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Exclusive for YeezySupply: The First Ever Yeezy 450 Drops SOON!

By February 26, 2021Uncategorized, Yeezy

Is it Yeezy 450? Or Yeezy 451? Or what exactly? Speculations about these kicks have been around since 2018! In fact, ever since April 2018, Kanye has posted multiple teases of this thought to be Yeezy 451 model. He posted an early prototype, work progress, and we’ve seen Kanye rocking them multiple times. Specifically during Paris Fashion week. So, what about this 450 or 451 misunderstanding?

Yeezy 450 Cloud WhiteYeezy 451 Misconception

Sneaker fans all together thought that the Yeezy 450 is a slide. And, this grip-like silhouette was brought under the Yeezy 451 name. Even Kanye himself referred to it as the 451 model when he tweeted teases. But, somehow, that changed. Kanye now is releasing the unexpected Yeezy 450 Cloud White! Leaving all fans stunned! Well, maybe the whole 451 was a typing mistake or maybe there’s something else cooking. Who knows. So, what about this new sneaker line in the history of Yeezy silhouettes

The Yeezy 450 Cloud White

So, the Yeezy 450 Cloud White is actually the base of all upcoming Yeezy 450. And for this, it rocks. Add to that, it features an amazing sci-fi, futuristic appeal that makes it a must-have. Hence, this new iteration features a timeless colorway that matches the 2021 sneaker trends and every future sneaker trend. Furthermore, unlike previous Ye models, this 450 silhouette doesn’t include Boost or adiPrene cushioning. It is dressed in a new one-piece EVA midsole/outsole that hugs a sock-like upper. An upper that shows off a knit-like material that runs up the ankle. This silhouette also doesn’t host any outward branding. The Ye and Adidas logos are actually in the insole. 

Yeezy 450 Cloud White ReleaseRelease Date 03/04/2021
Retail Price $200
Resale Price +$1,000

Yeezy 450 coming colorways? 

Well, we are excited that the 450 silhouette will finally see the day of light! However, we can’t not think of dope colorways coming next. Maybe earthy-toned releases or spicy colorways? Well, nothing is confirmed yet other than the Cloud White. However, in 2019, West himself shared a black outsole sample of the Ye 450 on Twitter while stating the following. “Steven Smith’s been reworking the bottom unit on the 451 I’m super excited about where he got it YEEZY 2019.” So, a black colorway called the Dark Slate may be coming next along with summer releases! Other than that… We are not so sure. 

Yeezy Dark SlateUpcoming Cloud White Release Information

Rumor has it that this Yeezy 450 will be a YeezySupply exclusive release. And, as we know you’re absolutely dripping for these hype kicks, we’ve got the best way to buy from the YeezySupply. But, another dope release is also close! And that’s the Yeezy Ash Blue releasing tomorrow! And for this release, you only need the best bot and proxies, to make sure you cop in bulk and get’em cash in.