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Yeezy Calcite Glow: Stones Crack Just Thinking of Its Future

By October 22, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY CALCITE GLOW AIO FEATFormerly known as the Yeezy 350 V3 and first introduced under Alien, it’s been rather challenging for the to build roots in the aftermarket. Compared to the most popular 350 V2 model, it’s an elevated structure with way less colorway options. So it’s supposed to be quite the hit, right? Well, Alien sure was. It was reselling for a thousand dollars before it was released. And is now floating cool and steady at $450 on average. We think the problem with the Yeezy Boost 380 is wrong timing. With Adidas Yeezy sneakers being made more available and Yeezy Supply controlling the stock supply, Yeezys are no longer scarce. Although sneakerheads would cop a dope 350 V2 or a fresh 380 colorway without even thinking about it, the value of Yeezys has changed, maybe even permanently. For instance, Yeezy Calcite Glow is a fresh 380 colorway, glow-in-the-dark, AND dropping on Halloween. And yet it’s valued at only prior to its release. Get the picture?

Yeezy Plays Tricks, We Own the Game

As for the handful of October Yeezys set this year, AIO bot copped over 3.5K Yeezy Carbon pairs. Along with hundreds of pairs of the Yeezy Quantum Teal Blue on our 10/10 weekend success. We’re all set to cop the Yeezy Natural and Yeezy Calcite Glow before we call it a month. Although described as the plainest Yeezy yet, the Yeezy Natural is valued at $336 on average. Isn’t it funny how the sneaker industry works sometimes?

You might think that a shady colorway like Carbon or a glow-in-the-dark sneaker like Calcite Glow would beat it with no sweat. But the highest value among all October Jordans goes to the plainest, most neutral Yeezy yet. So it’s really better to laugh than cry in a diamond-in-the-rough situation. If you can afford it and like the sound of it, it’s really best to cop all Yeezys coming your way. You never know when the supply & demand rules may change to your favor.

Flex or Sell? You First Gotta Cop!YEEZY CALCITE GLOW

And for that long-term plan to work out, you’ll need a sneaker bot. Since Yeezys run OOS in a few minutes and the competition over these kicks puts the fire in fierce. And since Yeezys mainly drop on Yeezy Supply and Adidas, there is no need to worry about getting through. AIO bot supports Demandware sites and has been feasting on Yeezy releases ever since Adidas Yeezy became a thing. Yes, we’re that old. We’re an in-stock All-In-One bot available at $325 on retail. Plus with the free updates we’ve been showering our users with to side hustle them through this tough year, you’re practically investing an amount you’ll get back with a single pair of Yeezy Natural!
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Why Are We Nervous for Yeezy Calcite Glow?

Well, first thing’s first, the Yeezy 380 Boost isn’t so hot at the moment. The super slick Yeezy 380 Mist is officially marked as a cheap Yeezy. And so is the Yeezy 380 Pepper. Which is now valued at $220 on StockX. That’s $10 less than its retail price, since Yeezy 380s are fixed at $230. Moreover, selling within its retail range is the Yeezy Blue Oat at $260 on average.

calcite glowRelease Date: 31 October 2020
Retail Price: $230

So, do you see what Calcite Glow is getting into? It depends on how you think about it. If you’re a Yeezyhead, buying a Yeezy for retail on the aftermarket is a thrill. That way you’ll stress less about release day. But if you’re a Yeezy reseller, you’ll have to reconsider investing in this model. Meaning, your selective process will grow narrower by the day.

The last Yeezy of October will drop on the last day of the month on YS, Adidas, and select Yeezy retailers. If you’re feeling a little naughty about your options, the Jordan 1 Mocha will also be releasing on the same day. It’s not exactly rocket science to predict the more hyped sneaker.