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Best Blue of The Line? Yeezy Ash Blue Drops SOON!

By January 27, 2021February 23rd, 2021Yeezy, Yeezy Boost 350

Did you know that the color blue brings a sense of trust? Well, that could be the feeling Kanye and Adidas are trying to give us through their partnership. But, let me tell you something, no matter their intentions, in Yeezy we absolutely trust! We’ve done so since 2015, and Yeezys were and still one of the biggest pillars of the industry. And leading the pack is the Yeezy 350 V2 Silhouette. So will the new Yeezy Ash Blue meet the standards other Yeezys have set throughout their history? We’ll have to wait to find out!

Yeezy Ash Blue dropping soonA Deja-Vu Blue aesthetic  

Kanye and Adidas keep surprising us with modern, futuristic, and edgy kicks. And the upcoming 2021’s Yeezy lineup features some pretty dope silhouettes. But, are the new Yeezy Ash Blue really unique? Well, tbh, we did see blue hues rocking older Yeezy versions. Well, other than the Yeezy 350 Blue Tint and Cloud White that has a shy blue tint, Yeezy released very few blue colorways.

On top of our head is the Yeezy 700 V2 Hospital Blue. Those kicks were released in 2019 and dressed in a blue canvas upper, blue suede overlay, and bulky blue midsole. 

Yeezy Hospital BlueRELEASE DATE 09/28/2019

During the same year and specifically the 4th quarter of the 2019 Yeezy lineup, Ye released another 2 blue versions of the Yeezy 700: Teal Blue and Carbon Blue. In 2020, more shades of blue appeared on new silhouettes like the Yeezy Azareth.

Aside from the relatively new blue hues, The Yeezy Ash Blue is a 350 V2, a silhouette we all know so well, and have flipped many times. But will the Yeezy Ash Blue claim a higher reselling value than that of recent 350 V2 installations? 

Yeezy Ash Blue Stands Out 

Although this might not sound like a very exciting release, the Yeezy Ash Stone really does stand out. There’s no questioning that! I mean, the Blue is there, but not quite in your face. It features that special mix of grey and blue hues and different patterns that got us hooked. The combo of grey and blue also appears on the two-tones Boost sole, collar, and rope laces. A striking brush of lemon yellow stretches along the lateral side and black detailing on the forefront of the sneaker completes the look. 

Yeezy Ash BlueRelease Date: February 1st, 2021
Price: $220
Resale: $579

Update 2/23/2021: Yeezy Ash Blue release was pushed back to February 27th.

Could the resale price of the Ash Blue be hinting at a comeback for Yeezys in 2021? It’s still too early to find out. But with all the upcoming Jordans, and the 7 new Nike x Off-White kicks, this year is gonna be heated!
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