The Greatest Yeezy Size Guide For the Perfect Fit Every Time!

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Here’s the thing about copping sneakers online: Size matters. It really does! Especially if you’re copping for yourself. And especially if it’s a Yeezy! You don’t want to go through the entire copping process and end up with a wrong-sized Yeezy that won’t fit. This ain’t no Cinderella story. Copping sneakers takes lots of sneaker bot power and cash. Even if you manage to find a cheap Yeezy; if it isn’t your size, it still feels like copping an L. On the bright side, you could always flip the sneaker and get your money back. This is why if you’re a sneaker reseller it won’t matter. But if you’re copping to flex, that’s another story. So do yeezys run small? Do they run big? Will I have to lace them tight? We’re here with the answers. The days of copping the wrong size sneakers are over! Now you’ll have the greatest Yeezy size guide for the perfect fit every time you cop. 

Before You Choose Your Yeezy Size

So, before you start measuring your foot size and comparing fits and molds, you need to have a Yeezy in mind. You need to know where you’re gonna buy it from and how.

Now, there are 2 ways to go about this. You either buy Yeezys from a reselling website, which is totally fine but will cost more. The other smarter and more financially wise option is to use a sneaker bot. So, we won’t go deep into the explanation of what a bot is, but a sneaker bot shortly helps you buy Yeezys, or any other shoe, fast, and in bulk, if you wish to do so.

sneaker bots cost anywhere from $300 to $6000 depending on many factors, including them being in-stock or out of stock. But you don’t really need to pay THAT much for a pair of Yeezy. Using AIO bot you get to cop any Yeezy sneaker, anytime a new silhouette or colorway is dropping. And it would only cost you $325!

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Yeezy Size Chart

How to Pick the Perfect Yeezy Size 350?

True to Size for a V1, Half a Size Up for a V2!

Yeezy Size Guide - Yeezy 350 Yeezy silhouette is the Yeezy 350 sneaker with over 30 releases and more to come. It’s the sneaker we try to cop at every single drop and can’t ever have enough of. It’s also a really good sneaker to flip for a lot of cash, especially if it’s a regional drop. Oh! here’s how to cop Yeezys from overseas. But, flexing a 350 feels even better than making an extra $100 or $200. That’s why it has to be the perfect fit. You can’t flex an oversized 350.

So, what to do?

If you’re copping a V1 off the after-market, we’d suggest you go true to your size. That’s because the PrimeKnit on the V1 sneakers is much softer than s. This means they take the shape of your foot comfortably. You could also size down half a size if you like a more snug fit. Also, this way it won’t loosen up as much after wearing it for long. The V2, on the other hand, has a thicker PrimeKnit and Boost soles. We suggest that you size up half a size for a more comfortable fit. Them 350 sneakers don’t look good when they’re too tight. 

You could always opt for your actual size and remove the insoles if they’re a little tight. But like, why would you do that? Don’t mess with it. Keep’ em clean! On another note, here’s our ultimate guide on cleaning Air Jordan sneakers.

What About the Yeezy Size Fit of a 380?

True to Size!

Yeezy Boost 380The Yeezy 380: the sneaker that was supposed to be the first 350 V3 in Alien. Why? Because they look almost exactly the same. The same silhouette but the 380 has more of a sock-like fit with the collar higher up the ankle. The sneaker itself has a more futuristic look to it. It doesn’t exactly look like your everyday sneaker. So, Yeezy size-wise we’d suggest the same thing as the 350. You could go true to your size, or choose to size up half a size because the sock-liner might be a little too tight. But, if you losing blood circulation to your feet is your thing; we won’t judge. We’re kidding, it’s not that tight. Listen to your feet, man. Especially if you got a cankle situation going on. Ya hear, Kim K?

Moving on to the Yeezy 500 Size Guide! 

Half-Size Up!

