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Yeezy Israfil Is the Angelic Version of Yeezy Desert Sage

By August 4, 2020Yeezy Boost 350

YEEZY ISRAFIL AIO FEATThe last time we mentioned Yeezy Israfil was when Kanye West had a shower epiphany to run for president. Since Israfil translates to “angel who blows the trump,” we made conspiracy Yeezy laces and tied the fates of the two together for pun’s sake. Truth is, whether Kanye does end up being president or divorcing the Kardashians, we’re here for Yeezys. And if upcoming releases tell stories relevant to Kanye’s reality, that’ll keep fans on their toes. How do you think we were this close to writing fiction novels about unreleased Yeezys? Fans are hungry for Yeezys, Yeezy fans are hungry for Yeezy history, and we’re setting the table for both! AIO bot scores fresh Yeezys at massive success rates, and the year’s only half over. Check out our latest Yeezy Zyon success for proof!

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Yeezy Israfil Touches Earth

Much like the angel set to blow the trumpet at world’s end, the Yeezy Israfil pictures a desert. Unlike Yeezy Desert Sage, this Yeezy paints the desert on a sandy yellow side streak. Rather than an orange boiled sock liner. Its primeknit upper displays a bluish grey color base that nods to sand and sky. A grey midsole flashes (but not really!) the dominant colorway and the outsole neutralizes it with yellow gum. Bottom line, “Desert Haze” would have been a perfect fit instead of a doomsday messenger. 

Release Date: 22 August 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FZ5421

Cop Your Bottle of Water

The fresh drink of water? This Yeezy features bungee lacing. Which is a 3 blend nylon, non-slip lacing system made typically for athletes. Bungee lacing is used for extra comfort and foot elasticity. Looks like YZY is steering in the Foam Runner’s direction. Except, traditional rope laces are guaranteed to drop with this pair. So don’t run away barefoot just yet! Yeezy Israfil was StockX sold for $250 on July 31st. So, we’re wondering if the 350 color pattern is starting to get old? Or if the Yeezy restocks pulled this year made buyers believe that no Yeezy is ever truly limited. What we do know is that we can’t wait to cop this angel drop from heaven. So, pin a date on this Yeezy!