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Yeezy Pods – Ye Kicking It Off Solo with Sock Shoes?

By December 25, 2023February 13th, 2024Sneaker Release, Yeezy

AIO Bot - Yeezy Pods - YZY Pods - Yeezy Pod Socks Shoes[UPDATE: February 13th, 2024] Following the release of his long-awaited album, Kanye decided to treat fans to another surprise by slashing the prices of the Yeezy Pods from $200 to ONLY $20! Yes, that’s what the Yeezy Pod price is now. And for those who already bought it at $200, don’t worry, because Ye’s got you covered! You’ll be credited back $180. So, to receive your refund, all you have to do is email Yeezy Supply. 

Looks like Ye’s officially over Adidas. While the Three Stripes are still considering the possibility of dropping the remaining stock, our man- Kanye West– has been working on releasing his new album, as well as his first post-Adidas solo collection, starring Yeezy Pods. So, let’s see what this collection is all about, shall we?

Yeezy Pods and the Revival of Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Pods 

So, Ye decided to go for an above-average simplistic monochromatic design with his Yeezy Pods- AKA YZY POD sock shoes. They basically are a pair of high-knee socks-like shoes with rubber soles. Which is kind of giving Balenciaga’s new Sock Sneakers, scheduled to release in 2024. Is this a coincidence? Or did Ye really take inspiration from the brand? Or maybe Balenciaga is the one taking inspiration from him! 

You see, back in 2019, Ye revealed a prototype of a sock-like shoe that didn’t really get an official release. So, maybe the artist saw this as an opportunity to bring all his ideas that maybe weren’t approved before to life. Now that he’s free from anyone rejecting his ideas, that is. 

Yeezy Supply Back to Life 

You might think we’ve received such information on Yeezy Pods from sneaker news sites or some of the best sneaker blogs out there. But, we’ve actually got all of these details straight from the source! Yes, people, Yeezy Supply is no longer offline. The website is up and working in full force again, and you can access it through

Vultures Merch Collection

Also, if you visit it, you’ll find that Ye ain’t only offering the Yeezy Pod socks shoes alone, but a full collection that includes “Vultures” Yeezy merch to complement his upcoming album. Which you can also find on the website for purchase. They include long and short-sleeved Vultures shirts as well as pants and shorts available in Black and White colorways. 

Release Date

So, the whole collection is pretty much lowkey. Kanye-style if we must say. The thing is, neither the merch, the Yeezy Pods, nor the album, are available for purchase at the moment. However, you can pre-order them all and they’ll ship in sometime in 2024. As for prices, they are higher than originally expected. The Yeezy Pods retail at $200. As for Yeezy sizes, they’ll be available as listed below: 

1: UNDER US 6 / EU 39
2: US 7 – US 9.5 / EU 40 – 43
3: US 10 – US 13 / EU 44 – 47

Finally, to learn more about the 2024 Yeezy collection, you can visit their official website here.

Yeezy Pods
Release Date: 2024
Colorway: Black
Style Code: NA
Retail Price: $20
Average Resale: $147Yeezy Pods 2024 - YZY Pods - AIO Bot