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Blue Yeezy Azareth Splits Seas in Half [sparing its resale value!]

By August 12, 2020July 14th, 2022Yeezy

YEEZY AZARETH AIO FEATAnother day, another Yeezy. Yeezy Israfil is dropping a week before this blue Yeezy. So, will this one be as packed with meaning? Since we had ourselves convinced that the fact Israfil means “angel who blows the trump” had something to do with, the universe forbid, President Kanye West. The man’s got a sneaker empire up against Air Jordan. Doesn’t that set the bar for American dreaming? Well, the universe has decided not to overcrowd Yeezus with presidential tasks. Let’s put it that way.

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Moses for Real?

But we’re not here to poke a hole into the genius behind the Yeezys that make us who we are. Cause we are what we cop, right? Instead, we’re here today to split the sea in half. And welcome the third and most popping 700 V3 under Yeezy Azareth! Which, if you must know, translates to “those set apart” from Hebrew. Does Moses and the Red Sea miracle ring a bell? Kanye’s always had this bold longing toward saving and providing for humanity. Why can’t this blue Yeezy be another Kanye projection?

Yeezy Azareth Back as King

The only way to top two princes is to drop an all-time king. We first thought Yeezy Azael was the one and only prince. Till Yeezy Alvah dropped with equal rights to the throne. It’s been over four months since we’ve copped this limited Yeezy silhouette. But Yeezy Azareth, the sea king, will soon be here to alter our fates! Look carefully at its exterior and you’ll realize it’s got golden olive streaks on the heel and frontal area. We won’t be drawing back to any more religious figures, No-ah we won’t! But doesn’t it look like a reverse mirror image of the Yeezy 380 Blue Oat?! With its dominant sea blue colorway and dark gold accessories. Since we can’t actually relate it to Yeezy Blue Tint. Which is as faded as the sky is blue

YEEZY AZARETHRelease Date:  29 August 2020
Retail Price: $200

Let’s Bet on It, Shall We?

StockX asks for Yeezy Azareth are reaching as high as $100,000,000! You’re not actually paying for sea parting powers, people! As for the first and latest StockX sale, it cost one lucky buyer $1,200 only. Considering that the bids on this blue Yeezy also fall in that range. And that’s just summer! You just wait till the Holiday season to close the deal on all Yeezys dropping in 2020. Expect this Yeezy to drop on adidas.comYeezy Supply, and select Yeezy retailers. All you have to do is pin the date on August 22 and 29 to cop both August Yeezys. And AIO bot will take care of the rest! But we like to keep things spicy till then. So, how about you bet on it with your fellow sneakerhead?

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