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Yeezy Design Over the Ages: Going Back in Yeezy Time!

By April 30, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Evolution of yeezy Design - AIO BotIf you take a look back down Yeezy history, you can obviously notice a huge change in Yeezy design. Our beloved sneakers have truly gone through changes and evolved as time went by. So, it’s interesting to see how the all-in-all design process seemed to shift for Kanye West as time went by. 

Of course, the brilliant mand behind these designs has also gone through tremendous sneaker style changes. But, we’ve ultimately learned to attribute a lot of Kanye’s creative work to his environment. A lot of the time you can see the things happening around him through his work – including sneakers. 

Therefore, we’re going to do a simple breakdown of some of the BEST Yeezys that have come out so far. Discuss all the design aspects, what was going on in his life, and maybe in his mind too! We’re starting pre-Nike fallout, all the way to our present-day! Let’s try to make sense of all the Yeezy havoc! And, since you’re probably gonna get Yeezy fever after this, we’re providing you with a free Yeezy guide: how to cop Yeezys online! Click on the button below to find out more!

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2009 – 2013

Nike Air YZY - AIO BotFirst, we’re going, to begin with, the Nike x Yeezy backstory which isn’t much of a long story, to begin with. This was the first time that Kanye landed a real sneaker deal with a giant brand! And so, the sneakers they created together had to have an epic Yeezy design. During this time, he worked on the Nike Air Yeezy line of sneakers that featured high-top, chunky sneakers in vibrant colors. Very unlike Kanye.

  • Inspired by Ato Matsumoto’s cowhide boots
  • Kanye did not have full creative control of the Yeezy design
  • He claims a lot of things were not ‘his choice’

2014 – 2016

Yeezy Design - Yeezy 350 - AIO Bot

Then, from 2014 to 2016 everything changed for the Yeezy design. This was when Kanye and Adidas joined forces to make our favorite sneakers ever! Also, this happens to be around the same time that the revolutionary Adidas Ultra Boost first came out. So, this definitely set the tone for smooth, sleek-looking sneakers. The highlights of this era include the Yeezy Boost 750s and the debut of the Yeezy Boost 350s!

Waverunner YZY - AIO Bot

  • Kanye had full creative control over his Yeezy design
  • He utilized Boost technology for better cushioning
  • Revolutionized Primeknit upper for lifestyle sneakers
  • Kanye found his calling in using neutral, earthy tones

2017 – 2018 

Yeezy Design - Yeezy 380 - AIO Bot

Next, we came into a whole new and different type of era for the Yeezy design. Although the Yeezy 350 V2s were still shaking things up, it was time for a new design. This was the era of chunky-ass dad shoes! But, although the trend was already there, it took Kanye West to really set it off! And so, the Yeezy 700s came into view with the infamous Waver Runner leading the way!

Yeezy Design - Basketball - AIO Bot

This was the same time that the Yeezy design team came out with the Yeezy 500s with the infamous Blush colorway. Just when everyone thought that Yeezy couldn’t get any better! It was chunkier, more bulbous, and lacked the Boost technology! The design process was leaning in between sleek and clean, bulbous and thick, and back again!

  • Kanye launched his Season 5 runway show
  • Played with the limited quantities – demand & supply
  • Lead to a whole lot of Feezys
  • Tested out different cushioning technology with adiPRENE
  • The 500s took inspiration from TRON – Kanye’s favorite movie!

2019 – 2020

Yeezy Design - Foam Runner - AIO Bot

And then came one of the most influential and fate-changing years for Yeezy design and the entire industry. Around this time, Kanye’s approach started taking a turn away from the retro 90s styling and more to the future. After launching the 700 V2s by end of 2018, it was obvious that the trends were about to change. He also started revolutionizing the use of translucent side stripes and, later on, fully invisible shoes!

Yeezy Design - Yeezy 450 - AIO Bot

It was definitely a year of experimentation with loads of new silhouettes highlighted by: the Yeezy Foam Runners, the QNTMs,  the 380s, and finally the Slides! Kanye was pulling all the unconventional stops. He made everyone question every decision he ever made. But, at the end of the year, he came out STRONGER than ever!

  • Ye removed the SPLY-350 and opted for a translucent side-stripe instead
  • He utilized glow-in-the-dark RPU cages and an infinite lacing system
  • Took a better approach to sustainable sneakers with eco-conscious material
  • Changed the culture’s view on slip-on sneakers forever!
  • Managed to thrive through an ongoing global pandemic

2021 – 2022

Yeezy Design - Yeezy NSLTD BT - AIO BotFinally, back to the present day era, we’ve got the latest and probably strangest phase of the Yeezy design. This is where “it’s just a phase’ really comes into play! So, Kanye didn’t have the best past two years! He got divorced, the pandemic changed everything, and everything seemed to be falling apart! And so, the best coping mechanism seems to be: to create as many crazy kicks as possible in the best Kanye fashion!

And so, this is the era of the Yeezy 450, the Knit Runners, the infamous NSLTD BT… This is the time when Kanye decided to really squeeze his creative juices. But, definitely not what we expected!

  • YZY Knit Runner - AIO BotKanye predicts apocalypse and creates post-apocalyptic sneakers
  • The stay-at-home aesthetic becomes the ultimate trend
  • Changes Yeezy production forever
  • Knit shoes have never been in style, until Kanye
  • Avant-garde form of Yeezys 

The Yeezy design might be one of the best sneaker lines in history that has evolved this much! Dare we say, even the line of Jordan sneakers didn’t make as gigantic leaps as Kanye did. Although a lot of brands tend to build on original designs, Kanye loves to go all out!

So, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kanye West and the Yeezy design. But, one thing’s for sure, whenever you think that Ye’s out of ideas, he comes back with more! So, you should definitely hold on to your Yeezys, one day they’ll be sneakers of legends!