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Yeezy 450 Black Release: Yeezus Starting Over With a Clean Dark Slate

By June 8, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy 450 Black Dark Slate - AIO BotThe release of the upcoming June Yeezys includes some of the most exciting Yeezy sneakers to date which involves the new Yeezy 450 Black Dark Slate! Of all the sneaker news we’ve had so far this year, this new all-black Yeezy might actually be one of our favorite colorways up to this point. 

The 450 silhouette is already a strange model in itself – amongst the MANY freaky drops in 2021. True to Kanye nature, Ye spent quite some time teasing the 450 – since 2018, to be exact. As always, he posts a few teasers and then goes MIA completely – like a sick sneaker thirst trap! He did the same thing with the new YZY D ROSE sneaker! The model was even supposed to be a 451, but, of course, it all changed when it was actually released – taking us back to the Yeshaya incident.

It literally does not look like any of the sneakers in Yeezy history! This makes it one of the most unique sneakers silhouettes of all time – which also means insane sneaker resale. The Cloud White – Yeezy 450 Black Dark Slate’s predecessor – made such a gigantic splash on the aftermarket with a high of $1079. So, for an all-black sneaker, we expect even crazier numbers. In short, you gotta cop this Yeezy for your sneaker collection, or else you’ll be stuck on the bleachers of the aftermarket.

Yeezy 450 Black Dark Slate

Adidas_Yeezy Release June ALL-BLACK - AIO BotThe new Yeezy 450 black in Dark Slate has some pretty unique features – the same features as the Cloud White. That means it has sock-like breathable uppers in a jet black colorway scheme. It also comes with a black skeleton cage engulfing the entire bottom of the sneaker all the way to the midsole. This Dark Slate sneaker is actually a BOOST-less Yeezy which makes us question the price tag a bit. This black Yeezy 450 retails for around $200, so what makes it so expensive if it ain’t got no Boost?

But, Yeezy material aside, the new Yeezy 450 black in Dark Slate does compensate for its price tag with its sick, out-of-this-world features. Also, you will get a chance to cop these sneakers for your little Yeezy-loving kiddo! The Yeezy 450 black Dark Slate drops in full-family size! Yeezys for kids is the best kind of Yeezys. It is what it is. The little beasts can rock them Yeezys even better than we do! 

If you still aren’t sold on the black Yeezy Dark Slate, then check out the HEAT on the aftermarket. The sneaker isn’t even out yet and people are going out of their way to cop! Generating some buzz, revving up some of the best Yeezy bots, and trying to avoid the aftermarket at all costs – especially with an average resale of $1089.

Yeezy 450 Black Dark Slate Release INFO - AIO BotRelease Date: June 25th, 2021
Retail Price: $200
Resale Value: $1089

Copping Some Heat

You’ve still got a lot of time before the release of the Yeezy 450 black Dark Slate sneaker this June! But that doesn’t mean you gotta slack around waiting for the drop. You have to be ready for anything, expect the unexpected! That’s the mark of a proper sneakerhead. So, make sure you got all your sneaker copping essentials to help you buy sneakers online. Also, in the meantime, you can try your hand at copping the upcoming Enflame Amber or the all-new Yeezy Mono Pack!