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The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner 2020! “Futu-RUSTIC” Much? 

By March 24, 2020July 22nd, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY FOAM RUNNER FEATThe Yeezy Foam Runner is right around the corner and we are back on the edge. Another experiment gone wrong? We sure hope not. But that’s just us sneakerheads from behind the scenes of upcoming Yeezy releases looking out for any bombshells Kanye might decide to drop on us, again. Any aesthetic ripples from other Yeezy editions you may think? Talk about the Yeezy Waverunner 700! This features a similar cutout design on the midsole to the Boost 700. Foam Runner/Waverunner, just saying.

Now, looking at Ye’s too-soon-to-be-true releases. So we’ve got the Yeezy 380 Mist releasing TOMORROW and a fire line of Yeezy 350s all out by Summer! And all splashing on some seriously earthy tones! Kanye might be experiencing another one of his “moments”–only this time it’s his “HOMECOMING” moment (…get it?). Which might not be so bad, right Twitter drags?

“We’re going to be farming and going seed to sole.” Kan-YAY!

The Yeezy 380 Alien must have made Kanye a little homesick last year since he is now doing what he can to “keep up” with the planet. He even put together a shoe made from the ocean. Not to mention moving Yeezy production to the States. And talk about his Monster Lake Ranch right outside Cody, Wyoming with a hydroponic farm/foam factory! Looking at the coronavirus impact on the sneaker industry and global recession, Kanye appears to be unstoppable. Which brings us back to the clog! Right. Now, about the Yeezy Foam Runner…

Yeezy Foam Runner: Clog Sightings!

The first sightings of “the clog” were in The Face editorial and on North West’s feet back in 2019. That was, before Kanye and Yeezy head designer Steven Smith even had the chance to introduce it. Basic leakage!

YEEZY FOAM RUNNERExpected Release Date: Spring/Summer 2020
Retail Price: $75

The Foam Runner was officially introduced at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in 2019. And it was oceanic. Literally. The shoe is made partially from algae and featured in a khaki-based colorway at the festival. Thirsty for more ocean-related facts? It has holes, a lot, almost Pixar-inspired. So we’ve got that part resonating Ye’s mission for a sustainable future. And another plus side is, you get to bring your A sock game. So sock it up!

(6/27/20 update: The Yeezy Foam Runner dropped on June 26 on YEEZY Supply and is currently reselling for an average $327 on StockX)
(6/16/20 update: In i-D‘s “The Faith in Chaos” Summer 2020 issue, Kanye West announces that the Yeezy Foam Runner will launch in June)

A Yeezy Concussion in the 2020 Footwear Game?!

We think it’s time to declare that Yeezy is unapologetically having its “Crocs moment,” but is that entirely bad? No one can deny that Crocs are a huge trend in streetwear fashion, not to mention their collaboration with Chinatown Market. Which boosted their “quirky” factor big time. And let’s face it, quirky has become a thing, even though no one can thoroughly explain what that thing is.


Crocs Updated!


They’re comfy and practical and leave plenty of room for ironic fashion and bona fide statements. Which is clearly a thing too nowadays with all the enamel pins and DIY charms flying about. Customization wizards, we’re talking to you!
And that is probably how Ye ended up creating his clog slip-on sneakers, or Croc update! Which are actually pretty cool and size-friendly. If you look at them with your brain, and conscientious feet! A$AP Ferg, who revealed the Yeezy Foam Runner in an all-red colorway, commented: “this sh!t is the best sneakers in the game right now!” It’s a red runner road runner!

Eco-Friendly Foam Submarines for Feet? Sink about it.

To begin with, the Yeezy Foam Runner is minimalist. Futu-rustic. Yes, the title already states that. But isn’t it genius to be able to give the shiny future a primitive look using primarily seaweed?! It’s a foam construction with oval perforations for added ventilation, for feet’s sake! Not only is it bendy and probably smells like a summer trip gone wrong! But it also actually helps your feet breathe! That’s like meditation for your feet. And your feet take you to where you need to go. Besides, if we’re going to be Zen about this runner, we probably have to stop calling its holes, well, that, and start calling them pores instead.


First we had them in a khaki base. The OG White. And they just stepped in all-red. At Dingyun Zhang’s Fall 2020 Collection showcase, we also got a peak at orange, slate, grey, black, and blue colorways! The more the merrier, right? 2020 might surprise us!

Yeezy Foam Runner: Cop the Ultra-Croc?

We gotta hand it to you, this is not an easy decision. If you’re looking to support ethical production at an insanely fair price, Yeezy Foam Runner is for you, naturally. If you’re interested in self-customizing while saving the planet, you know what you’ll be copping in 2020. The Croc game is only getting bigger. We might all be roaming around in a pair of foams this year. And you wouldn’t want to buy this Yeezy on resale. It’ll be worth running a sneaker bot!