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Yeezy MX Oat: Full of Flexing Fibers and Money-Making Minerals

By October 13, 2021Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

Yeezy MX Oat 2021 Release - AIO BotWe know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER 350? Well, yes! Another Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is scheduled to release this month. But, this is not like any other Yeezy 350. It’s completely reworked, remade, and REALLy awesome! We’re talking about the Yeezy MX Oat in its epic new colorway!

This is one of the first Yeezys to deviate from the usual monochromatic, muted vibe we’re so used to! Almost all previous 350 colorways had one thing in common – monochrome all the way! But, not this one. This Yeezy is here to change the entire game.

Not only is it moving away from the monochrome feels of a 350. But also, it brings in some color to the mix – actual color! Here’s what you need to know about copping this latest Yeezy release. Keep reading to find out more!


Release Information

The two most defining features of this new Yeezy MX Oat are the striking new pattern and new colorings. It follows the design of the MXT Moon Gray and the MX Cream Clay of the Foam Runners. And, a much brighter and more joyful-looking Yeezy 350 MX Rock! Its features include:

  • An all-over butter green re-engineered Primeknit upper
  • Randomized swirling patterns all over the sneaker
  • Specks of fiery oranges, bright yellows, and deep royal blues
  • The infamous semi-transparent post-dyed monofilament stripe
  • Full-length ribbed Boost-cushioned midsoles
  • Traditional lacing system
  • A pull tab at the heel

Yeezy MX Oat 350 V2 - AIO BotRelease Date: October 23rd, 2021
Retail Price: $220
Avg. Resale Price: $401 

Kanye really has given us way too many 350s in the past, but this Yeezy MX Oat is definitely different. Even the release information and all that comes with it is entirely different. EVEN people know that this 350 is different – just check out the resale on this baby! So, what we’re trying to say is that you can NOT miss this drop! Check out more pictures of the Yeezy MX Oat down below courtesy of @repgod888.

Where & How to Buy the Yeezy MX Oat

So, if you’re looking for an epic sneaker cop on the new Yeezy 350 MX Oat, you gotta know some things. First of all, you do not wanna get caught doing noob sneakerhead mistakes! Therefore, to avoid doing them, click on the button below. You’ll learn about the three most COMMON mistakes that could potentially cost you a Yeezy L on this release.

Next, you gotta make sure your sneaker bot is up for the race. This is no feat for the weak-hearted. It is a COLORFUL Yeezy 350 with a whole new pattern. Everyone’s gonna have their sneaker bots revved and ready for action. And, so should you! AND, make sure you check out this Yeezy size guide to get your 350 size right!

Third, and most importantly, you gotta make sure you follow the right sneaker blog for the job. And not to flex, but we do have the most epic sneaker blog suited for the work! So, follow AIO Bot blog for all the latest news and updates! And, finally, check out the list of where to buy the Yeezy MX Oat!