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Third Yeezy Sale 2024 Confirmed: Everything You Must Know!

By February 2, 2024Adidas, Yeezy

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[UPDATE: February 2nd, 2024] Adidas’ third Yeezy sale, postponed or cancelled? Guess we finally got our answer as the Adidas Yeezy sale 2024 has been confirmed by the Three Stripes themselves. But up till now, we’ve got no release details, and the releases are yet to be revealed. However, it’s expected that all Adidas Yeezys for 2024 will be available on the Adidas Confirmed App, and select retailers, including, Food Locker, Finish Line, JD Sports, Sneaker Politics, Concepts, WOODstack, Takout, SNS, and DICK’S Sporting Goods. 

[UPDATE: October 24th, 2023] Adidas has paused the third Yeezy Sale that was planned for November 2023. In fact, all Yeezy releases that Adidas planned to drop by the end of this year are indefinitely postponed now and that’s mainly due to the ongoing war in Palestine.

We’re living it a day at a time when it comes to the 2023 Yeezy sale. Well, that happens when a sneaker brand like Adidas terminate contracts with their strongest partner. But this is behind us now. It also seems to be way behind Ye as well. Our man looks to have given up on sneakers altogether. He first switched to socks, but then ditched that as well and decided to go barefoot. At this point, we don’t know if he’s pushing fashion boundaries or it’s just depression hitting in… 

Anyway, we’re already two Adidas Yeezy sales down. And even if Ye doesn’t seem to be caring much about that, sneakerheads have been refreshing sneaker sites nonstop for any sign of news about a third Yeezy sale. Adidas still haven’t offered any information about that, but rumors have been circling ever since the second sale came to an end. What can we say? We really don’t want to accept the idea that one day Adidas Yeezys will be history just like Nike Yeezys are now. So, for now, let’s work with what we have and see if a third Adidas Yeezy sale is in progress. 

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Third Yeezy Sale 2023

Third Yeezy Sale 2023 - Unreleased Yeezys - AIO BotWith the May 2023 roundup done, followed by a full month full of Yeezy in August, are there any more Yeezys stocked up in the Three Stripes’ warehouses? According to some Yeezyheads, we’re due a third Yeezy restock in 2023. Well, some are saying we’ll witness “at least” one more sale, but we really don’t wanna push our luck here.

But why exactly have they speculated such a thing? At the end of the day, Adidas have refused to offer any comment up till now. Well, those same rumors had it that the third Yeezy sale 2023 is still several months away. As in we might see a Yeezy lineup on the Holidays. But that’s still months away, and maybe that’s the reason Adidas are still holding back on making it official.

Now, according to HIGHSNOBEITY, there are over 10 leaked Yeezy sneakers that haven’t made it into the previous 2 releases. Not only that, there are some fan-favorite Yeezy styles that remain unreleased up till now. Which includes marble-dyed Yeezy slides that have been making their way on sneaker leak pages for months now. So, patience sneakerheads, we will get our answer. Maybe sooner than expected even. As for now, you know the sneaker industry ain’t solely about Yeezys. You’ve got constant and epic Nike and Jordan sneakers dropping around the clock. 

So, if you’re ready to kickstart your copping journey, check out the September lineup, then click on the button below for a FULL GUIDE on how to cop sneakers for retail on release day!