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Better Late Than Never: Yeezy Cinder Reflective [Release Date]

By April 3, 2020July 22nd, 2020Sneakers

We’ve got ourselves an outlaw, fam! The Yeezy Cinder Reflective is breaking all the norms and rules. Be it by the way it looks, or WHEN it’s actually dropping, it sure as heck gonna be a lit drop. One worth breaking lots of sweats and shedding a ton of tears. Or maybe just save yourself the pain and get AIO Bot. The best sneaker bot to cop Adidas Yeezys Since 2016!

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Previous Reflectives

Reflective Yeezys have been a thing since late 2018. That year when we all thought Yeezys were as good as dead. But then this brilliant shiny idea came to life and brought the whole 350 V2 line from the dead. Don’t get us wrong, we still think Kanye is overdoing it. But there will always be a new Yeezy colorway for you to love. Especially if it was reflective.

So starting with 2018’s Yeezy 350 V2 Static Reflective and not ending with the latest Yeezy Boost 380 Mist Reflective, you’ll soon add a new shimmery Yeezy to your collection.Yeezy RF Cinder Release Date

When you think of Reflective Yeezys, you’d think all Refs are the same. But make no mistake here my friend. Reflective Yeezys look different in terms of which part of the shoe is the shiny part. And the Yeezy Cinder Reflective proves JUST THAT!

Yeezy Cinder Reflective

The new Yeezy Cinder Reflective will feature the same silhouette and base colorway of its non-ref version, the Yeezy Cinder. However, unlike previous Reflectives, where the whole uppers would shine when under a spotlight, this time the shiny part will only be the side stripe. Other features will include primeknit upper in Cinder, , and full-length Boost Midsole for that extra comfort we all dig so much. Oh BTW, Make sure you read this guide before getting stuck with shoes that don’t really fit!

Release Info

Yeezy Cinder Reflective

Although we’re used to Reflectives dropping a day or 2 before their non-ref counterparts, the Yeezy Cinder Reflective is keeping us waiting. Fashionably late! But also taking into consideration the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, this delay is very much understandable. We’ve seen months-long delays for so many Jordan releases, so waiting a couple of weeks is easy! And what makes any wait for a Yeezy a bit easier, is the fact that soon enough the whole production process will move to the US.

So following the Cinders release on March 21st, 2020, The Reflective Yeezy Cinder will supposedly release tomorrow, April 4th!
As per the price, The Yeezy Cinder reflective should be retail for $220 and will be a Yeezysupply EXCLUSIVE! Get ready for a real battle cause we know these will sell out fast. And they’ll flip for A LOT of Cash; how does sound like?

Now, if you’re not really in a mood to fight your way into a new Yeezy, you can always wait for the Yeezy 350 V2 Oreos, , 380 Bloarf, or the all-new Yeezy Clogs!