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Yeezy 380 Black Onyx Will Heal Your Sole on Black Friday 2020

By November 12, 2020September 3rd, 2021Yeezy

YEEZY ONYX AIO FEATYeezy 380 Black Onyx, known as this year’s Black Friday Yeezy, is set to drop on the biggest shopping spree of the year. This fresh addition to the Yeezy 380 line is the first of two dark Yeezys dropping this November. Yeezy 380 Black Onyx is the chosen one to dominate Black Friday and the Yeezy 500 “Utility Black” is expecting a restock on Cyber Monday. Two shady Yeezys in 3 days: looks like the Holiday Season is going to be packed!

It’s the month of insane discounts and we’re rising to the occasion this year. Keep posted on our Twitter page for the latest updates on our Black Friday campaign. You’re probably aware of the sneaker mayhem that’ll last till New Year’s and are thinking about hiring a robot assistant. You know, to do the messy work for you and keep you sane. Well, look no further. To avoid missing out on hyped Holiday releases and kicks on major discounts, click on the button below to discover your winning options.
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Yeezy 380 Black Onyx Drops on Black Friday!

As the third November Yeezy to drop after Safflower and Fade, Yeezy 380 Black Onyx is dropping alongside a Reflective pair. With the Yeezy Boost 380 hype decreasing with every new release, this pair is changing up its design formula. Since Yeezy Onyx gives the impression of a black Yeezy but actually has a camo exterior. How’s that for breaking the neutral-toned Yeezy habit? The Yeezy 380 Black Onyx has a black base with a faded brown camo Primeknit. A brown-tinted gum sole completes this Yeezy in disguise!

YEEZY 380 BLACK ONYXRelease Date: 27 November 2020
Retail Price: $230
Style Code: FZ1270

Expect the Yeezy Onyx to drop on Adidas, YS, and select Yeezy retailers. AIO bot’s success on YS and Shopify has increased by 30% since the Yeezy Natural dropped. So, we’re preparing for an even bigger feast to wrap up November!

Another YZY to Flex!

Yeezy Calcite Glow was the latest Yeezy 380 colorway to drop on Halloween Day this year. And it saddens us to watch the Yeezy 380 Alien line to drop in value on the aftermarket. From Yeezy Mist to Pepper and Blue Oat, the Yeezy 380 black model isn’t rated as expected on resale. With values barely making it above retail. The biggest proof is that Yeezy 380 Black Onyx, a brand new camouflage 380 set for Black Friday, is valued at $278 on StockX. Its post-release status frankly isn’t looking too hot. Might as well add it to our infamous list of CHEAP YEEZYS. But hey, it’s a pretty dope pair with a reflective kick to it. We don’t get THAT many black Yeezys, so this one should seal the deal.

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