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Yeezy Day 2021 – All the Greatest Yeezys Making a Comeback this August

By April 14, 2021July 31st, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy Supply - Yeezy Day 2021 - AIO Bot - Yeezy RestockListen up, fam! This is not a drill. I repeat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This is the day we’ve all been waiting for… YEEZY DAY 2021 is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited! Yeezy Day might be the greatest event in all Yeezy history. Heck, you know, it definitely is the greatest event in all SNEAKER history!

Yeezy Day is the day of the craziest Yeezy restock with the wildest colorways and most expensive resale. We love us a good Cyber Monday and a savage Black Friday, but Yeezy Day takes the cake. 

On this day, you get the chance to cop the most hyped sneakers you missed out on before. Whether it’s because of limited stock, exclusivity, or because you tried copping manually. Either way, this day is the day of second chances and a whole lot of MONEY-making!

How to Prepare for Yeezy Day?

YZY_DAY - AIO BotPersonally, we’ve had this all planned out since the 2019 bloodbath. We wanted to cop a feast fit for a freakin’ king. But, we didn’t have everything it takes to cop. 

And while all the other sneakerheads flexed and flipped all throughout the year, we developed a full-proof copping plan for Yeezy Day 2021. Here’s what we promise you on this glorious day: loads of WINS, multiple pairs of Yeezys, and lots and lots of reselling business!

You see, your main issue on Yeezy Day is all about SPEED. You gotta be wicked fast – Usain Bolt fast. If Q1 of this year has taught us anything, it’s that the industry has 0 tolerance for slow coppers. 

The only way to pick up some speed is through a sneaker bot! And, you know that the best sneaker bot in the industry is AIO Bot – the oldest bot in the industry with the highest experience, cop rate, and number of supported websites! 

Not to mention that it doesn’t break the bank! We all wanna cop sneakers, but we don’t wanna pay thousands of dollars. Especially when you can pay around $300! We wanna MAKE money! Not spend the year trying to cough up what we paid for the bot!

Dominating Every Yeezy Day!

The first Yeezy Day in 2019 took most sneakerheads by surprise! But, those smart sneakerheads who run AIO Bot on the regular were already prepared – nothing can take you by surprise with the best sneaker bot by your side. AIO Bot is the OG sneaker bot, AKA the Yeezy bot of the industry.

That is exactly why our users actually ENJOYED Yeezy Day – just like you should too! Our users got to cop SO MANY checkouts of Yeezys including Semi Frozen Yellows, Yeezy 500 Salts, a lot of Sesame and Synth 350s, and so much more. 

They scored Triple Whites, epic 750 Boots, and 700s in Utility Black. This day won’t be any different because we plan to DOMINATE – 2021 ain’t got nothing on us! Especially with the constant free updates that AIO Bot offers, you won’t worry about copping Ls. 

All our OG users can still run the bot, but if you’re new click below and secure your copy before you miss out on another MASSIVE Yeezy event! We’ve been in the industry for so long, nothing can really surprise us anymore. So, after that, it’s all pretty simple. All you gotta do is get AIO Bot, a set of pretty proxies, and a sexy little server and you’re all SET to DOMINATE. It’s time cop a feel of some Yeezy success!

Buy AIO NOW2020’s YZY DAY Was Completely MIA

Yeezy Day 2019 - AIO Bot - Yeezy Restock

Yeezy Day ‘19 was a battlefield. Yeezys dropped alternately between Adidas and Yeezy Supply without so much as a warning! 

The war sirens blew up at 9 AM ET. The war carried on for 14 hours full of stress and anxiety over around 30 pairs of Yeezy restocks. All we had was a mysterious countdown ticking away like some kind of timebomb! You can read all about it here so you know what to expect!

The thing that we can’t forget about that day, is the restock of the infamous Yeezy 750 boots. If you managed to cop them boots, then you’re one lucky ba… Nevermind! Yeezy boots are the most expensive Yeezys created by one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the industry. 

As for Yeezy Day 2020, it was pretty chill considering it DIDN’T EXIST! Yeezy obviously decided to take a break without telling us, because we did our time. We did the wait. And now, it’s OUR turn to cop. Here’s how this day’s gonna go down. 

Yeezy Day AUGUST 2021

Yeezy Day - Synth - Black - Cloud White - Tail light - AIO Bot

The buzz has recently been all about the new Yeezy material replacing the Primeknit in the Yeezy Mono Pack we all love. 

BUT, this isn’t the last time we see our beloved PK. This Yeezy Day MAY feature:

  • Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s (Zebra, Tail Light, Synth, Static Black, and Cloud White)
  • Yeezy 700 (Waverunner, Dark Glow, and MNVN)
  • Foam Runner (Ochre and MX Cream Clay)
    There isn’t an official list for the restocks on Yeezy Day. We’ll keep a hawkeye on that, though. But, we know that the sneakers we mentioned are set to drop on August 2nd, 2021. All you have to do now is focus on copping a feast on the first-ever global Yeezy Day! This day includes 5 different Yeezy Boost 350 V2s (3 of them are reflective Yeezys) that dropped between June 2017 and February 2020.

