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Yeezy Asriel [AKA “Carbon”]: Religious Shoe Naming Stops Here?!

By September 10, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

The Biblical origin of the name “Asriel” or “Azriel” means “Help of God.” It is the name of the founder of the Asrielites, and also what the Angel of Death is referred to in Islamic culture. Kanye West is a man of God and faith, but what does exactly mean to him? Considering that he names his sneakers after religious figures. If he abides by the symbolic concept of “they’ll guide your feet down the path to salvation,” we hear his philosophy. But there are one too many Yeezys to let his religious inspirations pass without a fight. Although many consider his sneaker namings as a mockery of Islam, both Yeezy and Adidas have shown no cooperation with the offended public. The August release of Yeezy Israfil sparked the movement and the upcoming Yeezy Asriel pushed it out of the box

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Did Black Crack This Time?

It is not our place to shame out a sneaker just because its creator has some wild ambitions. Or wants to be recognized as beyond human with a sacred ear. We are impartial here and consider sneakers solely for what they mean to sneaker buyers, and collectors. And to be honest, we’ve never had a Yeezy 350 V2 quite like Yeezy Asriel. It’s not black, it’s not white and it surely looks nothing like the Zebras. But it’s a combination of everything we know you love about Yeezys. It has the 350 V2 silhouette, it’s far from earth-tones, and has a good reselling value.

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Learn More AIOSo, Yeezy Asriel is not so much of a black Yeezy as it is a two-colored flare. It’s technically dark with the color appeal of a reflective Yeezy. Although black and grey are the only two colors applied, their teamwork makes this sneaker shine. It’s like Yeezy Asriel is the “I kid you not” doppelgänger of the Yeezy Oreo mockup. And we’re always in the mood for Oreos and their alternatives.

Yeezy Asriel 

This 1 colorway fits all kind of a Yeezy 350 V2 is a black and grey thread construct. Multiple shades of grey complement its dark exterior for a “floating specks in space” vibe. Unlike the usually colored side stripes on this model, this Yeezy adopts an all-black side streak. With a neutral yellow-kissed rubber outsole.

YEEZY ASRIELRelease Date: 2 October 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FZ5000

(9/21/20 update: As of now, Yeezy Asriel now goes by the name instead.)

Cop Yeezy Asriel 

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Where to Buy The Yeezy Carbon

You can buy the upcoming Yeezy Asriel or Yeezy Carbon fro retail from the following sites and many more which you can also find . And of course if you missed out on this release you can buy the Yeezy Carbon off the resale market fo an extra $120 or $150