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The Yeezy Mafia Gets Suspended—But Bounces Back The Same Day

By April 20, 2018October 29th, 2020Yeezy

nyone who knows Yeezys knows the Yeezy Mafia. This account managed to gain quite the reputation for being the go-to news source regarding Yeezy drop information in a period of about 2 years. Rising above the pool of sneaker leakers, the Yeezy Mafia was always the first to reveal the latest colorways and silhouettes of Yeezys and major Adidas releases like NMDs.

Fear the Wrath of KKW

However, being under the spotlight of fame isn’t always a good thing. The better you are at something the higher you raise people’s expectations. That entitles them to judge you harshly if you ever mess up—like the mafia did regarding the name and colorway of the Butter 350 V2.

And in this cruel unfortunate world, some people could be out to destroy you. At least that’s what happened to the Yeezy Mafia after facing the wrath of Kanye’s wife and mother of his children, Kim Kardashian… 

It all started when the Yeezy Mafia falsely announced that the Yeezy Season 7 showroom was empty.  This misinformation made Kim furious AF that she threw a fit aimed at the Yeezy Mafia and they ended up losing their Twitter verification mark.

Kanye & the Not Kanye

Yeezy Mafia Twitter suspensionA couple days after Kanye West reappears on Twitter, the Yeezy Mafia gets a big fat suspension. It’s funny because as far as I remember, the Yeezy Mafia became active 2 years ago. Which is around the same time Kanye went MIA on social media. Coincidence?

Could Kanye be the mafia? That would be the best plot twist EVER. Especially since fans of the YM always thought that it was an affiliate of Adidas and Kanye until Kim took their verification mark away.

Or maybe there’s only enough room for one Yeezy account. Maybe Kanye’s return to Twitter was a strong enough condition so the Yeezy Mafia would back off. Because even after losing the verification mark, the mafia kept leaking news and valuable information.

In fact, before getting suspended, they last leaked that there will be a new colorway of the Yeezy 500, the Ultraviolet. It’s like someone spilled some young wine on their Yeezy 500 Blush and had a good idea. The deep colorway is going to drop in Fall 2018.

Backup Account

The daring and risk-taking account seemed almost unstoppable right until this day. When the Yeezy Mafia Twitter account went down, fans mourned for their favorite sneaker leaker. And switched over to Yeezy Mafia’s IG.

That’s until fans realized that the mafia has played it safe all along by keeping a backup Twitter account. As of now, it looks like the Yeezy Mafia could be negotiating to get their account back. But follow them at Y33ZYM4F14, as they “sort things out”.

The Yeezy Mafia Responds

On their backup account, the Yeezy Mafia posted an explanation as to why Twitter was legally able to suspend the account.

It sounds like “someone” aka Kim got what she wanted. But it’s not enough to keep the mafia at bay.

We firmly believe that nothing can break down the tear down the mafia. Can’t wait to hear more about new Yeezy colorways and silhouettes. And as a side note about whoever Pablo is. But excuse me? Based on his tattling, he’s an expert in Ls. Or prolly can’t afford an extension or a bot, heh.