SYNTH Reflective Yeezy 

Synth Reflective YZY - AIO BotInitial Release Date: June 21st, 2019
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Synth Reflective is our first featured Yeezy – one of the most bizarre and exotic Yeezy 350 colorways. It was only available in Africa, Oceania, and Asia – super exclusive.

This is exactly why this Yeezy is currently reselling for an average of 1000 DOLLARS. The release featured two other Yeezys, Antlia and Lundmark. So, make this Yeezy Day count!

STATIC BLACK Reflective Yeezy

Yeezy Black Reflectives Adidas - AIO BotInitial Release Date: June 6th, 2019
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

One can never have too many black sneakers. But, a black Yeezy reflective? Man, we coppin’ that shit in bulk! The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Reflective is the cleanest Yeezys you could ever ask for! 

It really is a cool take on classic sneakers, like we’d wear this Yeezy with a suit! Just like Synth, it’s currently going for around a whole GRAND!  So, make sure you cop this 350 on Yeezy Day for the perfect 2021 Yeezy fit.

CLOUD WHITE Reflective

Cloud White Reflectives - AIO BotInitial Release Date: September 19th, 2019
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

Remember Cloud White and Citrin? Well, Citrin isn’t back. So, remember Cloud White? Well, this Yeezy Day features the restock of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White Reflective. Its baby blue Primeknit gives us complete Blue Tint vibes. 

After dropping, its price doubled on the aftermarket – easy money! All these Yeezy 350s will drop together during Yeezy Day for the same retail price of $220. Let’s just try to cop this pair and take something out of this Yeezy Day!


Tail Light Yeezy Restocks - Yeezy Day - AIO BotInitial Release Date: February 22nd, 2020
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

Tail Light is a part of 2020’s regional colorway release featuring 3 Yeezy Boosts: Tail Light, Earth, and Flax. Its original release was exclusive to Europe and Russia only. 

This time, on Yeezy Day, you’ll get a much better chance at copping. The resale value on this Yeezy is $430 which is pretty decent. Either way, you should never pass up on a Yeezy 350. It’s literally an unspoken rule in the industry.

ZEBRA Yeezy 350

Zebra 350 Restock Adidas - AIO BotInitial Release Date: February 25th, 2017
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

Is this the 6th time Zebra’s restocking? It might just be! You know what they say, 6th time’s a charm? Granted the last restock in 2020 was Asia-exclusive. So, maybe a worldwide Yeezy Day is a way to cop some Zebra stripes.

It does have one cutting edge in the 350s competition though. It’s one of the few Yeezy colorways with a bit of sass to it with its zebra print uppers! The Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra currently has an average resale value of $389. So, it definitely still has its magic!


YZY 700 Waverunner Adidas - AIO BotInitial Release Date: August 12th, 2017
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $300

This YZY 700 Waverunner is the OG colorway of the 700 Yeezy model. And, it might be one of the most exciting restocks ever! Taking us back to 2017 when the Yeezy hype was in full swing! It was the very first dad-shoe type of Yeezy and set the path for every sneaker to come after it.

It currently stands at an average resale value of $592 with sales going on to this day! A classic, timeless, and highly coveted Yeezy. Perfect material for Yeezy Day!

MNVN YZY 700 – Orange & Triple Black

YZY 700 MNVN - Yeezy Day 2021 - AIO BotInitial Release Date: February 28th, 2020 (Orange)
February 8th, 2020 (Triple Black)
Restock Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $220

The Yeezy 700 MNVNs are one of Kanye West’s most recent creations. It was the time when we started noticing a shift in Kanye’s creative processes. Let’s be real. The sneakers feature a whole lot of nylon. Doesn’t really scream luxury material, does it?

But, regardless, it is still a clean and slick model! Besides, all-black Yeezys are the foundation of any wardrobe. Trust us. Orange and Triple Black are both restocking on Yeezy Day with an average resale of $484 and $337, respectively.


Foam Runner Ochre and Cream Clay - AIO BotRelease Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $80

Ochre and MX Cream Clay were supposed to be the Foamies of July 2021. They do look like the perfect Summer slip-on sneakers, that’s for sure. But, we guess Kanye wanted to keep them for Yeezy Day – bigger haul.

So, technically this isn’t much of a Yeezy restock as it is a release. But, we don’t mind. Foam Runners are always a hit, regardless of when they drop. This is a definite cop in our books. Yeezy Ochre is already reselling at an average of $453 and Cream Clay at $485. Now THAT’S insane resale. No cap.


Adidas Yeezy Day Release - YZY 700 Glow in the Dark - AIO BotRelease Date: August 2nd, 2021
Retail Price: $200

The final Yeezy of Yeezy Day is one that will probably light up your nights. LITERALLY! It’s a glow-in-the-dark Yeezy 700 V3 called BLUE GLOW. The coolest feature is definitely the glowing cage on this 700 model. And, unlike usual glow-in-the-dark sneakers, it glows in blue not green!

In short, it is a glowing Alvah. That’s basically the only way to describe it. It is also a release and not a restock, considering it’s a new colorway.

Yeezy Day will drop worldwide on August 2nd, 2021 via Adidas CONFIRMED, Yeezy Supply, and Don’t mess this restock up! Yeezy Day is literally a second chance given by the sneaker gods! So, run your sneaker bot, get the right proxies, and use a server – it’s the golden rule!