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Yeezy 380 Pepper: What Is Kanye Grinding Up This Time?

By September 4, 2020September 23rd, 2020Yeezy

YEEZY PEPPER AIO FEATTo this date, we’ve gotten three Yeezy 380 wishes. The first dropped from outer space with the Yeezy 380 Alien in November 2019. The second Yeezy 380 dropped recently this year under “Mist.” Keeping its hard-to-get personality trait intact. And over a month ago on July 25th, the Yeezy 380 Blue Oat dropped a mix of gold and sky. Which reminded us of the promised yet undelivered Yeezy 380 Sky. It was supposed to drop alongside Blue Oat but got postponed indefinitely. Lucky we got the Yeezy 380 Pepper dropping similar colorway features to sprinkle us some joy! 

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Kanye’s Creative Process Not So…Creative

Do you see what Kanye’s doing, AGAIN? With the insane Yeezy restocks that took place this year, it’s hard not to. Not to mention that the Yeezy Quantum will be restocking tomorrow on September 5th. Even Yeezy fans blinded by the man’s awesomeness are bound to see it. The drip drop process of supply & demand laws! How anticipated was the Yeezy 350 V3 Alien before it dropped? We basically took the night off to spot any meteor showers in sneaker form. So Yeezus gives the new model four months to brew success on the high demand scale. Then he shoots us up with the second misty colorway in March 2020. And four months after that, Blue Oat bloats the Yeezy scene like no other. Get the point? Looks like 4 months’ the charm for Yeezy 380, but how long will it last?

Is It Hype If It No Longer Pays Up?

Type in “Yeezy 380” on StockX. You’ll find the first ever Yeezy Alien still selling relatively high for $450 on average. But both Mist and Blue Oat are struggling in the below-average $200 range. Tough luck for Yeezy resellers. But what do you think Kanye’s multi-billion dollar empire gets out of this? Sneakers the whole world would gladly snatch out of a baby’s crib. With compromised hype on the long run. Which, if you think about it, is quite the dilemma.

Because hype is mainly determined by a sneaker’s value on the aftermarket. That’s how you know it has soul and will live a longer, more prosperous life than mediocre sneakers. The exceptional thing about Yeezys though is that with their now short-term hype, the world is still hungry for them. Their popularity has outgrown their hype! Even if they no longer necessarily have a value legacy, people still want them. And who else do we have to thank other than the man of controversy? Who keeps the planet hung up on his next move.

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YEEZY 380 PEPPERRelease Date: 12 September 2020
Retail Price: $230

Yeezy 380 Pepper Looks More on the Salty Side

No other than the same grey-washed hues we’ve seen on most Yeezy Primeknits. With a side splash of black peppered gold, similar to the base colorway of the Yeezy 380 Blue Oat. Except the Yeezy 380 Pepper falls on the pink rather than the dull side. It’s got a peachy autumn-kissed appeal that we haven’t seen on a Yeezy in a while. And it’s only clear in the official pictures below. Which YM posted considering they’re the only pictures that do the pair justice.

Currently worth a $100 flip, you might want to wait out a couple of weeks before you sell the Yeezy 380 Pepper. In the meantime, make use of our free updates and set up your Holiday schedule for the 5 other anticipated Yeezy 380s!