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Yeezy Natural Might Just Be the Plainest Yeezy of 2020

By October 13, 2020October 21st, 2020Yeezy

YEEZY NATURAL AIO FEATAIO bot crushed the Yeezy Carbon to over 3,000 atomic bits a while ago. And wrapped up last week with the Yeezy Quantum “Teal Blue” alongside over 1,000 pairs of the Jordan 4 PSG and Jordan 3 Royal Cement. There are two October Yeezys left on this month’s list. And you can tell that the Fall color trend ends with the Yeezy 700 Safflower dropping next month. After that, the Yeezys dropping later on this year, especially around the Holidays, are all dark and tinted. Because if winter is coming, you can bet on Adidas Yeezy to be dark and full of terrors. But while it’s still warm outside, here’s the upcoming Yeezy Natural!

We’ve Lost Count of Plain Yeezys

If Yeezy Cream doesn’t quite hit the spot with this upcoming Yeezy, then perhaps Yeezy Linen and Flax will do the trick. We’re still skeptical about the meaning of Yeezy being “Gift of God.” We’re thinking that maybe Kanye donated a whole bunch of Yeezys to the naming conventions on the Internet. You know, to make the world more accustomed to his holiness. So, he’s all about the planet Earth, we get that. And the strangest part of it all is that people continue to buy what they’ve already bought at some point since 2015. Just because it’s a Yeezy and looks slightly different, although the same. 

The Yeezy Natural has a neutral pastel colorway and a neutral gum outsole. That’s all there is to it and yet, it’s reselling for $350 on average. Is it that buyers go after the familiar buzz of “Yeezy” without weighing the values of fresh sneakers? Whether that’s the case or whether fans and Yeezy investors can’t get enough of the brand’s clean palette, it’s the reason Yeezys are one of the most coveted sneakers in the sneaker industry.

YEEZY NATURALRelease Date: 24 October 2020
Retail Price: $220

What Will You Do When Nature Calls?

The Yeezy Natural will most likely release on Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Footsites, and select Yeezy retailers. And you can find the full list of retailers on or here. AIO bot has been operating successfully on both Adidas and YS, so no need to worry about the how. Because our Yeezy success rate is top rated in the bot industry. And buying AIO bot at retail is really worth a regular Yeezy flip, if you think about it. Maybe even less! So, no worries about getting your money back if you’re a little worried about how long it’ll take to pay your own debt.
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