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New Yeezy 350: Ready to Burn to a Yeezy Cinder?!

By March 10, 2020July 22nd, 2020Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

YEEZY CINDER FEATUREYeezy has us walking through some desert sage and is about to take us for a stroll down the misty trail! BUT before we wear our cloak of invisibility, we ought to burn and rise from the cinders like hardcore Phoenixes! Last J. K. Rowling reference, we promise! But isn’t it true with the Yeezy Cinder?! So far this year, we’ve come across a handful of Yeezy 350s. We’ve got one straight out of the wetlands. We’ve got three regionals. AND we’ve got the bleach victim. Pretty standard Kanye. But with the 350 Mist and Cinder, Yeezy is bringing back the reflective/non-reflective game-changing vibe! As a matter of fact, the Yeezy Cinder Reflective will be released in Spring 2020. So will the Yeezy Zyon AND the Yeezy Linen. Stay posted! They’ll be out before you know it!

About the Yeezy Cinder

We can tell that the Yeezy Cinder is loyal to the Yeezy 350 V2 signature color palette. And doesn’t it just look like it’s DNA-related to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black? It has a charcoal-colored PrimeKnit upper outfitted in a dark shade. With faded black upper weaves, it’s also got a mesh stripe on the side for the ultimate breathing experience. And like every Yeezy Boost, it’s got the signature full-length Boost midsole. But the Yeezy Cinder’s got a gum rubber outsole WITH a sunny yellow heel pod for contrast!  Bright idea, Ye, with that limited yellow addition! And last but not least, an earthy brown piece is embedded within its middle. 

Yeezy Cinder ONE

Release Date: March 21, 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FY2903
Colorway: Cinder

Worth Reflecting About?

Yeezy Cinder REF 2

Curious about the Yeezy Cinder counterpart? Besides the fact that the Yeezy Cinder Reflective will release this Spring, it is bound to make every occasion a shiny one, same as every Yeezy Reflective! So basically, the Reflective version compliments the finish marks of its sneaker when the light is dim enough. Which is pretty cool when the moon is full and social media is in frenzy! We sure hope the Yeezy Cinder Reflective is also DNA-related to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Reflective! It only got a big fat 9/10 as one of the top Yeezy Boost sneakers of ALL TIME along with the Static Reflective and the Yecheil Reflective!

Cop the Yeezy Cinder: the Coal Miner’s Walker!

Looking to pursue your Yeezy collection AND pay rent?! Because let’s admit it: the Yeezy Cinder is one of the toughest Yeezy creations in Yeezy history! There’s a high chance it will be sold out before the Yeezy Mist is among us! The colorway assortment is spectacular! It’s like an upgraded version of the 350 V2 Black (with resale bids going as high as $2,499!). It’s just made the right way. So, determined to build your Yeezy record with this fire edition?! With AIO bot here to do all the hard work, you’ll be building your Yeezy legacy in no time! The reseller’s market will go crazy for this one!