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How to Take Care of Your Yeezy Collection 4LIFE

By October 15, 2021Food for thought, Yeezy

How to Take Care of Your Yeezy Collection 4LIFE - AIO BotTaking care of your Yeezy collection might be the most important thing you do in your life.

You see, Yeezys do NOT come cheap. In fact, copping Yeezys at retail might be the only true way you could consider Yeezys to be cheap. Other than that, you can most definitely consider them to be pretty expensive. So, you can’t just go around jumping in rain puddles or backpacking in Western Europe just to flex your Yeezys. If you do intend on doing that, either you gotta learn proper Yeezy care or keep buying new ones. OR BOTH!

We’re NOT saying that your Yeezy collection is too fragile to make it through some tough times. Do you even know what goes into your Yeezys? Most Yeezys include:

– Premium Primeknit uppers material
Boost technology in the midsoles
– Others with adiPRENE cushioning technology
– Suede, leather, and other high-quality material
Monofilament mesh in the Mono Packs
– Rubber gum outsoles and TPU sidewall

In short, all of them are very high-quality materials that should most definitely withstand whatever situations that come by. Right? Well, in essence, yeah you’re right. But, no matter how good the materials are, you still gotta put in some love and care! Kanye did not make them Yeezys for you to ruin them! Here’s how!

Yeezy Collection Care

Sneaker Boxes_ Boost - AIO_Bot#1 Cleaning Yeezys

The first part of properly taking care of your Yeezy collection is learning how to clean your Yeezys. Your Yeezys have to be cleaner than Kanye West’s sneakers or else you ain’t flexing squat! No one cares about your dirty kicks, even if they’re the best Yeezys out there! So, check out this guide HERE to learn exactly how to do that. No matter what model you got, what colorway you like!

#2 Getting the Right Size

You may be surprised about this, but getting the right size is a game-changer to preserving your Yeezy collection. In other words, not having the RIGHT size will most definitely lead to ruining your kicks. 

If you get a Yeezy that’s too big, you’ll pull out the laces trying to make it fit. Your uppers will become all skewed and the collar will stretch out! On the other hand, if you get a Yeezy that’s too small, you’ll put pressure on the uppers. You’ll have foot problems and you’ll walk funny! Flexing through the pain is not as easy as you think! So, check the links below to avoid or fix that!

The Ultimate Yeezy Size Guide
How to Stretch Your Sneakers (just in case)

#3 Shoe Repair & Care

Caring for your Yeezy collection includes actually caring for your Yeezy collection. This means that if you ever get a little scrape or a tiny tear, you gotta deal with it. And, you gotta do it right away! You can’t keep postponing it for later. Soon enough your entire Yeezy collection will compromise scuffed and worn-out Yeezys!

Of course, this comes after properly storing your sneakers. Properly storing your Yeezys helps you avoid needing a shoe repair in the first place. You can learn how to do that right here.

As for sneaker repair, all you have to do is assess, inspect, and do some quality damage control! Luckily for you, we’ve got the complete sneaker repair guide that will make you and your Yeezys 4LIFERS! Make them Yeezys last a lifetime with this ultimate sneaker repair guide