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Our First Take on Yeezy Linen! Another Yeezy in Disguise?!

By March 17, 2020July 22nd, 2020Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

YEEZY LINEN FEATWith Yeezy Linen on its way to join the Yeezy 350 line in 2020, we might just have another case of Yeezy disguise! Maybe Yeezy Oxford Tan forgot to put on some sunscreen and stood out as Yeezy Zyon, if you’re wondering what we’re talking about. So, are we about to have another “is that you?” or sneaky Yeezy moment with Linen and Flax?! We know you can’t be fooled. But we gotta admit: Kanye is over-the-top with earth tones. And nothing but!

About Yeezy Linen!

At least this time, we’ve got the Yeezy Linen with a reflective stripe right from the start! Will there be an upcoming non-reflective Linen? If so, we sure hope Yeezy Cinder isn’t contagious! Why? Because we’re waiting for its reflective counterpart to release SOME TIME in Spring 2020! And waiting only lasts forever!


Release Date: April 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FY5158
Colorway: Linen


 4/08/2020 update: The Yeezy 350 V2 Linen will release on April 18, 2020.

But more about Yeezy Linen now. Pretty basic. It’s got a wheat-based construction with a PrimeKnit upper and laces that match in beige. Its Boost midsole also matches the wheat plantation we keep finding ourselves in the midst of. But it’s got a silver lining AND a blue sock liner! Which adds a touch of sky to the farming situation. Unlike Yeezy Flax, the Linen has a yellowish ribbed midsole design complimenting its rubber traction. Plus it has a sharper, crispier structure. Which we’re all for! 

What is the Meta With Linen?

The seriously cool and meta thing about this Yeezy is that it sort of represents the soul of farming. See the gum rubber outsole that’s brushed with clay? It represents the base of the farming process, which is the soil or clay. The second base is the plantation, which in this case, is a wheat plantation! And that blue sock liner adding a touch of sky? It adds a celestial cover to the ground setting. And we gotta hand it to Kanye. If this in any way explains his vision behind the Yeezy line, we salute his muse, whatever it might be! Talk about the organic connotations of first, second, and third base!

Linen Up for This Yeezy!

Still gazing out into the field? Yeezy Linen is one of the sharpest looking and, if we dare say, bespoke Yeezy drops to hit 2020! With a resale value already up to $645 it’s gonna be a neat wheat ride with this one. Better keep up with other upcoming Yeezy releases in 2020. The Yeezy 350 Mist and Cinder are right around the corner! And with AIO bot’s celebrated Yeezy success, you’re looking fool-proof!