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The Yeezy Black is Back! The Biggest Yeezy Restock on Black Friday!

By November 23, 2019July 20th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

So a few months ago, back in June, the Yeezy Black dropped. And boy did it drop on sneakerheads like a BOMB! We waited for so long for an all-black 350, and when it finally came, it sold out in a blink! It was everything you could want in a black sneaker! Full-on black midsole, sole and upper in a sleek silhouette. AND it was a Yeezy Boost 350 V2!
It was perfect. But sadly, not everyone got a chance to cop and many had to buy them for resale. Well, now we’re getting another chance to get these amazing Yeezys on Black Friday with an insane Yeezy restock! Very perfect timing.
So, if you didn’t get a pair on release day, you can try again this November! And we got you covered with the early links below.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black - Adidas

But there’s a reason why you probably didn’t cop a pair last time. You didn’t have the right bot! You didn’t have AIO Bot! AIO Bot’s got a reputation of killing it on every Yeezy release, and the past Yeezy Black drop wasn’t any different. The Yeezy restock coming on the 29th won’t be an exception. In other words, you need this bot in your life.

And, with our team working day and night on the new Shopify anti-bot mode, perfecting Footsites performance, and supporting the new Yeezysupply on Demandware your chances this time should be really high. And a dope sneaker like this deserves much effort like the one put into AIO Bot!  Just check out our success recap and see the digits! Numbers speak, fam. We got this Yeezy restock in the bag. So, if you’re serious about copping the heat, get AIO Bot today!

Get AIO Bot Today

AIO Bot Sneaker Cop Success

Insane Yeezy Restock on Black Friday ft. Yeezy Black!

This might be the greatest Yeezy restock to date! The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in Black is one of the most hyped Yeezys out there! And we can tell why. It’s clean-cut, and cool silhouette make it a casual sneaker you could wear every day. Heck, you could even rock it with a suit! The smooth monochromatic muted black color with the contrasting laces takes it to a whole other level of black sneakers! And it even has the pull-tab that everyone loves. Lucky day for us sneakerheads!

Also, the restock is in full family size, so you could cop a pair for your kid as well. A sneaker for the whole family! It doesn’t get any better than this! So, cop your little hypebeast one of these Yeezy black sneakers and get him into the sneaker culture. Gotta teach them young. And what an awesome way to start! 

Need Another Reason to cop Them Blacks?

Kanye’s been quite vocal lately about his intention to go local with Yeezys. In a recent interview, he announced that Yeezy production will be moved to the U.S. by 2021. And if that turns out true, we’re looking at an increase in retail prices of Yeezys. So if you found the $220 to be a bit too much, just wait until you gotta pay $350+ for a pair of 350V2!

Yeezy Black - Yeezy Restock
Restock Date:
November 29, 2019
Retail Price:
220$ MEN
160$ KIDS

So, make sure you add this sneaker to your holiday shopping list and cop it on Black Friday for a chance to get some sweet dope sneakers! These are sneaker , trust us on this. And, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for that sneakerhead in your fam, make sure to check out our holiday shopping guide! We got the perfect sneakers for every type of sneakerhead out there! Even if they aren’t into Yeezys, but we can’t imagine a sneakerhead that isn’t!

Early Links

Looking into copping this Black Yeezy 350 v2? A sneaker bot alone is not enough. You need to know where this Yeezy restock will drop and be fully prepared to cop it. So here’s the list of early links to the websites where you can buy the Yeezy Black.