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The Second Yeezy 500 High in the Brand’s History Now Exists as Tyrian

By May 9, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Ever since the
Yeezy 500 High Slate of 2019, we’ve been Yeezy 500 High-less! Even after paying an extra $20 for that high cut. Unlike the Yeezy 500 Lows. Which dropped like a litter of soft puppies for the standard $200 back in 2018. Worth the extra $20? The resale value of Yeezy Slate has dropped to a price premium of -2.7% on StockX. Meaning that it’s selling for an average $228 on the good days.

Yeezy Lows Over Yeezy Highs!

The 500 Lows such as Super Moon Yellow and Utility Black, on the other hand, are selling for an average $284 and $423 respectively on StockX. Might be another Kanye strategy. Slipping in a super limited model to cover up on all the Yeezy 350 restocks going on. Yeezy Sulfur isn’t any better. If anything, it’s worse for its disguise release with the Flax and Cinder restocks today. As if the market hasn’t had enough iterations of the Marsh, Linen, and Flax colorways.  

Yeezy 500 High Tyrian Is No Lannister!

The Yeezy 500 High Tyrian upper displays a mashup of chocolate brown suede and black leather. Not to mention the bulging indigo neoprene spots. Tyrian actually refers to a royal purple Phoenician dye produced by rock snails called Murex. NOT to be confused for Tyrion from Game of Thrones! Adidas went there once and is unlikely to repeat. But come to think of it, this Yeezy is awfully tall… 

Yeezy Boot, Much?

Although it looks blue to the naked eye, there’s a chance it might reflect differently on feet. A purplish hue we’re hoping. A dark brown mudguard and a charcoal-like brown outsole complete the Yeezy. Plus a new lacing system in comparison to Slate refines it. The Yeezy 500 High line so far closely resembles Yeezy Desert Boots Season 7. Looks like Yeezy better stick to low-cuts to keep the hype train moving. 

YEEZY 500 HIGH TYRIAN 1Release Date: May 16, 2020
Retail Price:
Colorway: Tyrian

Will Yeezy Restock Month Put Tyrian in a Shell?!

Yeezy Flax releases in Asia Pacific/Africa today. Yeezy Cinder restocks and Yeezy Sulfur drops for the first time. What a Saturday! Yeezy QNTM is also rumored to restock on the adidas App on the 15th, a day before Tyrian. May is Yeezy Restock day. Seems like the coronavirus impact on the Yeezy stock is mind-boggling. Limited Yeezy stock might be a facade after all to get into our pockets. But if you’re willful to cop or recop these Yeezys, better decide on a side hustle to keep feeding yourself! AIO bot’s free license key renewal might also be of help! 

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