylte. Due to its  big catches and fascinating yellow scenery. Plus you can totally see the Northern Lights in Sweden in the fall. Which might drop another hint worth taking.


Release Date: 11 December 2020
Retail Price: $230

What Makes Yeezy 380 Hylte Glow Special

Similar to the Yeezy Calcite Glow, the Yeezy Hylte Glow takes on a glow-in-the-dark exterior. Although Calcite Glow wore a neutral colorway that suggested glow potential, Hylte Glow is dropping a yellow bomb. It drifts away from the redundant neutral Yeezy palette on the last day of November. Almost like the final ray of sun before winter creeps in full time. It displays neon yellow detailing and a bold side splash of lime green. An ideal combination of Swedish Northern Lights and Hylte fishing, don’t you think? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this Swedish meatball is currently valued at $900

With Yeezy 380 silhouettes losing touch with the hype that the Alien colorway introduced, this pair is a total redemption! Yeezy 380s have been looked down upon as cheap Yeezys that aren’t worth a serious flip. But it looks like the Yeezy 380 Hylte Glow is a game-changer. It’s obvious how a sudden twist in fashion can bring in big results. And it only gets zestier if you cop this major Yeezy with a bot on discount! Two days left, Yeezyhead. You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to cop the kicks you want.