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Yeezy Flax Re-releasing in Asia Pacific/Africa in May 2020!

By May 2, 2020July 21st, 2020Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350


Yeezy Flax is right around the eastern corner of the globe for the second time this year. After dropping on February 22 with Tail Light and Earth as regional Yeezys. Earth took over the Americas, Tail Light shot across Europe, and Flax got planted in Asia Pacific and Africa. And it’s about to do it again! Not that the people of the world were too happy about it the first time. And speaking of people and how they feel, Yeezy Zebra is restocking for the fifth time in three years. Not to mention that it’s ALSO Asia-exclusive! Feelings? The Yeezy 700 MNVNs in Bone & Phosphor colorways also dropped regionally in April. So it seems like the Yeezy King is trying to keep it real tight in his kingdom. Now that every sneakerhead, in the intended regions or not, plans to cop Yeezys online, the process may get messy. Talk about living in a box!

Yeezy Flax Releases in Asia Pacific/Africa Again This Year

Yeezy Flax was restocked on the adidas App in Europe on March 30. And Asia Pacific/Africa/Middle East/India are about to witness its first re-release. With subtle design details distinguishing Flax from the Yeezy Linen, it’s mainly the sock liner and outsoles. As if the Zyon and Oxford Tan disguise situation didn’t baffle us enough! Linen contrasts a blue sock liner with a gum-colored outsole. Whereas Flax is like a hay day’s heyday. Takes a whole lot after Marsh in this aspect. But unlike the Yeezy Linen Where to Buy list, the Flax re-release is so far not giving us many options. You’ll be able to cop it through the adidas App and YEEZY Supply when it drops. If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

YEEZY FLAXRe-release Date: May 9, 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FX9028
Colorway: Flaxseed

Does Yeezy Have a Plan?

If Yeezy is planning on keeping things regional, you’ll still be able to cop a pair without restrictions. It’s a bit of a hassle, but here’s how to buy Yeezys from overseas. If a pair is hyped enough for you to pay that price, you better do it before Kanye starts restocking every which way like he’s doing with the Zebras! Till you’re practically buying a pair of Yeezys on resale for less than retail. But we’re not complaining if he decides to re-release Yeezy Cinder or that Semi-Frozen Yellow neon lord! Here’s a list of every Yeezy 350 that dropped in 2020 with its AIO bot cha-ching! Yeezy Mafia tweeted that Yeezy 350 V2 Sulfur might also be dropping this May. So AIO bot will cover you with its free license key renewal to make sure the online Yeezy stampede doesn’t crush your game!

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