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Copping Guide & Early Links: Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow Drops This Saturday

By June 7, 2018July 28th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy, Yeezy Boost 350

This Saturday, the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow will be kick-starting a long and packed season of Yeezys. Not only will we be seeing brand new colorways, we will also have some old fan favorites making another appearance, Such as the Cream Whites, Zebras, and Yebras. But that’s later on, now you have only one sneaker to focus on copping, and we know how to help you.
But first, read the article below, to get all the early links you need. And if you’re copping from a store, here’s the official store list for Saturday’s 500s.

Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow Copping Guide

Early Links: Adidas Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

You’ve probably heard all about the cream whites stock level, and what seems to be Kanye fulfilling his promises. If you did, then copping the 500s must’ve seemed like a great idea to you. And this idea has probably occurred to every sneakerhead in the industry, which makes this round a difficult one.

Copping Manually

Although we hardly believe anyone still does it or should be doing it, we’ll show you how it’s done.


First, you should test your internet speed, if you think it’s not good enough, then try to upgrade it. Slow connections result in ping latency, and then you can forget all about arriving early to the party. Every other sneakerhead on earth would’ve gotten their confirmation email while you’re still stuck in the queue. You will need a fast and reliable connection throughout this whole season. So now is a good time to boost things up.


Even when you’re copping manually, sticking to your own IP address just won’t do. You will need to add some Yeezy proxies to help you get past the crowds unnoticed. Proxies work by hiding your original IP address, and setting your device up with a new one. When you’re using several devices to cop, every one of them will be assigned the same IP address when connecting to the internet. So it will look like one user is trying to get many pairs. This is a clear violation of the 1 pair per customer rule.

So Yeezy proxies can help you get around this rule, by assigning a different IP for each device. That way your copping activities will seem legit and very much normal.



In definition, servers are computers with great hardware and extraordinary power. The reason they’re called servers is that they can share these resources with other less fortunate computers. So when copping the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow is almost impossible using your personal device, rent a server. It will be as if you’ve upgraded your PC to the latest supercomputer. Just log in to the server from your device, and go to the website you’re copping from, and you’re on the right track.

Copping with a Bot

This is how things are gonna go. After realizing that the stock levels of Yeezys are increasing, sneakerheads will choose the next best option. In this case, it’s the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow. Now, with so many sneakerheads thinking the same way, your only chance at copping will be using a Yeezy Bot.

What you need to boost your chances when copping manually, applies when copping with a bot. So Proxies and a server are still needed here but they will be used differently. First, you gotta choose a Yeezy bot to help you get through the crowds, quickly. How to choose this bot depends heavily on how badly you want to cop the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow. If you’re serious about it, you must buy a very powerful bot, one with a great reputation on the market. Even if it’s gonna cost you more! The more tasks you can run on this bot the better, and the more frequently it updates the more likely it is to cop on major releases. Of course, make sure this bot supports Yeezysupply and Adidas in the case of the Super Moon Yellow to maximize your chances at a W.

Knowing whether or not a Yeezy bot is successful is easy. A quick skim through their Twitter feed could give you a good idea. Is it more of a Supreme bot? Has it been present lately? When was the last success it had on a sneaker release? Answer these questions, and you’ve found the Yeey bot you’re looking for.

How to Use It?

Using a Yeezy bot can sometimes feel overwhelming. But when you follow the instructions and setup information related to that specific release you should be fine. But it’s almost always the same: Setup your billing and shipping information, choose the site, your shoe size, number of tasks, and cop.

As for the server, well, you need to login to it, and download your bot and run it on that server. While proxies should be added in the designated field to give you multiple chances at copping your desired sneakers. So this combo will give you the copping power, speed, and numerous chances to secure as many pairs as you possibly can.

Features of the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow-1

What are you copping using all this? Kanye’s latest, dad shoe, design.

When it was first revealed, fans weren’t too keen about it. But as with all Yeezys, it grew on them. The Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow is True to Kanye’s new favorite bulky design. The uppers are constructed with a mix of mesh, cow leather, and suede. The whole shoe comes dressed in pale Super Moon Yellow, while the soles are made with Adidas’ adiPRENE+ technology.
The retail price of the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow will be $200 and will be available online and at select retailers worldwide on June 9th, 2018. You can catch all the early links here.

Keep your bot all updated and warmed up, this is just the beginning. We have so many Yeezys dropping consecutively we hope we can keep up! Next up will be the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter followed by the cream whites, 500 Utility Black and then Yeezy 350 V2 sesame.