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Is Yeezy Safflower the Best Autumn Yeezy of 2020?

By November 5, 2020Yeezy

YEEZY SAFFLOWER AIO FEATYou’re in for a “Yeezy moment” if you go ahead and trace the Yeezy 700 V3 colorway line. Yeezy Azael first drops in a crisp white colorway in 2019, as the third incarnation of the Yeezy 700 model. It’s clean, sophisticated, and valued today at $560 on average. Next in is Yeezy Alvah, which dropped in 2020 in an all-black colorway. Displaying a yin yang situation with the first Yeezy 700 V3 in line. And valued slightly lower at $380. Which is still pretty good, considering they retail for $200. But here’s where the faucet breaks in 2020. Because one brand new pair release per year is a big deal. But when that one pair turns into four, that’s when copping becomes a constant challenge! Yeezy Azareth, the year’s blue Yeezy, dropped back in August. And we’re about to welcome the Yeezy Safflower, followed by the Yeezy Clay Brown in December.

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Yeezy Safflower Is a Late Autumn Bloomer!

Similar to the previous Yeezy 700 V3 silhouettes, the Yeezy Safflower takes on an all yellow colorway. In fact, the saffron flower, scientifically known as Autumn Crocus, blooms in late autumn. And although the flower itself is purple, its pollen and stigmas are yellow and red in color. Hence, the safflower name which merges the word saffron and flower. So, Kanye is being pretty pro-Flora about his Yeezy choices and naming. And let’s face it, this yellow Yeezy is a pop in the right direction. Since it’s mostly been either neutral or dark with Yeezys for a long while now. 

YEEZY SAFFLOWERRelease Date: 7 November 2020
Retail Price: $200

Expect the Yeezy Safflower to drop on YS, Adidas, and other select Yeezy retailers. It is currently valued at $450 on StockX. Which puts it next in line to the first Yeezy Azael of 2019. If you’re copping the Yeezy Safflower with AIO bot in a couple of days, we’d love to receive a shoutout from you! And if you’re a Yeezyhead seeking guidance on which bot to commit to, check out this list of top bots to find your true calling.