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Yeezy For Kids! Get Your Kiddos On Yeezys While They’re Young!

By May 23, 2016November 3rd, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezys For Kids - Get Your Kiddos On Yeezys While They’re Young - AIO BotThe best thing about growing up in the sneaker community is that you could introduce your kiddos to the world of sneakerheads, the game of sneaker copping, and the sickest kicks in history! If you’re an OG die-hard sneakerhead, would you let your kid run around in a pair of Crocs all the time? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that IF they’re Yeezy Crocs – that’s the only acceptable time for your kid to wear something like that. Why would you even do that when you’ve got a HUGE selection of Yeezy for kids? You can’t forget that Kanye West is a father of FOUR kids! So, it’s only natural that Yeezus would design sneakers for his kids to wear and share them with the world! A tiny sneakerhead with even smaller Yeezy Boost 350s? Probably one of the best excuses to have kids.

And, with Yeezys being in the game for so long, people of all ages have come to love Yeezys. They’ve become a massive part of our lives. It’s not about just sneakers anymore; it’s about a culture, a community, and a Yeezy family! Many people think this is just another Kanye marketing ploy, and, heck, maybe it is! But, who cares? As long as our kids dress up in fly kicks, we don’t mind. 

The Dopest and Coolest Yeezy For Kids 

So you could always go out and buy any kid’s sneakers out there. You’ve got a ton of options to pick from – this industry caters for all! But, when your kid looks back at these days or opens up the family photo album, your kid will feel that you did him a solid. They are flexin’ off their Yeezys in the playground at recess. Well, maybe that’s not how it happens. But, they will have a lot to flex when they’re older. They can even flip the Yeezys when they don’t fit anymore!

North West in Yeezys for Kids - AIO BotIt all started with North West showcasing the most fabulous Yeezy silhouettes on the streets, promising a new dawn of Yeezy for Kids! But, it was Kanye’s soon-to-be ex-wife who confirmed the news on one of KUWTK episodes. Ever since then, it was Yeezy for kids, Yeezys for all! That’s how we got Pirate Black and Turtle Dove for kids – and the Yeezy gates opened! They retailed for $130 – a little bit on the expensive Yeezy side.

It’s not like parents don’t already splurge on their toddler’s shoes! So, why not make the wise decision of making it a Yeezy? Trust us; your kid will thank you.

Grab a Glowing 350 for the Kiddo

Yeezy Glow Full Family Size - AIO BotThe Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Glow dropped on May 25th, 2019, in full-family size with a retail price of $250 for adults, $180 for kids, and $160 for infants.

It features an upper composed of glow-in-the-dark midsoles and Primeknit, with post-dyed monofilament side stripes. What’s more fun than Yeezy for kids that GLOW in the dark? The rubber outsoles make it the perfect sneaker slip-resistant sneaker so your kid can run all day freely! And, pair that with the epic Boost technology, and you got a winner! You won’t have to worry about your child feeling comfortable in their shoes!

You can still get your hands on a pair of these Yeezys on the aftermarket for an average of $500, or you can check out our list of best places to buy Yeezys!

Zombie Bedtime Stories? Get Some 380s

Yeezy Hylte Full Family Size - AIO BotIf you’ve got a kid that’s into the zombie apocalypse type of thing or straight-up alien, then the Yeezy 380 Hylte is the perfect Yeezy for your weirdo kid! It dropped on December 12th, 2020, with a retail price of $230 for adults, $170 for kids, and $150 for infants.

The Yeezy 380 Hylte is a colorful, gooey, slimy-looking sneaker that will get your kids going! It features a full Primeknit upper with a super comfy sock-like fit and neon-green mesh panels. To finish it off, this Yeezy has rope laces and ankle collars in a neutral beige color.

Of course, if you missed out on this drop, you’re going to have to go on the aftermarket to cop your kid a pair! You’re kind of in luck! You can get a pair of Yeezy 380 Hylte for about $200 – which is still fairly reasonable!

A Vision For The Future with 500s

Adidas 500 Soft Vision - AIO BotYou know you got to think about the future of your kids! You have to have some vision of your child… wearing Yeezys. This is what makes the 500 Soft Vision the best Yeezy for kids! It dropped on November 2nd, 2019, for a retail price of $200 for adults, $130 for kids, and $100 for infants.

The only issue with this sneaker is that it doesn’t have the Boost technology we all immensely love. Instead, it has the adiPRENE technology with cushioning that absorbs any impact and optimizes rebound – so we’re not so mad about it. Other than that, the cow suede upper mixed with leather and mesh makes a clean-looking sneaker! The rubber wrap around the midsole of the foot also makes the perfect abrasion-resistant medium – your kids can kick whatever they want without ever having to worry about scrapes!

This new Yeezy resells for an average of $264 – even the kiddos have a way of raising the Adidas Yeezy resale value! Every sneakerhead parent wants to get a pair, and they’re probably running sneaker bots. So, if you’re going to get into this race, you gotta up your game and learn how to cop Yeezys at retail. This especially comes in handy if you’ve got a big family and wanna cop in bulk!

Under the Sun in the 700s

Adidas Yeezy for Kids - Safflower - AIO BotIf you want to go for a Yeezy more on the bizarre side, then 700 V3s are excellent for your children to run around in. The 700 V3 Safflower is a great sneaker to bring some color, joy, and a lot of fun for your kid. It dropped on November 14th, 2020, with a retail price of $200 for adults, $130 for kids, and $100 for infants.

One of the best features of this Yeezy is the bootie construction with monofilament mesh uppers above bright yellow overlays and glow-in-the-dark RPU cages. So, not only does it look like a sneaker skeleton; but, it also glows in the dark! Another cool thing about it is that it has a no-tie stretch for an easy and convenient slip-on fit – perfect for children!

Buying the Safflower on the resale market is a bit of a tricky business. It seems to have many ups and downs, but it holds an average resale value of $235, which is a fair price if you’re lucky!

On the Court

YZY BSKTBL QNTM Toddler - AIO BotDo your kids love to shoot hoops? Then the best Yeezy for your kid is the Yeezy QNTM released on September 5th, 2020, for a retail price of $250 for adults, $180 for kids, and $160 for infants.

The YZY QNTM features a light grey upper wavy Primeknit with different synthetic materials with a suede toe box. On the other end of the shoe, we have Neoprene on the throat and collar and a semi-translucent design on the outsole. 

And, the most remarkable thing about this release is that the kids’ size is going for below retail price. So, you can grab a pair of these QNTMs for about an average of $150.

You can also go for a bunch of different Yeezy slides for your regular Yeezy fit. But, if you want to get lucky with a pair of Yeezy for your kid, then you’re going to hit a few bumps in the road. If you’re new to this, you’re going to learn that copping Yeezys isn’t very easy – it can get frustrating! So, if you’re entirely OVER paying resale, a sneaker bot is your best bet. These state-of-the-art programs will ensure that you successfully purchase the shoes you want online without being disappointed again.

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