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Kanye Might Have More Kids Than Yeezy October Releases

By October 2, 2020October 8th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY OCTOBER AIO FEATFresh month, fresh Yeezys. Although October is widely known as the month of Halloween, for Adidas Yeezy, it’s just another month of Yeezy. As is every other month of the year. Safe to say it’s gotten awfully plain and derivative on the Yeezy side. It’s either a Yeezy 350 pulled out from the center of the earth or another standard model with a subtle splash of color. If Yeezy means “Gift of God” does Kanye know he’s the god of Retros? Since most Yeezys adopt the same color palette and differ in minor characteristics. The upcoming Yeezy Quantum Teal Blue, for example, is a chip of the old block with the addition of blue highlights. The sneaker version of “it’s not a phase, mom”. But, people dig them. And although Kanye spoiled the whole supply & demand game with multiple restocks, fans still want in. And so, we operate to make sure they get just that. Starting with Yeezy October releases!

The first Yeezy October release is the Yeezy Carbon, formerly known as “Asriel.” Luckily, it’s dropping today on Footsites as well as Adidas and YeezySupply. Which means AIO bot users will feast on the former angel with their updated bot version. If you don’t own a copy of AIO bot and don’t want to miss out on copping this Yeezy, click on the button below to buy one at retail. It’s that easy! No need to wait in line to rent an OOS bot for thousands of dollars. AIO bot is always available in stock at an affordable price. Which means you’re most likely to get your money back after flipping a single pair of sneakers.

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Yeezy Carbon 

For those of you who feel you’ve missed out on black Yeezys, here’s your chance to compensate. The latest “black” Yeezy was the Yeezy Cinder. Which dropped early in the spring and is worth a fair flip at $316 on average. A mimic in design and naming, Yeezy Carbon dropped today in Adult, GS, and TD sizes. And was massively copped by AIO bot on Adidas and Footsites! Asks are reaching up to for the infant sizes on StockX. And with kids sneakers booming in the reselling industry, hundreds of our users managed to grab the golden opportunity for the little population. 

Yeezy Quantum “Teal Blue”

The first ever Yeezy Quantum dropped exclusively on NBA All-Star Weekend in February. It experimented outside the lifestyle sneaker comfort zone with a performance model worth $850 on resale. A few months later in June, Yeezy Quantum Barium dropped some chemical romance for the same price. So, as the third Yeezy Quantum colorway in history, expect Teal Blue to regain the hype. Since it’s also dropping in Adult, GS, and TD sizes for $250, $180, and $160 respectively.

Yeezy 350 V2 “Natural”

Yeezy Linen and Flax have been there and done that with neutral pastels. It’s seed to sole with Yeezus, we’re here for that. But what number is enough with neutral earth-toned Yeezys? Guess we’ll find out on October 24th when this Yeezy drops au naturale for the usual $220. Plus we have the perfect sock suggestion to go with them.

Yeezy 380 “Calcite Glow”

As with many sneakers releasing on Halloween, this Yeezy has green glow-in-the-dark features. Which is pretty cool if you’re thinking slime. The latest Yeezy 380 Pepper dropped recently on September 12. With an autumn-kissed colorway barely making it above retail on resale sites. So if you didn’t get the chance to sprinkle some pepper, now might be the best time to. Yeezy Calcite Glow is expected to release on Halloween for a retail price of $230. And in addition to Adidas and YeezySupply, it’s also set to drop on Footsites and select Yeezy retailers.

Yeezy October Releases Are Worth Your Bot

Four Yeezys are dropping this month so far, how about that? Looks like Kanye’s valuing his pro-life support over Yeezys. Considering that he has the same number of kids and Yeezys this month. But hey, less stock means more luck if you’re a sneaker reseller. Better update your bot and calendar because the Holidays are coming up and they ain’t kind to beginners.