How to Use a Yeezy Bot to Buy The BEST Yeezy Boost Sneakers!

By December 23, 2015January 8th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy Bot

How to Use a Yeezy Bot - AIO BotThe only true way you could get your hands on some Yeezy sneakers AT RETAIL is a YEEZY BOT! It is the best type of sneaker bot that guarantees you’ll win a pair of your favorite Yeezys! In other words, you’ll never have to pay Yeezy resale prices ever again! Keep reading to find out more!

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Figurine Yeezy Bots - AIO BotWHAT IS A YEEZY BOT

So, if you don’t know, a Yeezy Bot is – obviously – a sneaker bot that cops Yeezys. Strictly Yeezys. It automates the entire process of sneaker copping and gives you an unbeatable edge. No matter how much you try, you can NOT beat bots. Especially when the sneaker release happens to be a Yeezy.

You see, even with the latest ‘YEEZYS FOR ALL’ Kanye movement, people still have problems copping Yeezys. Of course, we’re talking about the people copping without a Yeezy bot! This is because people copping WITH a bot, are also copping in bulk. So, no one stands a chance AND they take the entire stock. In short, you end up right where you don’t wanna be – on the resale market.


Yeezy Bots - BOTTIE - AIO Bot

But, is it really the only way? Like, could you not make it without a Yeezy Bot?

Well, if you want us to sugarcoat things for you, then we’ll say yes. However, the honest truth is, it won’t work. You’ll always find yourself landing on the OOS page. You’ll always pay too much over retail. And, above all, you’ll keep feeling frustrated! The truth of the matter is that everyone uses a Yeezy Bot, whether they admit it or not.

Another reason to use a Yeezy Bot is to make money. Although it might seem counterintuitive to make money by spending money on a bot, it works! It’s a simple equation. Use the bot to buy Yeezys at retail – in multiples. Keep the ones you wanna flex. List the rest for resale at a premium. And, voila! You got a business!


AIO Sitting on Boxes - AIO_Bot

A Yeezy Bot – like AIO Bot – is an add-to-cart software that automates the sneaker copping process. In other words, it does everything ON YOUR BEHALF. And, you’ll be-halfing them Yeezy sneakers! See what we did there?

A Yeezy Bot goes on websites like Yeezy Supply or other Demandware-hosted online retailers hosting the Yeezy release. It bypasses all types of anti-bot security and adds Yeezys to your cart. Then, it proceeds to check out and your sneaker will arrive at your door. All you have to do is watch! This is incredibly handy especially in special events like on Yeezy Day or maybe even on Black Friday

You can even go the extra mile and go for an all-in-one bot instead of a Yeezy Bot. This way you won’t have to be limited to Yeezy releases only! With an AIO Bot, your possibilities are endless! You can cop Yeezys, Jordans, Nikes, or whatever the HECK you want! Click on the button below to check out OUR AIO Bot. It is one of the best, long-standing AIO Bots of the industry – all within budget!