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Yeezy Quantum Barium Takes After a Chemical Element & 3 Other Yeezys!

By May 30, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY QUANTUM BARIUM FEATOnly 5,000 pairs of the first basketball Yeezy dropped exclusively during All-Star Weekend in February. And the lifestyle version of the never-before-seen limited model witnessed its first Yeezy restock on May 15. Yeezy Quantum Basketball is reselling for an average $850 on StockX. With $600 profit above its retail cost. It sold only yesterday for $900. And with asks hitting the $10,000 bar, it’s aim-high profit guaranteed for ya. Yeezy Mafia announced yesterday that it is scheduled for a worldwide restock this September. There’s Kanye setting his marketing strategy on repeat as expected. So if you got a pair that resale sites would kill for, you might want to consider selling it before a Quantum population makes it an average-priced commoner. Consider it a legit side hustle to cover your summertime quarantine madness!

Yeezy Quantum Barium Combines 3 Yeezys!

Retail Price: $250
Average Resale Value: $1,000
Style Code: H68771
Colorway: Barium

The first Yeezy Quantum made it to the list of hype Q1 sneakers this year. And if the model’s second colorway, Yeezy Barium, hits the Q2 list, we’ll be expecting a dope Quantum for every quarter! We’re getting other Yeezy vibes from this one though. It’s wearing dark camouflage green similarly to the unreleased 350 V2. Which never saw the light of pay. And its black suede toecap resembles the one we saw earlier on Yeezy Alvah. Which also made it to the list! So we’ve got the base colorway resembling an unreleased Yeezy, a 700 V3-wannabe toecap, and a basketball Yeezy replica. Kanye must have squeezed his self-copycat marbles for this one. 

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Yeezy Barium Inspired by Element 56

The Yeezy Quantum Barium features the iconic Yeezy Primeknit upper in dark green. And the upper plastic cage in a slightly shadier green. Or Barium. Since Barium is a chemical element and metal from the alkaline earth group. Much like Yeezy. And it’s atomic number is 56. Will Kanye apply this number to the release somehow? We’ll wait and see. So, much like the element and the original Quantum, a 3M hit dominates the sneaker’s heel area. For a reactive effect wherever your feet take you. And a full-length enclosed Boost midsole to make sure you get there on the fly.