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Yeezy Season 3

By March 28, 2016September 1st, 2022Sneakers, Yeezy

kanye-west-yeezy-season-3-nyfw-schedule-conflict-1It has been said many times that the public simply cannot get enough of Yeezy footwear by Kanye West. People wait with growing anticipation for the artist to drop new clothing and, of course, those beloved shoes that have been sweeping the nation for quite some time. While people love the artist’s familiar style, they are simply going crazy over the new colorways, fabrics, and general style updates the line is undergoing. Kanye West hosted a fashion show in New York to debut Yeezy Season 3 on February 11.

Over twenty thousand people waited with anticipation as new styles were unveiled. The artist and creator himself even rocked some Yeezy attire and kicks on this night. Perhaps the most shocking reveal of the entire show was the new direction Yeezy Boost shoes are headed in this year. Below are some new colorways, fabrics, and styles we should expect to see for Yeezy Boost soon enough.

Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate

The new colorway of Yeezy Boost 750 is brown (chocolate). Additionally, the fabric has changed significantly for this style of shoe as it is now suede. Kanye truly updated the beloved high-top shoe by adding a touch of elegance. These shoes are also sleeker. West has been seen regularly wearing these incredible shoes in public.

yeezy 750 chocolate

Yeezy Season 3: New Shape and Sock Linings

Yeezy Season 3’s Sneakers are different in shape, as well. As previously mentioned, the heavy boots and sneakers have updated to a sleeker shape and weight. Additionally, the new shoes are expected to have sock linings which, of course, offer a comfort level most cannot wait to experience. The new aspects of the Yeezy Boosts are sure to draw in some new crowds.

Could it be Heels?

It is hard to believe that the artist is due to release some kicks for the ladies. Yeezy Boost heels were spotted at Kanye’s fashion show and the twenty thousand guests truly sat in awe. His wife has been spotted wearing these new shoes and ladies truly cannot wait to get their hands on a pair. These heels are not traditional stilettos, but are instead bold ankle boots. We would expect nothing less than this unique style from Kanye.

We have seen low-top sneakers, high-top sneakers, and boots from the artist until now. Kanye wants his line to go in a new direction and the public could not be more okay with that. Yeezy Boost shoes have been heavily sought after since their debut and enthusiasts eagerly wait for new products to launch. Kanye has always had millions of fans here in the United States, but he also has big plans for his line to be desired all over the world.

The artist has been seen wearing his line more than ever. It is believed that this is his attempt to boost sales overseas. While those abroad also love this fashion, the artist wants his fan base to grow to incredible lengths. It is believed that his updated shapes, colorways, fabrics, and the addition of heels to the line are his way of reaching a broader market. Of course, his fans have zero complaints and cannot wait for more.

In conclusion

To conclude, an already hip fashion line is growing more trendy by the day. The artist is working tirelessly to keep up with the demand of these shoes and is offering new styles for many kinds of people. Ladies loved rocking Yeezy Boost sneakers and truly cannot wait to wear the gorgeous heels. Kanye West will undoubtedly continue to take the fashion world by storm.

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