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Why The HELL Are Yeezy Slides Becoming SO Popular? The Breakdown!

By September 15, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

How Did Yeezy Slides Get So Popular - AIO BotEverywhere you look, you’ll find Yeezy slides all up in your business! They’re literally EVERYWHERE. You can find them slides creeping up behind you on the street, lurking in every corner, and even haunting your dreams. You just can not escape them!

But, what is it about them? What THE HELL makes Yeezy slides SO popular?

It’s not like they’re the only slip-on sneakers in the entire game. There are lots of options that look so much like them. And, if you’re super desperate, the Feezys game is STRONG. You can find alternatives to Yeezy slides in no time. But, you most probably will get roasted.

Regardless though. Something about them seems to lure all sneakerheads in. Everyone wants to own a pair of slides! Don’t believe us? Well then, the sale on the resale market definitely SCREAM hype! They’re currently the best-selling Yeezys on resale platforms like StockX with 38067 sales for YZY Slide Pure.

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Why Are Yeezy Slides SO DAMN Popular?

#1 Sliding Through the Timeline

Yeezy Slides Header - SOOTOne of the main things that actually kicked off the fame of Yeezy slides is the global pandemic. Kanye’s slides aren’t as new as a lot of you might think! Yeezy slides made their first appearance in Yeezy history back in 2018, but none of us heard much about them! 

But, they were actually more like Yeezy slippers than Yeezy slides. The slippers looked plain, oversized, and all-in-all very strange looking. They even debuted in his song “I Love It” with Lil Pump.

In 2019, Kanye’s current ex-wife Kim Kardashian teased the new and improved Yeezy slides for kids! They featured EVA foam rubber with serrated soles in the infamous monochromatic earthy Yeezy tones. It dropped in December of 2019 in adult sizing, right around the time of the COVID outbreak! Kanye dropped two colorways at that time: Desert Sand and Bone.

Yeezy Slide Desert Sand
Release Date: December 6, 2021
Retail Price: $55
Avg. Resale Price: $387
Yeezy Slide Bone
Release Date: December 6, 2021
Retail Price: $55
Avg. Resale Price: $309

#2 Pandemic Fame

Yeezy_Slides Header - AIO BotSo, how did a global pandemic make Yeezy slides so popular? Here are the criteria of lockdown-approved sneakers that put Yeezy slides on TOP!

– Comfy slip-ons that you can wear around the house
– Footwear that you can clean with a sterile wipe
– Can be worn with or without some heavy socks
– Doesn’t need too much thinking to style with your outfit
– Easy to throw on when you’re running out the door with your mask on

And, surprisingly enough, Kanye hit all the checks with the Yeezy slides. It was the best loungewear buddy, the sneaker to get you out of the door in no time, and more. It was pretty easy to rely on these slides during a pandemic. No one had time to lace up their kicks. So yeah, these slip-ons became the pandemic staple. The must-have in your pandemic survival kit!

#3 Talk Money to Me

Yeezy_Slides Header - RESIN - AIO BotYeezy slides have a price tag that ranges between $55 – $60 on retail. Keep in mind that people initially compared these slides to Crocs Clogs which range between $50 – $65. Now, that might not seem like too much of a price difference. BUT, these are Yeezy slides – Kanye’s own brand with Adidas.

So, this explains why Yeezy slides have an average resale value that ranges between 125% to 582% above retail. That means looking at a profit anywhere between $100 to $250 in profit! That’s a LOT of money to make off of slides. BUT, this is only good news if you cop the slides at retail.

And, if you wanna learn more about doing exactly that, then click on the button below. It’s all about copping Yeezys at retail, flipping them for more money, and all-thing related to copping.


In conclusion, why do YOU think Yeezy slides gained so much popularity in the last two years? We totally blame the pandemic – for the slides and a whole lot of other things. But, not gonna lie, they’re pretty dope, fam!

And so, we gotta admit, Kanye really did it with these slides. They’re sleek, clean, and they go with everything. All you gotta worry about is copping a pair at retail. We hope you got a chance to do so on this year’s Yeezy restock on Yeezy Day! If not, make sure to keep it locked on our blog for upcoming news on Yeezy slides!