Yeezy 500 - Yeezy GuideThe infamous dad shoes got us in our feels. The Yeezy 500 dropped in 2018 and the sneaker trend has been going strong ever since. But it’s a whole different silhouette, a whole other feel to it. It’s a chunky-ass sneaker. She thiccc! And when a sneaker is generally that big, you gotta take away from something else. This is why the fit of a 500 is kinda small. In this case, we definitely suggest that you size up half a size for that perfect fit. Better safe than sore toes. Right? The Adiprene sole makes for a very comfortable sneaker, so they’ll be a pretty comfy choice for them long days. But make sure you always pick half a size more than what you usually wear for a better fit.

The 700s Yeezy Size Hacks

Half Size Up for Yeezy 700 V2!

Yeezy boost 700Another dad shoe courtesy of Kanye West. It’s got a chunky midsole with much less flexibility than other Yeezys. So it’s a very hard sneaker, in essence. But if you take a closer look at a Yeezy 700, you’d notice that it has a short toe box area and doesn’t have much space to it. So your piggies might be a little crowded. Therefore, we suggest you half size up! It also has more padding and underlining material which might make it a bit more snug on the inside. It seems that using more Primeknit across the uppers resulted in a much looser fit. Making it less risky to actually go for your true shoe size when buying a Yeezy 700 V2.

 Half Size up for Yeezy 700 V3

YEEZY SIZE GUIDE 700 V3As for the Yeezy 700 V2, Now, comparing the Yeezy 700 V3 to the first 2 versions, it’s very clear that Kanye’s taken a whole different approach when designing this silhouette. In fact, the Yeezy 700 V3 dropped during the times when Kanye had this short-live space fetish resulting in what we know as the Yeezy 380 Alien.

The first Adidas Yeezy Clog!

Half Size up for Yeezy Foam Runner

YEEZY SIZE GUIDE FOAM RUNNERAlso known as the Yeezy clog that values way too high on the aftermarket than it’s worth. Which, come to think about it, is also the common opinion about its retail cost. It sells for $75 and is made in the US with, as Adidas Yeezy claims algae foam. Although unlike usual Yeezy models, the Yeezy Foam Runner is one of the most popular and comfortable footwear options in the industry. And similarly to other Yeezy models, it is recommended that you aim for half a size up. TTS might be a bit too stuffy! Since the uppers are more rubber-ish and not as flexible as Primeknit.

Yeezy Basketball Sneakers Drop in 2020!

True to Size Yeezy Quantum

YEEZY SIZE GUIDE QUANTUMSo far, there are 3 Yeezy Quantum silhouettes. Although neither of the newer two stands up to the OG basketball pair, it’s worth knowing your QNTM size for future releases. Or in case you’re buying this Yeezy on resale. For the Yeezy Quantum, you’ll want to go TTS. Although you must know that TTS might cause a subtle pressing feeling in the toe area. It’s snug and delivers a locked-in feel. Which most people tend to like. 

However, it’s always an option to go for half a size up. That way your toes will have more room to unwind, but you might need to wear a thicker pair of socks with these to ensure you’re totally locked in.

Yeezy Slides Are Totally a Thing

Half Size up for Yeezy Slide

YEEZY SIZE GUIDE SLIDESame with the silhouette, the fit of this 700 is a bit different in terms of Yeezy size. As the uppers are a bit more on the rigid side, the V3s tend to feel a bit tight. So, get the best fit for your buck, experts advise going half a size up with a Yeezy 700 V3.So, Yeezy Slide: it’s gotten to this. Although the wildly overrated rubber slipper technically has no Yeezy branding on it, it’s still an Adidas Yeezy product. With the Three Stripes engraved into it as the only proof of legitimacy. Retailing for $55 as the cheapest Adidas Yeezy footwear, you’ll want to aim for half a size up. The upper is more firm than bendy, so going TTS might cause a pressing feeling. Some reviews even encourage you to go a full size up if you’ve got above average wide feet.

Bottom Line

Listen to your feet, bro! If you got wide feet, size up for the sneakers we suggested needed a little extra room! If not, then stick to your true size. That’s everything you’re going to need the next time you cop a Yeezy! So make sure you got this guide with you for the upcoming Yeezy releases! THAT, and a sneaker bot. Ya know, just sayin’.