Yeezy Blue Tint: The Ultimate Copping Guide

By December 14, 2017July 28th, 2020Bot, Yeezy

We are only a few days away from the last Yeezy release in 2017. Dropping on December, 16th, The Yeezy Blue Tint will be the best Christmas gift. For those who get their hands on it. So if you want to be one of those lucky few, read on to know all early links, tips, and tricks to cop them blues.

Update 11/1/2020

At the time of writing this piece, initially, The Yeezy Boost Blue Tint was THE YEEZY! But fast forward 2 years, the Blue Tints have already made a second appearance on the Yeezy Deadstock day. This doesn’t mean by any way that they’re not . But now we have other more exclusive and shiny Yeezys to ache for every season. But regardless of what drops next, the Yeezy Blue Tints are still among the best sneakers ever. Holding a special place in the heart of every real sneakerhead for being the first Blue Yeezys ever, and to drop on days where copping Yeezys was as hard as licking your own elbow!

Cop with a Sneaker Bot

Yeezy Blue tintTruth to be said, no matter how hard sneaker sites try to trick Bots, the Bots keep on winning. It’s just like getting a vaccine, it gets to you for a while but makes you a lot stronger in the long run.

All sneaker sites’ efforts to ban bots and their users seem to go to waste. In fact, it is really interesting to see that bot users are almost all able to cop, on every release. And even the vicious strategy of increasing the Yeezys stock level didn’t help. It actually backfired, since now, more people are getting in the game. And those equipped with sneaker bots, are more capable, now than ever, of snatching multiple pairs.

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Some bot haters might argue that what’s the use when the resale prices have dropped so low. Well, the more pairs you cop, the more pairs you’ll sell. Simple math!
Also, with Christmas just around the corner, Yeezys resale value is expected to increase. Just like it does every year around this time. So trust us when we say, you’ll definitely be needing a sneaker bot this time.

Choose a Bot

Now, if you still haven’t gone sneaker bot shopping, here’s where you need to head, to know all the A to Z reviews of all big sneaker bots in the game right now. You can know a good Bot when you see one. Read the reviews, check out Twitter timelines, and compare prices and features. One very critical aspect to consider is the Customer Support Quality. You need a good support team that is highly responsive and very helpful, especially on release day. Keep that in mind.

yeezy-blue-tintAdd Proxies

No matter what it takes, get yourself some proxies. In fact, you should get as many proxies as pairs of Yeezys you’re hoping to buy. It is somewhat easy for sneaker sites to catch bots’ activities. and getting caught is even easier when you’re continuously trying to cop with the same IP. Which is, a big violation of some sneaker site’s rules. Sneaker proxies can solve that issue by giving you a different IP address for every proxy you use. So yeah, you need them.

But not all proxies are the same. In case you’re copping from a Shopify site with the antibot system on (Kith, Palace, Bodega, DSM, Eflash…) residential proxies are your salvation. If you’re on Footsites, you might wanna keep it at a ratio of 50 50. So buy half of what you need as residential proxies, and the other half as Datacenter proxies. And ever since Yeezysupply moved to Demandware you had to use residential proxies the same way you do with Adidas or else you’re getting banned big time. Feels like a lot to process? Don’t worry too much! You’ll always be notified by your cookgroup as to what proxies are best to use for each website.

Billing information

Adidas allows every buyer to get only one pair of Yeezys. That’s the rule! So if anyone tries to get multiple pairs they ban them. Using the same billing information for copping many pairs, is a lethal mistake. even if you’re using proxies. You will need multiple credit cards to get away with copping multiples.

Yeezy Boost 350 Blue

Sneaker Server?

Whether or not you should rent a server, depends on several things.
First your Geographic location. If you live tens of countries away from Adidas’ servers, the pace of your communication can get really slow. So instead of your request taking few milliseconds to reach the site, it might take several minutes. This will result in an immediate L since almost half of the sneakerheads are much closer to these servers than you are.

Second the speed of your internet connection. Is your Internet connection slow, laggy and discontinuous? Run your sneaker bot on a powerful server, and you’d be able to take advantage of all that server’s resources. It’d be like you getting a supercomputer and a speed of light internet connection just for the release.

Be Prepared

Although a Bot is supposed to make your life easier, and it will, but the stress will always be there. Try to remain as calm as possible on release day and do not give up on your Yeezys unless you’re 200% sure they’re sold out. Most importantly, be aware of Restocks. Apparently restocking is the new HYPE these days, so if you missed out on the main release, you might get another chance.

And after all we’ve discussed above, you still don’t believe in bots, then read on.

Adidas Yeezy Boost Blue Tint 1

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Cop the Yeezy Blue Tint Manually

With Stock levels of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 getting higher over time, the idea of copping manually seems to get more tempting. And to be honest, it is. You just gotta do it the proper way:

  1. Even if you’re not using a bot, you definitely need to get some sneaker proxies. That’s if you don’t want to be banned. And especially, if you’re planning on copping multiple pairs.
  2. Use multiple devices to cop. Why don’t you invite your friends over for a Copping Party? You’ll share food, gossip, Laptops, and Credit Cards. With each device that is attending this party, use a different proxy. This way it will look like several people are copping each a pair, and not just one person copping many. This trick also guarantees that you get many slots in the waiting queue. As if this will help! But you can try.
  3. Other than different proxies, every purchase should be made using different billing information. To make it look like a different buyer made that purchase.
  4. You will also need to Insert your billing and shipping information ahead of time, into google autofill. You will have a relatively short period of time to insert this information, granted that you do add to cart. So every second counts!
  5. Last but not least, Be fast! You should probably find a hysteric clicking application to help you practice for the big day. Come release day, you need to become a fearless quick-fingered sneakerhead. Or else, you alone will suffer the consequences.

Enter giveaways

If you’re not into putting so much effort into a brand new Yeezy, and if you’re feeling very lucky, enter a giveaway. You can look up all the Yeezy Boost Blue Tint giveaways online, and enter every single one you find because winning a free Yeezy will obviously cost less than buying at retail. Or at resale, if you don’t use a bot.

Yeezy bluesYeezy Blue Tint Release Info

Just like with all other Yeezy Boost 350 V2 colorways, the Yeezy Blue Tint will retail for the usual price of $220. And as you all know by now, the big release is happening next Saturday, December 16th, 2017. As for the list of retailers, where you can buy, or try to buy, the Yeezy Blue Tint, you can find it all here. Large quantities of the Yeezy Blue Tint are dropping next Saturday, so you can expect that list to be quite long.