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Yeezy Mafia Is Back, But What Does This Mean for YEEZY?

By April 12, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy Mafia is Back - AIO BotThe Yeezy Mafia is back and we don’t know what to think about it all! Do you even remember who they are? Are they an actual group of mafia members who steal Yeezy sneakers off your feet? Or are they a secret organization of the sneaker industry? Well, not exactly. But, what makes the news of their return so exciting, and has the sneaker industry in a fit? 

Well, after taking a five-month break from social media, they’re back online. YEEZY MAFIA posted on its Twitter account to let people know that they’re officially back. This comes after the whole debacle between Adidas and Kanye in October of 2022. So, what happened is that Adidas terminated its partnership with Kanye West. This comes after one of Kanye West’s most controversial moments in history! After this, everything started to go downhill for YEEZY. 

However, now that the YEEZY MAFIA is back, there might be some hope. It seems that the newlywed groom might just be making his way back to the scene. As he always does! Especially with rumors of his makeup post-breakup with Adidas. Now, we all knew that Adidas couldn’t make it without Ye. Especially now that they’ve also lost Beyonce and IVY Park. There’s only so much that Pharrell Williams can do. But, could this actually be hinting toward a Yeezy-filled future? Let’s find out!


So, we feel like a reintroduction is in order. YEEZY MAFIA started back in 2016 as a group of sneaker resellers all over the world. With time, this group became renowned and a trusted source for all things related to YEEZY. Kinda like Kanye West’s biggest and official fan page. But, with legit information. 

P.S., remember when Kim K shut them down

If Yeezy Mafia is back, this means sneakers news, releases, inside buzz, rumors, and more. When Kanye West got caught in the midst of the biggest sneaker scandal in history… YEEZY MAFIA tweeted “THE END ?” the same day Adidas dropped Kanye. The picture featured a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebras — one of the most popular Yeezy colorways to date. It only made sense for the group to take a break. 

Their name is YEEZY Mafia, not Jordan Mafia, not sneakers Mafia. So, with the Yeezy ship going down, they had to go down with it. 

“I was quite close with Ye during the events that [led] to the hiatus, so YM were not really in a position to comment about anything,” the admin for YEEZY MAFIA’s Twitter account shared when asked for comment. “[We] also had to lay off most of the YM team.” 

So, YEEZY MAFIA is back… but, does this mean there’s more than the ‘temporary’ reunion between Adidas and Kanye? Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden sent sneakerheads into a bigger frenzy when he said that Ye is “one of the most creative people that have ever been on the planet”. Note, he said this back in MARCH 2023. 

And now, Yeezy Mafia is back in true YM fashion with a Twitter post that refers to community activities. In other words, not a reunion between Ye and Adidas. Either way, we’ll make sure we find out soon. 

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