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The Prince of All Yeezy 700 V3! The Yeezy Azael Rise From the Dark!

By December 18, 2019July 24th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

We’ve heard rumors of the third iteration of the Yeezy 700 sneakers, we’ve seen Kanye take’em off and give them to DJ Khaled, and, let’s just be real, we’ve been waiting for this sneaker to drop for some time now. We just wanna see what’s the deal with this sneaker! And now, after all the wait, the Yeezy 700 V3 is here in Yeezy Azael. We had a lot of Yeezy releases this year, from 350s to 700s, but the sneakers released in the final quarter probably take the cake! And this Yeezy is giving us copping fever! It’s a dope new take on 700s! 

How to Cop Yeezy Azael?

So, if you’re really into this Yeezys, and making some extra cash you need a sneaker bot. On Average, AIO bot users score 2 pairs of Yeezys on major releases. And, with the latest Yeezysupply, Footsites, Adidas, and Shopify Updates on AIO Bot, your chance to cop the Yeezy 700 v3 Azael are high! AIO Bot users have copped over 20,000 pairs of hyped Yeezy sneakers. And with just simple math we’re talking about $2.5 Million in Yeezy reselling profit from 8 releases only!

We know you might not be too tempted to run your bot on the upcoming Yeezy Azael since it’s just a Yeezy 700, but trust us when we say they’re gonna be worth it. The resale price of these is looking pretty legit, and you need the extra money to kickoff 2020 on the right foot.

So if you’re in this game to win, expand your collection, and start reselling like a real sneakerhead, get AIO Bot! It’s the best bot out there to cop any Yeezy (or any other sneaker) you set your sights on!

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The New Yeezy 700 V3: Yeezy Azael Drop

This Yeezy 700 V3 is very different than all other 700s we know. Kanye dropped the leather/suede combo of material usually used with 700s  and opted for a futuristic-looking molded cage that wraps around the silhouette and glows in the dark too! And, in true Yeezy nature, the Yeezy Azael has a toned-down earthy colorway of gray, light brown and plain neutral off-white. The black lining and tongues are the only things that add a bit of contrast, in addition to the baby-blue rubber outsoles. BUT, no Boost. Hold on, don’t freak out just yet! Apparently, the latest Yeezy 700 V3 will feature an all-new cushioning technology, so fingers crossed they don’t screw this one up!

What’s with the Name Though?

And, to keep up with the religious theme, it has a name that’s straight out of the Bible. We now know the Hebraic meaning behind the names of Yecheil and Yeezreel, but what about Azael? Azael represents a desert demon in the Bible or the prince of demons in Judaism. You tryin’ to tell us something ‘Ye?

Yeezy 700 V3 - Yeezy Azael

Release Date: December 23, 2019
Retail Price: $180
Average Resale: $690

So, you coppin’ the heat? The retail price on this Yeezy Azael is nothing compared to the resale value. People are making already making lots of money flipping it on resale platforms. What you gon’ do? It’s a dope sneaker, you gotta give it that. That’s why you gotta get AIO Bot and cop this Yeezy 700 V3. You can’t do it without AIO Bot! Especially if you want it to be a sneakerhead’s Christmas gift! You got a little time left! And, this Yeezy Azael might be one of the best-looking sneakers of 2019.  We’ll let sneakerheads decide after it drops. 

OR if you really can’t wait another week or so, you can cop the Yeezy Zebra which restocks soon or the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil for some Winter heat!

Yeezy Yecheil & Zebra