Yeezy Zyon + 4 Yeezy Restocks in May 2020: Kanye’s Strategy Explained

By May 5, 2020August 12th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

YEEZY RESTOCKS FEATAdidas Yeezy is flooding Asia’s market with Yeezy restocks in response to the coronavirus impact. The popular Yeezy Cinder is now lining up for a restock alongside Yeezy Sulfur and Yeezy Flax.Which was released as one of the Yeezy 350 Regional Trio on February 22 this year. The Yeezy Cinder only dropped 42 days ago as of today on March 21. And the Asia Pacific region will have both to cop by this weekend on May 9!

Yeezy Restocks May 2020

We will also witness another wave of the All-Star Weekend Yeezy QNTM Basketball. Plus the restock of the Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Triple Black on May 15 and 23 respectively. So far, QNTM will release strictly on the adidas App. And although it’s not clear yet if MNVN Triple Black is Asia-exclusive, it will sell for its original $220 in all-family sizes. Not to mention last week’s Europe-exclusive reissues of Triple White and Sesame. As reported by Sneaker News.

New Yeezy Release May 2020

Sneakerheads were made to believe they were left with Yeezy Zyon and Yeezy 500 Tyrian as the only fresh releases among 4 restocks in May 2020. But Yeezy has recently revealed Yeezy Sulfur, a new 350 V2 colorway dropping on the popular May 9 for the usual $220. A basic mashup between the Yeezy Marsh and Yeezy Linen colorways. You’ll be able to cop the new Sulfurs on adidas and YEEZY Supply at 7AM ET.

(6/27/20 update): Yeezy Zyon will release soon on July 18)
(6/6/20: Out of respect for communities, Yeezy Zyon is pushed back to July instead of June 13. Keep posted for release date updates!)
(5/18/20 update: Yeezy Mafia recently announced that Yeezy Zyon has been pushed to June 13.)

Kanye West: Yeezy King or Yeezy Sting?!


Kanye West’s Yeezy Ambition Contradicts His “Generosity”

With Yeezy Zebra restocking for the fifth time in 3 years and this year’s May alone witnessing 4 restocks, we urgently need to review Kanye’s disposition. And intention! Let’s back up a little first to when Kanye broke off his partnership with Nike in 2014. He claimed that it was because Nike had refused to pay him royalties for his Air Yeezys. In addition to not giving him the creative freedom he sought. Although this could be the reason, you’ll realize there’s a missing link. That is, if you knew anything about Kanye West. He wanted his Air Yeezys to be as hyped as the Air Jordans in Nike and sneaker history.

Kanye Aimed for Yeezy to Compete Against Air Jordan

When Kanye realized that his growing brand cannot outperform a 1985 Nike legend, he switched to Adidas. Where limitless possibilities unfolded. For someone who wants to be “the Tupac of product” and “bigger than Walmart,” it only makes sense that his advantage is top priority. And doesn’t that ring any contradictory bells? Kanye’s Yeezy mission is to make Yeezys available to the masses. Under that “everybody who wants a Yeezy will get a Yeezy.” And he is fulfilling his brand prophecy, but his generosity-toward-humanity attitude might only be a marketing strategy.

Marketing Hoax: Limited Yeezy Stock = Successful Yeezy Restocks

Yeezys started out in limited stocks to create hype among narrow audiences. And when everyone started wanting a pair, restocks burned the market like wildfire. In fact, the Yeezy Cream restock in 2018 was the largest in Yeezy history with over a million pairs. Scarcity was only a marketing strategy and not a brand identity. Which potentially makes the crazed hype and resale value of Yeezys labeled as in-genuine. Or a hoax for personal profit. Since Kanye owns 15% royalty on wholesale when even MJ owns 5% with Nike. Not to mention that he owns 100% of the Yeezy brand. It was worth $1.5 billion in 2019 when Air Jordan stood at $3 billion.

Yeezy Restocks to Retailers and Resellers

If you also think about it from a retail/resale angle, you’ll realize that the high Yeezy resale value was a temporary trick to make the market believe that Yeezys were limited. Now that Kanye has established his brand’s name, he is no longer worried about restocking and “fulfilling” his brand prophecy. And he surely doesn’t mind the impact of mass availability on resellers. Since he’s already gotten the hype he sorely aimed for. Everybody wants Yeezys now. And with a 15% royalty on every sneaker sold, restocking is a mindful decision. No wonder he’s officially a billionaire as of 10 days ago! 

How Will You React to Upcoming Yeezy Restocks?

How about adding that to the list of facts you never knew about Kanye? If you’re only interested in buying a pair of Yeezys, you shouldn’t feel bad about this. And if you’re cringing about regional restocks, you can always go for buying Yeezys from overseas. This is about how you perceive the Yeezy brand, whether it’s with Nike or Adidas. Since Kanye West owns the entire brand. Who’s become a world-class billionaire mostly by fooling the sneaker community. So before you enter Marketing 101 on How to Become a Billionaire Like Kanye West, make sure you’re okay with fooling a bunch of followers first! Truth is, everybody wants a pair of Yeezys far more than making sense of its inception. And if this is what the people want, AIO bot is here to make sure they get it. No tricks or shams.

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