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Yeezy Mafia: ALL The Yeezy News on Klashing With the Kardashians 

By March 28, 2018June 26th, 2021Sneaker News, Yeezy

Yeezy Mafia - Yeezy News - AIO BotKlashing with the Kardashians: Yeezy Mafia bringing us all the Yeezy news AND some Twitter tea!

In a world gone virtual, you can only imagine the power and effectiveness of social media on people. Especially when you take the sneaker industry into consideration. And, who happens to be the greatest game changers in social media and sneakers? None other than Kanye Omari West and his wife (well, ex-wife) Kim Kardashian. 

This duo has so much power over the people with everything they say and do online. So much so, that the single Tweet of Kimberly Noel Kardashian could cost you the holy blue check. The check that means you are an official verified member on Twitter – almost as exciting as The Swoosh! That’s exactly what happened to the Twitter account of the famous Yeezy news account, Yeezy Mafia after crossing Kim K!

Here’s the Tweet that cost Yeezy Mafia their infamous blue verification check on Twitter, their whole account, and the latest Yeezy news. Kim K came out as a ferocious defender to her then-husband’s SEASON 7 Yeezy collection.

Stockists were invited to a showroom that was empty, it was an unexpected meeting explaining that there won’t be any apparel or accessories for SEASON 7 as Kanye West couldn’t do what he wanted to achieve with this collection. 

– YEEZY MAFIA (@theyeezymafia) March 6, 2018

So, what happens when you KLASH with a Kardashian? Keep reading to find out all the Yeezys news with all the tea.

What and Who Are Yeezy Mafia?

Adidas YZY History - YZY Sneakers - AIO BotAccording to Yeezy Mafia’s website, they are a community of people who provide all the updates and Yeezy news on everything related to Kanye West and Yeezy. They began their journey with Yeezy back in 2016 – right around the time Yeezys peaked – and comprise members from all over the world. Anonymous members.

We still have no idea who belongs to the YM group. But, we do know that it includes a lot of sneaker resellers, elite sneakerheads, and a lot of the inside people. They’re the ones that leak the most epic Yeezy news and generate all the buzz and hype! Something that has gotten the Yeezy demand and supply cycle to keep on spinning in an endless cycle.

We’re pretty sure the members of this “clan” have access to all the greatest early links, release tutorials, and database products. This works great for them! As for Adidas, they’ve been pretty quiet about YM! So, they must be doing something right.

BUT, regardless of the strong foundation they’ve built, they still can’t cross Kim K. Which takes us back to when Yeezy Mafia and Kim Kardashian had the KLASH of the century! 

The Occasional Flops Of Yeezy News

New YZY Material - Monofilament - AIO BotLet’s be real here, Yeezy Mafia is always the first to release Yeezy-related info. Facts. It’s just like sneaker Christmas morning every time we get a notification from their account. While they’re dead-on (most of the time), it’s not easy to deny that they’re human! And humans F up sometimes.

In fact, they’ve shared so many fakes, samples, and canceled pairs, that we actually lost count. But the truth still remains that they are the people with the latest and closest to real news.

What really stands out amid all this chaos, is the fact that the Yeezy Mafia changes so many dates, and names of upcoming Yeezys, that people started questioning their sources.

Like the confusing story of the Ice Yellow Yeezy 350 V2, which turned into the Peanut Butter colorway. As an explanation for name-changing, the leaker account came forward to say that the changes in features fooled bootleggers to make pairs that are being sold for crazy prices.

Whether the Yeezy Mafia commented to fix their image or told the truth, no one knows. But, who’s to say that their sources hadn’t pulled a fast one on them too? Something like posting fake Yeezy news could shake their credibility in the entire industry!

Kim K Pounces

New Foam Runner Yeezy - AIO BotWhat happens when Yeezy Mafia posts fake Yeezy news? Well, Kim K POUNCES and brings them down, down, down. If we look back at all the KK/YM roasting Tweets, she even shamed them for announcing fake Yeezy colorways. Really laying it on thiccc there, Kim.

Then came the whole Yeezy SEASON 7 fiasco. Well, you can’t really blame Kim, after all, she has a reputation for having her man’s back. Whether it’s a mega-major name in fashion, music, or sneakers, anyone who tries to mess with Kanye will have to deal with the wrath of KKW first.

The Yeezy Mafia is not the only one. It happened with Yves Saint Laurent – the French luxury brand that infuriated KK. All it did was copy one of the stages Kanye performed on when on tour for its fashion show. YIKES.

Kissing the Blue Check Goodbye

D Rose - YZY D Rose - Release - AIO BotAs a direct result of that mishap with Kim, the Yeezy Mafia lost their precious blue verification mark on Twitter. It’s still not clear what single event led to the loss of the mark. It could be that the YM MAYBE started losing followers after that incident. No one knows for sure.

But seeing as how Kim’s account has 69.7M followers, it seems most likely that Twitter just went ahead and removed it.

After all the rumors on Snapchat’s stocks dropping so low because of Kylie Jenner’s tweet, it seemed as if Twitter couldn’t afford that same happening to them. So, to keep Mrs. West happy, the Yeezy Mafia needed to go.

BUT, the real question now is, why would Kim go that far? Did the Yeezy news about SEASON 7 have that much impact?

In reality, what the Yeezy Mafia said about Yeezy SEASON 7 could’ve been misinterpreted in many ways. In fact, it actually sounded as if Kanye had issues either designing or manufacturing pieces for the upcoming season. And, that kind of a rumor wouldn’t do West any good.

Yeezy Mafia: Love Some Free PROMO

YM Twitter Feed - Free PROMO - AIO BotAs bad as this whole situation seemed, Yeezy Mafia still found a way to look at the bright side. Despite losing their verification mark, they considered this whole mess to be a “FREE PROMO”. Like seriously! Who wouldn’t want THE Kim Kardashian to talk about them, even if it’s in a bad way? No such thing as bad press.

Her Tweet strictly said that they do NOT work for Yeezy and are NOT affiliated. It was a bit of a SNEAKER STRETCH for them to jump back from that. 

Actually, no matter what, the Yeezy Mafia is still the most reliable source on Adidas and Yeezy news. Or, at least, the closest possible to reliability. And, as far as their fans are concerned, Yeezy Mafia is still doing what they do best. 

Like nothing happened! A few weeks after this whole debacle, they started sharing updates. Well, That’s the sneakers spirit, fam!


Yeezy Mafia Logo - Yeezy News - AIO BotSo, it’s been 3 years since the greatest tea in sneaker history. To this day, Yeezy Mafia is still here sharing and leaking all the greatest Yeezy news.

So, almost 3 years later, the Yeezy Mafia is still here. Leaking Yeezy news and sharing the most exclusive first images. However, if you compare the Yeezy Mafia’s authority then and now, you’ll see a major difference. Not that the account is short on news or unreleased Yeezys, but the whole Yeezy hype is changed. 

Ever since Kanye messed with supply and demand rules, Yeezys are no longer worth the same. Therefore, the Yeezy Mafia’s account is not as powerful as it was. But, we’re sticking around to see how this hype will change when Kanye finally moves Yeezy production to the US.

Maybe till then, the members of Yeezy Mafia should really look up different side hustles or maybe even get into a new money-making sneaker hobby? YM, if you need any help in the reselling department, HIT US UP!