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Tan, is That You? Yeezy ZYON Is Actually Yeezy Oxford Tan in Disguise!

By February 26, 2020July 22nd, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy Oxford Tan Lookalike - Yeezy ZYONMoving on to Spring with a whole new sneaker lineup. And, of course, we got a new Yeezy on the way too! Another Yeezy 350 with extreme nostalgic vibes. It’s a sneaker that’s taking us back to the days of the Oxford Tan! Sneaker doppelganger? The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ZYON looks like Oxford Tan in disguise. But we’re not mad. It feels good to look back to the old Yeezy days, and see how far we’ve come with Yeezus. We know it’s another Yeezy 350, but this one actually looks kinda different to us. Maybe we’re catching whatever Kanye’s got! Here’s what we know so far!

The Yeezy Oxford Tan Lookalike!

So, first look, it’s another Yeezy 350 with a muted earthy colorway. And yes, it does kinda look like the Yeezy 350 EARTH. It does, in some ways. But, to us, it’s an Oxford Tan sneaker lookalike. And, we’re living for it. It features a light brown upper with patches of dark brown with a translucent black stripe right down the midfoot. It comes with a grey sock liner and light-brown shoelaces. Finally, we got a white midsole and cream outsole wrapped all around the sneaker to the tip of the toe box. It has the same PrimeKnit pattern that was previously used on Yecheil from the Biblical Pack. Some say it looks like the Yeezy 350 V2 Turtle Dove. Same PrimeKnit, for sure!  

Zyon - Yeezy Oxford Tan LookalikeRelease Date: Spring 2020
Retail Price: $220

(6/27/20 update): Yeezy Zyon will release soon on July 18)
(6/6/20 update: Out of respect for communities, Yeezy Zyon is pushed back to July instead of June 13. Keep posted for release date updates!)

(5/18/20 update: Yeezy Zyon is now expected to drop on June 13, as announced by Yeezy Mafia.)
(4/30/20 update: Yeezy Zyon will release on .)

Cop or Drop?

We got our size guide ready, a sneaker bot manual on the side, and our epic sneaker bot revved up! Because this is a definite cop for us! If it’s got the resale value of Turtle Dove and Oxford Tan, we’re all for some crazy money. Yeezys always make a lot of money on the aftermarket, so there’s no loss in copping. You gotta cop some heat, man. Especially if you didn’t cop some Quantums. You could always make it up with some 350s. Just make sure you cop the right size. We’re also hoping that this turns out just like the mockup, we don’t want another Yeshaya incident to happen. Fingers crossed the move to the U.S. puts an end to production mishaps.